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People using different Atomizers is a problem

After a lot of trial and error with different coils, wattage, loose screws, burnt cotton etc. I’ve finally got my Hellvape Passage working great on the flavor! The reason I bought it as my first RDA was that everyone I found reviewing it was praising the flavor but at first I just couldn’t get it to push good flavor at all.

I’m currently on 0.135 ohm clapton coil and it compares good to my SMOK TVF8 coil at 0.15 which has great flavor. BUT the e-liquids does not taste exactly the same. This seems like a big problem for recipe developing and reviewing.
Besides people having different perception on taste the setup also changes the taste.

For example I have a mix of Cactus Tropical - by DC Originals (https://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1194285) that in my SMOK tank tastes ok but not so good I wanna vape it but in my RDA it’s great and I am vaping through the bottle right now.

So a recipe developed with one RBA/tank might not taste good on another.
How can we possibly combat this? Will using someones recipe always require a lot of tinkering with unless using the exact same atomizer setup? In my SMOK tank the cactus flavor is really hard to get right but my RDA is loving it.

It’s like some flavors work better in the RDA and some in the tank. For example sweeteners can be used in less percentages in the RDA as with the tank instead some aromas like cactus need less percentage in the tank but needs more sweetener.

I’m sure this isn’t new to people but I haven’t seen it being discussed anywhere.

Funny side story: After playing around with the INW Cactus I have noticed that my shampoo contains a very similar aroma even tho it says nothing about cactus. I have a hard time showering with it now and when vaping it tastes like I’m washing my hair :laughing:


In short, you can’t. At least from the perspective of other people vaping/rating your recipe.
And you’ve finally hit one of several key points of “realization” in your mixing journey! Congratulations!

Not always, but frequently. Even using the same atty can yield different results by being on a different mod.

Take that a step further, and you can sometimes find that even the same atty on the same mod can produce different results due to coil positioning, amount of cotton, and more.


One of the more important factors IMO, is to mix for (and test the mix on) the setup you’ll be vaping it on most often. Because results WILL vary. (Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.)

But understanding the above is a watershed moment in my book! Another step in your mixing journey achieved! :thumbsup:

As experience increases, you can learn how to work within the framework though. :wink:


Welcome to a new rabbit hole.


Or for yet another view…

if you have the flavors in a given recipe, and you understand where you taste what, and what tastes good to you… you can always look at a given recipe and adjust it to your tastes/equipment :slight_smile:


Just wait until you start playing with different wicks, different coils and different material coils…

Learn to work with your flavors, test a lot and adjust your percentages to what you want to get out of your juice. Commercial juices are often over flavored but there’s little you can adjust about it too. Jump in to DIY, all options are available and a whole new world opens.

This whole forum (or at least large parts of it) is about getting your juice right so I’m quite amazed you haven’t seen anything like that being discussed. Keep reading, keep testing. You’ll have some disappointments, some eureka moments… don’t give up. It gets better and easier with time.


So many reason and no single answer. As has been posted above there are different factors for differences in flavor. Airflow, coil positioning and material, type of wicking, curved interior cap, not curved… Even tiny differences in drip tips can make all the difference in the world. Some aren’t explainable. I dug out my old Cleito this week and honestly I can’t explain why it’s so flavorful, but it is. I haven’t put it down at all since I brought it back from the Drawer of The Dead. In all honesty, I can’t figure it out so I’ll just drink my coffee and enjoy my vape…


Like @Sprkslfly said, you can’t. You’ll spend an inordinate amount of time dialing a recipe in and/or fiddling with your attys. And, as you’re quickly finding out, you’ll get increasingly frustrated.

That time is better spent doing single flavor testing (SFT), which is what @anon84779643 was alluding to in her reply above. You need to become familiar with the flavors you have (or will have). In turn you will be able to adapt a given recipe much easier for the atty you want to use.
I hope that makes sense.


