Our latest experiences with chinese vendors

Not sure what exactly you mean, If it is this…

If your package value is higher than 22 euros you need to pay taxes (VAT), except for perfumes that are taxable without a minimum price. Also if your package value is over 150 euros additional customs duties will apply.

…then this is already enforced for couple of years (and it’s general, not vaping specific)… but thankfully small packages (by size, not necessarily by value) usually find a way without unnecessary troubles or headaches (read: rarely checked/caught/taxes charged).


in stock: In stock elsewhere, ships in a few days
ships next day: actually in stock in FTs warehouse


Thats it. +1

You read it so forget my remark, thx


I ordered a few things from FT a few of weeks ago using the gift certificate work around. At this point, I’m never in a hurry to get anything - I’m glad those days are over - but I did check after 2.5 weeks to see if it had shipped. They’re waiting on a mod that showed in stock when I bought it and they offered to ship the order and send the mod later. I’ve used them and 3Fvape for 4 years and they’ve always been fine. As noted, be polite and professional and they’ll do the same.


Ok, smart ass I’ll give you that one… :wink:

I would like to hear your theory on that.

I agree and to add to that when it comes to business and gov. they do tend to play hardball. It would
be a good idea not to take their kindness for weakness.



Ok, let me set this up. I purchased a very inexpensive mod from Vapesourcing for a friend. It was 16 USD which is an amazing price. I thought why not get two and put another in the cart. $20 to ship. I took one out and it was $10 to ship. Needless to say, that pissed me off.

Got an email letting me know it’s on the way and Thanks for shopping at blah blah blah. This is my response;
To be honest I would have purchased this somewhere else but I needed it for someone. I was gonna pick up two but then you wanted to charge me 20 dollars for shipping.

Which is ridiculous. Both mods could have fit in the medium flat rate box for 14 dollars. I really hate when companies have good prices and then try to screw you when it

comes to shipping. Yes, I know how much it costs.

Disappointed Customer.

They Responded with this;

Dear Dan,

Thank you for your message.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

The shipping fee depends on the weight of product, the origin, the destination, the shipping method and warehouses, and other considerations.

Detailed pricing information is visible when placing an order.

Thank you for your support.

Thank you for your support.

Best regards,


I couldn’t help myself and responded with this;

I know how it works so don’t blow smoke up my arse
They responded believe it or not;
Dear Dan,

Thank you for your feedback.

We are paying more attention to shipment issues and making improvement in our service and website.

If you have any issues, please feel free to contact us.

Have a nice day!

Best Regards,


Just thought I would share this. I was annoyed by all of this and especially how they could really give a sh!t. Now, $26 for the mod and tank and shipping is actually quite a good deal. What I don’t like is trying to trick us or straight-up lies and the fact that if I wanted another one they would have charged ten dollars to ship it. Making it $20. That is the part that really aggrivates me. Should I explain this? I doubt it.


I wanted to buy some stuff @Aliexpress. Item was 4usd something and p+p 1.5.
And a special sale for BF. Item will be 1.5USD.
Yes its true, item costs 1.5now but postage now is 4.5USD.


Another one from

Time Limited Offers @ FT
posted a similar comment here b4

Screenshot from 2020-11-25 10-57-13

discount 3,45 vs ($9.93) off…


@lambu are you in the States? Only curious.

It amazes me that I can purchase something from the UK and have it shipped for less than $10 USD but if I buy something from California to Michigan and depending on the weight it could be over $10. I love my country and all but damn. It gets worse and worse.


