Solo Taste Testing

Solo Taste Testing, What is it?

Edit: this is a topic that can and will start argument in the diy community. If you find yourself facing one, just walk away. There are some folks one just can not help. 6/23/2020

Obviously, it is one flavor, taken from low to high. Some do not like or can not take the time to “run the gaulet” from this so called low to high, and others actually pitch fits that the mere idea of solo taste testing is the best way to get to know your flavors. Some only test one given amount and judge the flavor on that particular amount, no matter what. What would happen if you overshot where it is really good and end up tossing it away? You’d have to go rebuy to try yet again. Or another view, getting a different flavor out of something that is supposed to be yet another? Read on! :slight_smile:

Just a fiy: this method will work for any flavor manufacture. I dare you to try it.

Where does one start?

From the bottom to the top, or lowest to highest. Let’s talk setting it up, as your set up to me, is important. I use the term: Runners. I don’t just taste test 1 flavor, I prefer to have at least 4 or 5 flavors going at any given time.
I use 10ml glass bottles I bought years ago. I had over 100 of them at one time. In 7 years I am now down to 50, and I replace the caps around 6mo, from use or a smell I just can not get out.

Does the base count?

For me, I use 100% vg as my base, zero nic. Always have. You might call me a purist on this, but to me, I just want flavor. I want to see how it starts out, and how as it ages, what the effect of time does.

Bottles and base, now what?

Now it is time. First, know how many drops are in your 1ml mark. Why? So you can add that into the ELR calculator. The drop per ml does matter. It will make your mixes taste better, I promise. I have too many that can and will back me up on this. It is the only way the amount shown on your scale will match up with what elr says… See this post here.

Matchy Match… I like it when my numbers work out for what I am working with. js

Drops per ml known, next step!

Take your flavors you pick out, and work them. I use drops for distribution. Each drop is an average of .02g . I will use this conversion to work my flavors. let’s say I work blueberry and cream as a duo flavor test, ran in single formation.

Blueberry flavor will have 5 bottles. Each bottle will have drops staggered in 2 drop series. I will do the same with cream. It will look like this.

  • bottle #1 1 drops
  • bottle #2 2 drops
  • bottle #3 4 drops
  • bottle #4 6 drops
  • bottle #5 8 drops
  • bottle #6 10 drops

And on and on, so to help you see it a bit better, let’s take it to ELR’s calculator for you to see how I am doing this.

Note: I went with my default 30ml bottle to show, sometimes you just can do that too, change bottle sizes, that is! This is just to show how weight does affect what you taste! :slight_smile:

The info for blueberry, using drops based on 50dpm. I do run my flavors up to 2% every time, or even 3% if I feel it needs it. Why do I do this, if my max use comes out to 1.4% for most of the flv flavors? So I can check to see if anything has changed. I know batch to batch flavors always change, and so does my taste buds. I hope that all of this makes sense.

Remember, .02ml = .02g and always cap your testers!

What next, Smoky Blue?

Sitting! I let my flavors sit for around 2-3 days, I do not use any magnetic stirrers, No ultrasonic, no heat no nothing. Time will handle my mixing, along with an occasional handshake. The fun part is when you do have enough singles, you can bounce between them. What I mean is, it’s time to test your flavors. Try to make more than one test of just one flavor. Your tounge might thank you for the break you can give to your mouth, instead of loading your juices with packed recipes. See what one tastes like with 2 drops in 10ml. Can you taste any kind of change? How about that 6 drops in 10? What do you make of that?

I can not stress enough, take notes. Notes will be your buddy, your friend. You can write down things like, I can not taste 2 drops in 10ml or 4 drops in 10ml is just too damn much. How about, I like this flavor and think it can go with this other flavor, or this is a happy flavor. I like this flavor, or I hate this flavor. Your notes come from the best tool you have, your mouth and using your brain, it will indeed make you a better mixer.

Why do you always insist on solos?

Because over time, not only do the flavors from the manufacture change, but so does your body. Body changes happen every 3 weeks, 3 months, and by 3 years, you are no longer the person you were when you started vaping. This means you have gone thru at least a few cycles of change and your taste perceptions have undergone as much growth, now that your body has dumped the chemicals in smoking. If you do not taste test your solos, how on earth are you going to pick up those changes and create the best juice you can? You won’t. So get into the habit of this. It is a good habit to have.

Not to mention, you look rather silly when you just toss flavors and hope lightning will strike and might by chance make your juice taste even better… Won’t happen. I am not sorry.


btw… I test in drippers, single coil then double coils… then I move on to tanks… I compare… I write my notes… all this “work”… my mouth is worth the effort. If you do not put your work in, how in hell can you mix good juice or teach others how to do this (mix)? I have been saying this ever since I got ahold of my first ultra… in fact… it was not Flavorah at all, it was Baker’s flavors. <give credit where it is due, BF is the oldest ultra flavor created. Over time, there are more than just BF, better tasting and super low in usage amounts. Cleaner, brighter… :slight_smile: BF is from Russia with branches in the Asia continent, but that is yet another subject all together.


