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Peanut butter question


Thank you. I saved them the other day while running out the door. I’m also about to buy another pb since the one I have apparently isn’t going to cut it.
This diy is fun but so many avenues of reading. I wish I could just load my pc up with references to everything. Ha! :slight_smile:



You will be fine, @Jenn_72… just need to find your own way, and persistence will pay off! :slight_smile:



Thank you. I just not figured out how to sort the best flavors. Ugh!!! I read all over last night, again! Trial and error all will be ok. I did try one that I had about gave up on, it’s starting to come around in the flavor. I put one pb in my cart and they were sold out! Ha, my luck! :joy::smiley:



Here is my thought on your “how to sort the best flavors” :stuck_out_tongue:
It is a lot of trail and error… If you have a few flavors from one company and like them, then try more from the same company.

Solo testing is great to start out on. Most dont recognize that and just want a quick do me recipe that they can vape… and never get around to understanding and knowing the flavors they mix with. Take your time, enjoy this process, @Jenn_72 and you need to re check your solos every few months… I guess its why I tend to stick with only one company for the last few years, not to mention how much cheaper shipping is, because I dont have to play keep up with all flavor companies and when one site doesn’t have what I need, now I don’t deal with shipping from 5 places… Simple :slight_smile:

I had a lot of static when I first started on my flavor journey, about how I was missing out, but in the end it’s worked for me. Just keep at this, and before you know it, you will know what you like, and how much! :slight_smile:



Thank you! It is a work in progress here. That’s for sure. I have about 15 or maybe a few more with singles mixed then a few with 2 flavors going (ie cheesecake with strawberry, etc). I followed your advice and others on that one! Yay! It’s the flavors that seem to be a full or complete mix that I want to dive into. I totally was shocked whenever I tried the two cheesecakes to see the difference, just that was amazing. I only mixed about 5ml in 10ml bottles. Thank goodness for a few of those, they were a little gross and bland.
I can understand why you chose one company to mix from, one day I might convert over once my mixing is more stabilized and not a huge conversion of recipes. I guess the newness is overwhelming at first, especially waiting for the steeping process. We can listen all we want about that but until we have made juice sitting there, that’s when we learn it. From new store bought juice and needing to steep to DIY was a huge difference in flavors, they are not the same.

I truly thank you for your patience and everyone else since I’m so willing to learn and this is getting me back on track from my PG issues that made me stop vaping a few years ago. So the DIY thing is more to get away from that than a want to. It’s a need here. I cannot fathom buying more juice after I see these costs as well, only will buy that Cookie Butter if I cannot replicate it to a certain degree! LOL

Love this forum and everyone is so helpful!! :slight_smile: