Peppercorn test

Ok I went 2 peppercorns or .10 grams and 1.10 pg. Does that work? And i also went and bought authentic peppercorns nothing else added. How long should I let something like this steep?


I would suggest you crush them but that may cause issues when you go to filter them out… I don’t have a clue on steeping, though.


Wouldn’t it cause issues if the crushed peppercorns made it into my vape? How do I get all of it out if its crushed?


This doesn’t even make sense how is soaking pepper in pg going to extract anything? I watched a video and theres alot more to it than that…


This is interesting to me. It sounds as if this is a continuation of a previous discussion? Is this something that has a long history? As a layman I’m not going to just take herbs and spices from the kitchen and flavor pg. I want it to be tested out in the field for a good amount of time and with a fair number of “Mikey’s” doing the testing.

I’m definitely a pepper lover, and one of my dreams for e-juice is a Red Pepper flavor :hot_pepper: , and I’m not talking red Bell Pepper. However I somehow get the feeling that is not a family of Peppers you want to line your lungs with. I’ve never even heard of it so it’s probably not a good idea.

The “Mikey” reference is from an old cereal commercial. Frosted Flakes, I think. it has the line, “Let’s give it to Mikey, he’ll try anything”.


You are not going to be able to extract pepper this way … Ive had extensive conversations with the owner of MF and VSO the process is a lot more in depth then soaking something in PG…PG is your Flavor carrier , which is used after the extraction.


No, no and no! Why are you doing this? I’m sorry to sound so lambastic but it’s my responsibility to make sure no vaper causes harm to themselves. If you need a black pepper flavor please buy it from professional flavorists until you have mastered extraction techniques with proper equipment. FA offers it, for example:

Nature’s Flavors also has it. Shop round.


It’s called a filtration process and proper lab equipment is needed. If you’re having to ask that question this is not something you should be doing in your kitchen, lol. I realize you are probably wanting to be creative and experiment with DIY but this is a whole other level. I apologize again for sounding stern but I don’t want to see you harm your respiratory system.


No no no!
Pepper has oil in it.
Dont vape oil.
Especially hot pepper oil.


I sort of agree with what everyone else is saying, tbh. I’m not familiar with any NET processes so I don’t have any more to say on it. I only suggested crushing them because just soaking peppercorns in PG would give you soggy peppercorns and that’s about it… beyond that, I’ve got no idea.

I’d definitely agree with @muth and go with that FA Black Pepper.


Life cereal.

But yeah, that was a helluva long time ago!
Kudos for the reference! lol

Edited to add:


I’m with the chef, don’t vaporize oils of any kind


Wasn’t that Life cereal? That kid would eat ANYTHING!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Dude, your old. :grin:

Nice find on the video @Sprkslfly!! I haven’t seen that in a very long time.


Yes, I’m old👴

I knew I was taking the chance of exposing that fact. I couldn’t help myself. in my mind’s eye I had just completed an improvised kitchen extract.

I turned to Mikey and handed him the first test sample. Mischievously awaiting results. :nerd_face:


Well where the hell do I get black pepper in my vape juice dammit!! Lol! I want it right nowww!!! Baaah! So far I’ve tried 3 different companies and 2 said they don’t have it 3rd let me pay for it then they don’t have it either. Bullshitz!!I will put it in everything!!


I know just shit I want black pepper in my vape. On my.custard mostly. And everywhere I try to order doesn’t have it one place took my $ saying it was in stock and then told me they dont have it in stock. Im flustered.

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ive tried to order it 3 times now they either don’t have it or one place took my $ them said they don’t have it. Im sick of it.

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Is this a troll or for real? Everybody complains about tasting pepper…


O.K. I kind of want to try it now, regardless. Is that link to DIY E-juice no good? I’ve never ordered from them before. Looks Canadian. I could have shipping issues, but I’d probably risk that unless there’s some other reason.

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If you want it order direct from Flavour Art