PM sent …

Screenshot from 2020-11-25 15-26-35


Ok, this is an issue I am really familiar with. Being in NZ, pretty much everything I buy is shipped from either China or the USA. Weight is definitely one of the major factors (as opposed to size of parcel) and 500g is the the minimum shipping rate from most places. A couple of grams over that threshold jumps you up to the next tier. I certainly have had more of an issue with shipping rates from the USA than I do China! I have learned to work with the shopping carts to get optimum overall value. For example:

Ali Express is where I purchase most of my mixing hardware supplies i.e. plastic bottles, glass bottles and beakers etc. Sometimes there has been a seller with say 3x30ml bottles for X dollars with free shipping. If I add 2 of those into the cart I wind up with a shipping fee of $5, so I just make two seperate purchases - no problem. Most chinese companies with free shipping actually have the shipping rate factored in. FastTech for example will usually send my multiple item purchases in separate packages even if they have the same shipping dates. As crazy as it sounds, if they put it all in the same box they will pay a higher rate.

A good USA example of this is when I purchase from Bull City Flavors. Their international shipping is based on weight so I’m pretty used to having to play around with their cart. The following is the current rates as of today.

(1-6) x 30ml (Shipping $4.64 per bottle)
(7-17) x 30ml (Shipping $1.50 per bottle)
18 x 30ml (Shipping $1.76 per bottle)
(19-24) x 30ml (Shipping $1.47 per bottle)
25 x 30ml (Shipping $1.45 per bottle)
27 x 30ml (Shipping $1.35 per bottle)
(28-35) x 30ml (Shipping $1.14 per bottle)***best rate
36 x 30ml (Shipping $1.28 per bottle)

So here’s where things can get quite funky (shipping rate USD per bottle)
17 x 30ml shipping is $1.50
18 x 30ml shipping is $1.76
19 x 30ml shipping is $1.47

As you can see my most cost effective way to purchase is 35 x 30ml (or equivalent) to get the lowest shipping rate of $1.14 per 30mls. Sadly I don’t have the luxury of buying 6 bottles when I need them.
My last order shipping was 20% of the cost of a FA 30ml and 38% of the cost of a TPA 30ml.

One US company (who shall remain nameless) wanted to charge $41.14USD shipping for 7 drip tips! I tried to renegotiate type of shipping but they couldn’t (or wouldn’t)

If you live in the USA you are probably unaware of just how expensive international shipping can be to a foreign country.

Honorable mention to Chef’s Flavours in the UK. Flat rate £5.89 pound international shipping on their orders
Long story short… I’m more than happy with the methods Chinese vendors use for their shipping.


I got excited to purchase stuff direct from Wotofo today. They have a good sale going on…untill you add shipping :frowning:

I played around with the shopping cart, removing items and checking the shipping. By the time I emptied the cart enough to lower shipping to the next tier I only had a frosted top cap for the recurve dual and a frosted drip tip. But by then shipping was more than the items.

I was let down and didn’t buy anything.


I sympathize with you. I started vaping while in the UAE and had stuffed shipped from Europe, US and China. I had to buy PG & VG from the US and the shipping costs were crazy. I was paying on average about $80 for a gallon of VG! Now that I’m in the US I’m just tickled pink as my costs have dropped dramatically.

I also bought most of my flavors from CF. They’re a great company, one of the best out there, imo.


Yikes… Is that why you moved back to the USA? Cheaper vaping? :rofl: Chefs are great, if they could just do something about their labels they would be perfect (black text on purple background just doesn’t work - I normally relabel the bottles when I get them)


That sucks!

@natbone How has it been for you? Georgia right?

Here is one of mine from Chefs


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Yes, I’m in Georgia. I first came here in 99 to get married and stayed for 5 months. I didn’t like it at all was so happy to leave. Now, after 21 years in the Gulf I think Georgia is great. It has beautiful land. I’m 12 miles from Atlanta so it’s not crowded yet close enough. I’m adjusting slowly, it’s going to take some time but so far we’re doing well. My boys like being near family.


That label looks much better than some of the bottles I have received in the past! They used the same purple in a band around the bottom of the bottle with the flavor name overlayed in black. Have two orders currently being shipped - hopefully they have improved.


How timely - just received the first of two orders from CF today. The labels have been updated to full color, a big improvement… but the overprinting of concentrate names still needs work. (Am I just being too picky?)


Not to me your not but there are those that wouldn’t care. Sometimes I wish I could be like that because looking at that bottle drives me nuts.