How can I thank you for this, all this knowledge in just one blow.
I am a so called “advanced mixer” I do my SFTs most of the time, or whenever I’m in doubt do most of everything said by @anon84779643 do I put all this in practice?? No, not always and not really or as precisely… it’s that almost that makes the real difference, whenever i took that almost off the recipe was a winner! Not saying it’s easy, it takes a lot of time and tuning, but you have to know your flavours, no other ways.
Now I’ll have to seriously work on a new profile I’ve been asked to do, my way to work has to change, my time to advance to the “next step” and take that almost definitely out of the way.
This simple… (?) post is a summary of everything you need to know to change your way of mixing.
thank you for sharing your knowledge here and on a single post! Thank you, Happy new year!


That’s another good point often not considered. Granted I don’t take that into account (and since I’m far from advanced or professional I can get away with it), but I have totally noted changes to my palate over time, and of course not just with vaping.

Strawberry is my prime example. I used to love it in food and vaping. Artificial strawberry, that is. But over the past few years I’m not only tired of strawberry, I almost loath it now. I still love strawberry milk (real) and those supper yummy Little Debbie Strawberry Shortcake Rolls (real), but just about any other artificial strawberry (vape included), I can’t stand. And it bums me out.

Nice thread, @anon84779643, even if it pains me to say it! :wink:


Yes thank you Smoky. Wasn’t sure I wanted to add anything here since it’s a pure and perfect process. I learned it from you long ago and follow it.
A couple things are different for me now vs then.
I use to use a dripper for testing until I found my perfect rta. Now I do it all with just my rta.
This may be of interest,

. I find it takes less space and is better organized.
Plus it saves my 10ml bottles for step 2…


Those look strangely like… wz bottles :wink:
I like that too… will have to snag some once mine need re-upping!
Love it!! :slight_smile:

I have been saying this for years now… and yes I hope some catch the idea… :slight_smile:

btw… I really love the wasp line… the rta and the dripper :wink:


I discovered the Project X rta back in February. It is unique. Shortly after I stocked up on a few more. I have quite a few nice squonkers and they have been collecting dust bout 6 months now. That’s how much I like this rta!


Anything from Hassur is going to be good! :slight_smile:
I might have to snag one for me too now… added to the list!


@Iv3shf, you are very much welcome and I hope this will help as a reminder that change is unstoppable, inevitable… and if you do not try, nothing happens. :slight_smile:

@anon70102222 A lot of good points to my article… I won’t loose it if my site goes down again… I did put a lot of thought into it. People really need to know their flavors and if it offends someone for me to say it, it’s not my fault.

Par for the course, Phil… it’s why you notice a difference between new mixers and old… As you step away from the chemicals of smoking, your taste buds really beg for a chance to change… if you keep them covered up in flavors… then flavor blindness, or detecting other “off” notes or your body says no more of a certain flavor… you have to listen. Your mouth and brain are the 2 greatest tools you can have… and if you want your taste buds working right, listen.

This is nothing new… been saying it for years now. Someone comes along and when I say this about sft… they get all offended. Then they run around thinking the sky is falling… nopes just taste buds going to waste.

Thanks Phil… I appreciate it… :slight_smile:


Magnificent post! Thx for sharing Smoky. :+1:


I never knew Chris made those FLV testing videos through you when I started watching his channel but he opened up a whole new world for me and I started enjoying SFT’ing basically since then…
Thanks for giving him the inspiration for the video series and indirectly showing me how to work with my flavors :hugs:


He did it in his own style, based on what I was saying. Told me a while back he wants to redo them…
Life caught up with him… I hope one day he will @anon28032772


It was amusing to find out that the famous “lemon” from Flavors Express is actually sourced from Baker’s… :slight_smile:


Not sure it is Bakers think it is the Chinese connection (name escapes me) - Heath Cabin, Magical Flavours is identical to my tastes


Prob quite a few of them used that route, it was a 2014 post on VU about it.


:coffee: <magical elixir lolol :stuck_out_tongue: My cup is hot this morning…

@Iv3shf think honey peach too :stuck_out_tongue:

your tongue will not lie to you! :stuck_out_tongue:

I miss those days… :wink:


Very informative post, looks like a lotta work, thanks for sharing your knowledge @anon84779643 ! Being a newbie myself gotta say the “drops” method has me stumped, I mix by weight and see variations from one drop to another and bottle to bottle. Is the drop method a necessity or just a personal preference / mixing style?


I am in no way advocating for “drops” as I do mix by weight. You do have to have each bottle tip uniform. Most do not want to do this. If you work with one company, it really isnt that bad. Not at all. In fact percentage based mixing became popular because not everything was uniform.

What I am doing however, since my tips are uniform, is weighting out what each “drop” weights… and I took note of it. Then I found if I put those drops in my base and find where I like it… I take that total weight, and bring it into elr.

That was yet another fiasco, as the weight I had did not match what the standard 35 drops per ml was set to. Only by adjusting it to how many drops per ml, did it matchy up for me. I have taught a lot of people this, and I see the effects. You can just tell by a recipe if someone cared enough to take the time to find their own spots. Its not hard to see… rather very easy. :slight_smile:


I use drops with testing, but I do it with my bottle on the scale (0.001g) so I immediately convert it in weight. If you’re using concentrates like Alpine Strawberry for example, 1 drop in a 10ml tester is good. It works for whatever concentrate / bottle / manufacturer you have.


You don’t need a fancy scale. As long as it can at least read .01g you are fine. Some of us use scales that go to .001g in the end tho… ELR will round up if you try to put .017g in.

not replying to you @anon28032772… in a way lmao now elr won’t let me change it :stuck_out_tongue:
It needs more coffee!! :slight_smile: