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Peanut butter question


Trying to make a rich peanut butter recipe but im having some trouble tasting the peanut butter. Ive used both dx and regular TPA peanutbutter, even 9% with the dx version and as low as 2% with both and can barley taste it. Seems more of a slight mouth feel rather that taste or smell. Are there better peanut butters out there? ordered some flavorah going to try that one next.


There’s your problem right here… TPA.

Realflavors (SC) Peanut Butter is my goto, paired with FLV Peanut Butter.
Just my personal preference.


nice thanks ill try the sc rf. Ive had their peanut butter cup in VG and it was pretty good. As far as nuts go I was wondering if you might know if theres a difference between tpa pistachio and tpa pistachio clear? someone in their notes said the clear version is way more potent, like 1 drop per 30ml. I have the clear and it does smell super strong almost to the point it doesn’t smell nutty at all. Trying to find the best one for this ry4 ice cream im making


look at the ingredients list on your jar of peanut butter, chances are you will see molasses. I keep Molasses (SC) (WF) around for my peanut butter pie recipe. That and Butter Cream (SC) (Real Flavors) will help your TPA taste more like peanut butter rather than plain peanuts.


Thanks for that tip.


Here is yet more tips:

with anything peanut butter-ish or even chocolates…

You need AP (5%) as well as coconut… (molasses or maple will work too!)
marshmallow for mouth feel… (cotton candy helps to sweeten, but I like mine nutty!)

Have fun! :slight_smile:

I only use flv so I can not give any other advise towards other manufactures…


Pistachio cream WF is a good base to work off of, lovely cream notes but the nut is pale and needs a boost. The pistachio TFA works well for me to round it out. Will say the TFA has a pudding feel to it I wish wasn’t there, just haven’t tried any others yet.


Of the 2 primary US brands: Jif has Molasses, Peter Pan does not. No wonder we’re a Peter Pan family!


Just a forewarning here, I’m looking for a great PB as well. Unfortunately, I ordered Cap Peanut Butter v2. Stay away from that. It’s more like parched peanuts vs the butter. Good for some recipes but not a pb cup like I wanted to blend. :slight_smile:


I’m very happy with a combo of Peanut Butter RFSC and Peanut Butter NF. 0.50 -.75% each.


I had someone come over one time and ask for a “Peanut butter” one time, I personally thought it tasted a bit like a cookie type peanut butter so I named it as such… I used these two recipes (first is just a single flavored mix, not really a recipe):

Peanut Butter Cookie
6.00% Peanut Butter Cookie (Purilum)

Peanut Butter Cookie 2
5.00% Peanut Butter Cookie (Purilum)
1.50% Vanilla Nut Brittle (Purilum)

After posting I relized why I thought they tasted cookieish… they were a cookie ingredient lol


Ι was ready to ask if that was a typo.


got some molasses awhile back when trying to make a shisha recipe. Now I have a perfect use for this finally. The marshmallow sounds like a nice key to this to because im looking for that full body mouth feel. Also it wil add the sweetess, I dont ike to add sweateners like super sweet, tastes too fake. Going to experiment with these new suggested peanut butter flavors sounds promising. My final creation is going to be chocolate peanut butter cup like ice cream I’ll post when I found something I think taste like it. Thanks all


I don’t know, it’s not like I am vaping peanut butter on a regular basis, but when I do I use (TFA) DX Peanut Butter and then add a bit of (FLV) Peanut Butter. Or well I used to do that, till my allergy kicked in when using the FLV :frowning:

But even TFA DX isn’t bad by itself, I use it from 1-4% depending what else I am going to throw in there and to me it’s fine. Are there better one out there? Probably, I mean every flavor manufacturer might have a better version of a version and that version … It never ends lol. One thing I do say so, DX peanut butter won’t be noticeable for the first 7 days imo, and then it also fades super quick. Not a flavor you can steep for a couple of months.


@Pro_Vapes I appreciate you saying that. You wouldn’t believe how many of your reciprs I’v tried and then couldn’t put down.


I have just got to get me some Pistachio @Letitia Actually I want both, the WF and the TFA.


is there a difference between pistachio clear and just pistachio from tpa? I’m confused because the one that I have is the clear kind and I don’t feel it smells or tastes like pistachio at all. Then I look on their website and clear isn’t even listed. And some merchants only sell clear and others only non clear. The other flavor I do have that has clear is a graham cracker. What does the clear mean does anybody know?


Some flavouring have artificial colour added the clear is generally the same flavouring (in most cases) without the colouring. Not all resellers will list which one they have


Same here, love the honey roasted. Rarely bother with bread anymore.


Not with MF Dark Chocolate.

I’m sure 5% AP is a typo, but DC MF needs nothing at all. Very versatile anywhere you want a chocolate note… top, mid or bottom… .2-1%.

But that’s a whole other thread.