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Peanut butter question


PV, that 5% refers to the dilution of AP in the product. You use it at your own % in mixes


OOHHH… OK. I don’t use AP and wasn’t aware of that… Thanks for the correction, because it sounded waaay off for a mixing vet.


I suppose if you’re going for a pure Frito vape, 5% might just rock!


It’s frakking delicious. One of those truly ‘to the point’ flavors. I’ve started playing around with it in my French Pipe mixes, and I can’t say I’ve really enjoyed a Chocolate flavor like MF Dark Chocolate. My Inawera Milk Chocolate just kind of sits there in the corner like the kid that didn’t get picked for kickball.

Sorry, can’t help it, back to Peanut Butter! :wink:


DERAILED… But I got to get this out.

I went down that AP and chocolate road a long time ago… HIC had that FA Chocolates and AP combo about 3-4 years ago and it was a coil clogging cluster F*#K. But since the MF DC… all my other Chocs sit in the case.

Like you I’ve been mixing my DC MF with (SYNTH) tobacco flavors and a hint of Cherries INW… Fantastic!


You know, while I’m not crazy about PB flavors, especially as they start to age, I have always liked INW Orzech Arachidowy. It kind of lacks the fatty flavor of a PB, but I always found it enjoyable. Salty though. But still an old favorite.


Interesting , ive never heard of the orzech one, might try it. I just recently got interest in PB after trying a mix of that top recipe GoofyJuice. At first I mixed it with dx versions, and figured I was missing out, so tried the regular version and actually prefered the dx version. After letting it steep 20+ days the pb is very elusive. Just made me want a thick creamy pb main note vape. Ive heard 1drop acetylP per 10ml is all you need or else youll lose some of the other flavs


would Australian Chocolate (Hangsen) work with PB?


I googled Orzech Arachidowy the picture that came up looked like peanuts, lol. I guess if you use it in a pastry dessert you wont need any saline. Oh man, another flavor I’m gonna have to get.


this is what I am talking bout, @Pro_Vapes :stuck_out_tongue:

I find in some cases, it does help, but agree on the coil clogger.


Found a few links that shed some light on techniques with PB
This one uses saline (have yet to experiment with it) Charlie Noble PB cereal
This reddit sub has a lot of info on pb and jelly Reddit pb
Thanks for the tips all, going to experiment a bit


In addition to what woftam has already noted, and as you’ve learned (which THANK YOU BTW for looking it up!! Most don’t even bother to sadly) sometimes it’s just creative marketing on the vendor’s part. They know there’s uncertainty about color in the community who hasn’t gotten the whole story yet (there is a difference between naturally occurring color due to the materials used and added color just to make things “look pretty”).

You’ll find that the same thing applies (with respect to TPA) in the use of “extra”.

Some are actually legitimately separate flavors.
Others used to have a normal variation, and an extra variation, but in many cases, TPA dropped the normal variation, and kept the extra. Unfortunately, when they did this, they opted to keep the “basic” (normal) name in use.

This has led to quite a bit of confusion (understandably), but it has been previously confirmed in several cases that the “extra” variation being sold at some places, was identical to the “normal” variation at others.

Thank you for asking, and an even bigger thank you for taking the time to look at the manufacturer’s site!


no problem and thanks for clearing that up all.


Everyone hates Capella’s Peanut Butter V2 but I’d always use it rather than TPA’s. For me it’s a nice, a bit too much roasted peanut butter - just the way I like it. True, it does fade with time but that’s like 3 months or so which is not uncommon problem with many other flavors out there.
Another way to boost peanut butter is OOO’s Condensed Milk (not sure for other manufacturers). 0.5% will make it pop.


I’m new to mixing. Do you have any simple recipes that you’ve found to go with the V2? I went out and bought 2oz of this and didn’t know about the other ones. I want to like it but it didn’t go with my pb cup. It will tone down a good bit, I’ve found that out.
The parched flavor I could enjoy myself but not for the recipes I’ve found. TYIA


I havent tried v1 or v2 cap pb, but I did find that which ever pb I used a nice cream base to compliment it was liquid barns vanilla ice cream, and/or vanilla swirl. Vape Train makes a chocolate custard that I am testing for a pb cup mix, its pretty yummy so far. So far my peanut butter milkshake recipe is molases rf, sweet cream fw, pb tpa/flv/rf with a splash of honey roasted peanuts, with the liquid barn vanilla ice cream base. (based on recomendations in this thread)


@Jenn_72 Here is one with cap pb v2 that looks pretty simple http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/910860/Peanut%20King



Thank you so much. I truly appreciate it. Just trying to find something for the v2 and it seems to be pretty hard to find. I’m still unsure on subbing the v2 for a v1 recipe. My attempt for the pb cup wasn’t the best. Thank you again! :slight_smile:


This is what I used 2 yrs ago…

and I just released it again, retouched…