Overwhelmed - Need Help with First RTA selection

Good evening gals & guys - I need a little help before my brain literally explodes from reading. This site was a godsend from the DIY liquid standpoint…I’m only a couple of months in, and by standing on your shoulders, I’m making some fabulous juice and loving every minute of it.

I need help selecting my first rebuildable tank, and some materials. First, a couple of vitals that might help you help me…:

1 - Only about 3 months into vaping (after 38 yrs of analogs…yay me)

2 - Currently using a Vaporesso Tarot Nano which I kinda like, and am hoping to use the mod with the new RTA (unless there’s a reason not to)

3 - I live in rural Kentucky (US), so hanging out with other vapor-heads to learn from isn’t really possible (besides, I’m old…scratch that…“experienced”, so it’s really not my thing)

4 - I’m really after flavor, with a healthy cloud to satisfy my inner nicotine demons. I’m fairly happy with the Tarot Nano, but I find the inconsistent coils a pain. Some work/taste fine for 3-4 days, others seem to taste burnt after only a few hours. They’re really cheap enough ($15 for 10), but a pain to order/wait for.

From my mass amount of reading, I’m leaning toward a Kangertech ProTank mini, or a GeekVape Ammit. Beyond that, I haven’t a clue. (most of the threads I’ve read here go dated pretty fast, so who knows what’s out there now…) By all means, throw out your favorite Web store resources for your suggestions too.

Also going to need some tools and a build platform with Ohm-meter. Thinking the CoilMaster kit like this - from Amazon, but again, open to experienced opinions. Don’t want to buy stuff I don’t need, nor add a bunch of additional things to get started. Somebody throw out a wire type and gauge for a newbie to get his feet wet

Again, thanks for letting me ramble a bit, and am looking forward to reading your suggestions.

Peace - Terry


I’ll keep it short.

For a dual coil rta. Aromamizer supreme by steamcrave. It is a bit airy, but it has never ever failed me. It’s the first rta I bought 1.5 years ago and the only one that remains in my rotation. In fact, I use it daily on my drive home from work.

As for building, I like coil master kits.

As for online vendors for first purchases personally I recommend avoiding amazon. Stick with a trusted site.

Two that come to mind that I Personally trust. Vapordna (they are in california) and eciggity (yes they are in Hawaii, but they ship everything by air…duh…to get across the ocean).

Always get to the cost thresh hold to get free shipping and for us orders I haven’t had an issue from the two previously mentioned.


Try some pre built coils to learn how to rebuild first but what wire u buy to build the coils depends on what resistance u like to vape at.


Firstly, welcome to the forum, @TerryL1!
Secondly, a great big congratulations :+1::+1::+1: for leaving the stinkies behind!

Personally, I’m not familiar with this mod, but it looks like a good’n & I’ve only heard good things about them. Having an in-built battery at 2500mAh, means youre looking at a single coil atty to vape at around 25w (give or take a few), otherwise itll be on charge the whole time. The pro tank mini uses stock coils (i stand to be corrected on that) which you are wanting to move away from. The ammit I believe is a great tank & will suit your purposes nicely …for now at least. Another single coil RTA you might want to investigate is the Wotofo Serpent mini - I’ve got one of these & its a great little tank - awesome flavor, no leaks, 22mm. My only subjective complaint is the airflow is a little restricted (but that might suit you at the moment anyhow since youre not long off the stinkies). another suggestion is the Merlin Mini by Augvape… again, awesome flavor, great airflow, but youve gotta get the wicking just right or it leaks. there are 2 decks incl. with this atty… dual & single coil. there are also airflow restrictors you can use with the single coil deck to make it MTL (sort of). This is a 24mm atty- not sure if it’ll fit on your mod. I also was going to suggest an Aromamizer Supreme (V2). you can run it as a single coil but it really performs best as a dual coil… it is phenomenal!! My go-to! sensational flavor & cloud - theres nothing not to like about this tank …if you have a dual battery mod that can carry a 25mm atty (sorry to tease you).
Cant help you with suppliers as im in Australia, but good luck!:+1:


I suggest the Advken Manta RDA, you can read Pugsly’s great review here.
It’s very easy to build and wick, more forgiving than the Aromamizer and also has much better flavor than the Aromamizer.
Don’t get me wrong, the Aromamizers are very good, I have 3, but IMO the Manta is a better choice, they are also very reasonably priced.
The Coilmaster kit is great.
As for wire type gauge, it depends on how you like to vape, warm vape, cool, wattage, etc.
I would suggest buying some pre-built clapton or fused clapton wire, it will give you much better flavor than regular round wire until you practice building enough to be able to make your own.
AdvancedVapeSupply are good if you like Stainless Steel.
LightningVapes have good quality Kanthal and N80 pre-built wire.


Good advise!! Maybe in the .3 - .6 range. My personal pref is for SS.


:flushed: I’ll have to look into that one!! Thx fer the tip!


I have that mod, a friend gave it to me. Its been a cool little mod and the battery lasts surprisingly well. Since its a small, short mod, you probably don’t want too tall of a tank on it and because of the limitations of the built in battery, I would agree on the single coil tank. I use three tanks on this mod. The Vandy Vape Kylin in short mode with a single coil. This is a postless deck but some people think postless decks aren’t for beginners. I also use the IJOY EXO tank also in short mode. It comes with both a dual and single coil deck. The last tank I use on this mod is the OBS engine Nano. Its a small well built single coil deck. The only drawback for this tank is that the posts are setup backwards, meaning your coils need to be wrapped in reverse of the conventional coil wrapping method, so prewrapped coils won’t work for this deck.

There are a few online stores that have always sent my orders quickly and with no problems. My Vapor Store in NY. Kidney Puncher in AZ. VaporDNA and Vape Royalty both in South CA.

Best of luck and keep us updated.


between protank mini and geekvape ammit i would be leaning more to Geekvape ammit… the deck is easier and bigger (compaired to the Toptank Mini RBA) to work with, you can also build with thicker wires (more flavor, more vapor) and the 80w your tarot nano provides are great :slight_smile:

if i was suggesting you any other RTA/RBA to work with… instead of toptank mini i would tell you check the Kanger Protank 4… it comes with a dual velocity rba while at it can work with the toptank mini rba if this is what you wish (unfortunately toptank mini can’t fit the protank4 rba)… and it can server well for both dragging both MTL and DL hits (i own 2 protank4 and 1 toptank mini)
if you plan for an MTL rba, then i guess berzerker by Vandy Vapes is a good choice too :wink: taste is great
other choices i could suggest are
Wotofo Serpent Mini
Wotofo Serpent
but really there are tonz of choices in tanks you could use… :wink: still Geekvape ammit 22 is a great choice :slight_smile:

you will need some tools, wire cutter, ceramic tweezers, probably a Coil Jigger if you don’t want wrapping coils in a screwdriver or something like that… the ohm-meter doesn’t’ really matter in your case… your mod already has a ton of protections and you can use it for measuring the ohms of the coils you build, dry burn them or whatever you would do with an ohm reader… that’s all :slight_smile: you will also need some types of wire, (i would suggest starting with plain kanthal 24 or 26ga or if you want to use a more complex wire give a try to clapton 26/34)

gl and have fun :slight_smile:


YouTube any rtas that you have in mind. You’ll get a good dose of opinions and see how others wire and wick whatever RTA you are interested in. YouTube was my best friend when I started getting into rebuildables.


Excellent responses, thank you one and all. (ELR doesn’t disappoint). Exactly what I was hoping for, several RTA’s that I’m not familiar with to research.

Thanks again, and keep 'em coming - you all rock out loud…



@TerryL1 I have to agree with @Chrispdx. Steam Crave all the way !!!


I will also keep this short as well. I am with @Chrispdx the Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme is an excellent choice for outstanding flavor production & ease of building. I currently own 5 that I use continuously.


OK, insert silly noob question here. The Steam Crave Aromamizer Supreme has grabbed my attention, as well as the Advken Manta, but both of these are larger in diameter than my mod. (24mm vs my 22mm “stock” veco tank). Is this a big deal? Aesthetics only?


Just to add to the confusion the Serpent SMM is a great little first RTA. It’s GTA styled wicking and really difficult to screw up. Flavor is great. Single coil adds to making it easy to build.


Since we are talking about this…
We have a griffin 25 plus(on an alien mod) and a mage (on a khaos mod)
We got a huge box of straight wires 22-36g

I am a flavor seeker. Just wondering what gauge of wire(s) are best for flavor…

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It is astetics. But also, mentioned by someone else…which I didn’t account for, make sure what you buy will run on your mod. What I mean is what coil build you are going to install will work and be safe. It may also be time to upgrade to a dual 18650 mod, maybe?

Sadly I don’t know much about your mod, but if the max is 80 watts a dual coil in the supreme might not be the best. Grrr. Someone mentioned the wotofo smm. If you are not going to upgrade and are ok with single coil that would be a good choice.


The one that fits best in the atty, really. I’ve found gauge difference between basic round wire negligible regarding flavor. Getting the correct resistance and good wicking is much more key. Theoretically, the smaller the guage i.e. larger the diameter the wire, the more surface area and the greater potential for fog/flavor. But who knows, maybe your taste buds are more sensitive and maybe you will notice a difference. That’s the fun of building. Trying things.


That makes total sense. I was overthinking it. Which, is easy to do with all this info!! Thanks man! ( sorry to derail from your questions @TerryL1