TZ, I have to admit it… I have a girl crush on you right now! :slight_smile:


Yes… I smoke out of different mods all the time & tht was 1 of the first things I noticed about the flavors of juices., they all have somewhat of different takes on flavors through the mods, attys etc…
I haven’t been DIYing for very long & I have been reading a little about everything, & I’ve really been asking myself if all those bottles I chucked were even worth the time wasted on them without doing SFTs … I started doing some this morning…, & wow! I’m kinda liking doing it! It’s kinda nice to see what properties a flavor has all by itself… Mann…, I am very highly addicted to nicotine and I never thought I would be able to work my way any lower than 6mg…, but hey… I absolutely loved doing these! There’s a chance that it would be something I could do all the time & not really worry about the products having nicotine or not…, BTW I have a good thought on what the flavors would be like tastewise off of smelling it…, like sweet strawberry just the name of it & im pretty sure it tastes sweet…, maybe even a kinda candy property but the others like f* ing tutti frutti or sweet & tart, I don’t know anything of how they might be, so I started my SFT journey & wow, I really like it…, hitting flavors & thinking of the thoughts that come from the tastes opens a whole new world, like “hey I bet this would be good with this & this… Anyway…, thanks a lot ELR fam…, sorry if this was kinda off subject


Fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to the world of solos… :wink:

Score!!! :slight_smile:

So no nic in your solos?? just wondering… if so, I am not the only one that does solos without nic… its nice to get a true taste of the flavor before adding your nic, to recognize the change it will go thru… Nic will change the taste of a mix.

I do them all the time… it is a good way to give your tounge a break from the clash of soo many recipes with multiple flavors, it can be very refreshing! :+1: Gosh I am tickled you are finding this out…

Haha!! Good!! I am proud of you St3v0!!!

Not off subject at all… I think everyone should experiment and play with not just their flavors but equipment too… You made my day!! Thank you!

side note: It is not the fact we all use different set ups… its the fact if you take your time and get to know your flavors first… then you can sit and marvel at how your equipment works on what you know things should taste like…Some tanks do mute flavors… drastically… then on the other hand… drippers do enhance what it is you taste. As long as you keep that in mind… your taste journey should stay fun…


Hehe… I’m learning a little more just about every day & I might not ever get as good as most of the members, but at least I will get the knowledge to produce an actual like-able vape instead of garbage tht’s better off in the garbage :hugs:
I believe it was one of ur post that inspired me to SFT…, I went to look for it the other day and take a few of your notes, but I couldn’t find anything… have u done a thread on SFT?


Sry @anon84779643 :pensive: vaping not smoking :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Just remember to write those thoughts down. Take notes along the way so you can refer back to them.


Always… I’ll be taking notes of everything now…, I mean from what I see, it’s very useful to do so…, but with my memory the way it is, I’ll HAVE to take notes on just about EVERYTHING :rofl:


Solo taste testing… somewhere here… I found it…

It caused way too much drama… :weary: it is word for word what I have posted on my site…

and Tz is right… your own notes will help you along… :wink:


& if I need any advice about anything I am more than sure I can count on u experienced people😝


I am sure everyone here has that experience lolol… :stuck_out_tongue:
but yes, when in doubt… ask away… that one stupid question might be something someone else was too unsure to post on :wink:


Why drama??. Anyone could always use what others think of things & see if they have some the same perspectives on some things, or what their thoughts are and y they r tht way…, A LOT of different ideas come into conclusions & to me would be interesting as to how others interpret things & c if u have any of the same thoughts…


Because some folks do not believe in or feel they need to… especially when others do… and can write well written notes. That is what is on that thread… already spelled out. It was a sin and a shame I posted that thread, and shared my thoughts on solos… and my belief that if you learn your flavors, you will learn how to work them into a recipe with ease… I believe in finding where you taste what it is… and then raise it again to find the peek of the flavor… and then push it… so you understand the boundaries of that flavor… so then if you keep your notes… you already know how that flavor will play with others…

but its taboo here…it made a lot of folks uncomfortable and made even simple postings here… hell.

It’d be nice to hear what others get out of the flavors, but I guess solos are too much for some.


:hugs: let them all be butthurt b/c they can’t tell a flavors property & what it’s bringing to the party…, to me NOT doing a solo for something weird is like a kid jumping on a bike for the first time…, they don’t know how it’s gonna go!

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