Original flavour or Version 2/DX?

Purely for those of us who would rather the best possible flavour and don’t much mind of there’s a bad chemical in our concentrates, can we assemble a short-list of flavours that are (as a rule) always better in their original versions.

Vanilla-based concentrates seem to be one to me, where for example Capella’s V2 concentrates aren’t considered as good as their original versions, while TFA’s original vanilla mixes are considered by the vast majority to be better tasting than their “DX” version of the same flavours.

I understand there are people who want the healthiest possible flavourings and prefer to avoid the nasty chemicals in those original versions, but for the rest of us: caring much more about taste we might benefit from a list that’s easy to learn so when we’re adding cloncentrates to our cart at some online store, we can remember that basic, short-list of flavour groups that are better WITH the Acetyl Warnings and know to just pass and leave the V2/DX flavours for the health nuts, none of which probably truly exist in the vaping community anyway since truly health conscious people don’t get around mainlining nicotine vapor - as a general rule :slight_smile:

So which flavours like Vanilla, are clearly better in their original form?

I’ve just ordered a bottle so it’s too late to really be asking about that one anyway, but since I’m here I figured I’d try ans save myself the actual reading and simply ask:

Contains Acetyl Propionyl (2,3-Pentanedione)

So I ordered the original Capella French Vanilla instead of version 2: my thinking being that since the quoted chemical comes with a warning, it’s most likely going to taste much better than v2 (or DX for TFA).

My additional thought is that since I’ve stopped smoking and replaced it with a much healthier alternative I give pretty much no shits about an additive in Vanilla flavourings because the chemicals in tobacco smoke are far more numerous.

So the question: health warnings aside (aand the subjectivity of taste aside), I am generally going to get a better flavour with the version containing the nasty chemical than its hippie little brother - v2?


Imo Yes the flavor is usually better…These the absence of DAAP is obvious in many V2 or DX but there are occasions where the Non Dikes are better …These days companies do a great job with non daap flaves


Is there a shortlist of general flavours that are universally better with these chemicals than without?

Like, I’ll assume Vanilla is one that nearly always tastes better with than without? Any other…

Heeey waaait: our beloved Acetyl Pyrazine must be just packed with the ‘bad chemicals’ :smirk:

So are nuts generally another: better off with v1 than v2?


Im not sure if there is a list … TPA Peanut Butter DX is preffered by many , Raspberry Cap V2 is another I hear about …Cap VC V2 is useable and serves its purposes …I would bet on Reddit there may be a list of DX or V2 flaves that are better or as good as V1


Purely where flavour is concerned of course: since I’m vaguely sure most of us would prefer the superior flavoured version of a concentrate than one that’s a little healthier but tastes only half as good :wink:


I dont think so but I have been known to be wrong


Ill ask around to see if there are any lists like you are thinking of


I just saw that first word similarity: Acetyl ans thought, hmm…

Still, mout much short of funding out AP gets its nuttiness from cyanide would stop me using it :slight_smile:


Yeah like a top-level general flavour groups that we should (usually or almost without exception) always choose the original version of.


I just messaged a couple people who would know …Tbey dont hang out here and ine of them is a pretty well known mixer who is on Reddit and discord a lot


I think a vanilla would be example #1: though there’s always the chance a particular brand might do a perfect vanilla without the bad chemicals, 90% of vanilla concentrates are breat in the first version.

Or not as good in the DX/V2 version


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We’ll see if we can start a list to save umming and ahhing :slight_smile:


Definetely would be a great idea…


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Generally speaking, yes. Better flavor from the majority of v1’s.

As for a list…and just off the top of my head:

Not available in the United States:

  • FA Butter
  • FA whipped cream
  • FA custard premium
  • FA custard pi

Available in the states:

  • Cap vanilla custard (v1)
  • TFA Graham cracker (original)
  • Cap Caramel (v1)

Fixed it for you. :wink:

There’s only ONE company that I can think of offhand that does well with non-DAAP across the board, and that’s Nature’s Flavors.


So we’ve got: butter, cream, custard, vanilla, caramel and graham cracker so far.

I’m thinking like, a list of 10-15 flavour groups/categories would be small enough for anyone to memorize easy enough too: especially if we consider sub-flavours like vanilla cream and french vanilla are both likely to have a v1 and v2/DX and both can just be shoved under Vanilla for simplification.

Same with Sweet Cream and Whipped Cream or Fresh Cream: all Cream grab v1.