Perfume Taste on fruitblends

Has anyone experienced perfume taste after making a fruit blend using TFA (strawberry, coconut, watermelon, pineapple)?

Not normally. But I also mix and age my juices for two weeks at this point. I also mix in alittle fresh cream FA and Vienna cream FA and marshmallow to my fruits which I feel balances stuff out.

Some fruits due have that perfumey taste. When mixing billberry FA at too high of a percent can be very hard to enjoy.

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could aggitating it too much during the mix cause this? I use a sawzall with a c-lamp on it then mix fow about 10 secs.

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I’ve done the sawzall Dillio and havnt had an issue. To be honest I’ve gotten lazy on the sawzall since I mix 9-11 small recpies every two weeks. Still though, even after using the sawzall I would wait a day for the bubbles to dissipate.

The key is time imo. Atleast at the start of your mixing career it’s good to test your mixes every few days. For those recpies that are shake’n’vape…welp I still always waited Atleast a day to try them out.

But at this point I break the rule. I test now at 2 weeks 4 weeks and 6 weeks. If the mix isn’t good at those time frames the mix isn’t good for me since I mix every two weeks and don’t have time or the setup for a daily mixing experiment. I know I miss out on some great mixes by doing that…but life/work/everything is busy.


By the way,…

If you give us acouple recpies your struggling with the ELR community can point you in the right direction. Like maybe you have a simple error in using too much flavoring.

At that point you’ll see 15 people jump into this thread. All wanting to help

ive never mixed those myself, but I have purchased really perfumy chemical tasting juices before and putting them in a locked cupboard with the lids off a couple days seems to help get rid of that (though there have been a couple that never really went away on)

This is my favorite recipe that I’m trying to klone. Its a mix from MrE.

I wait about 15 mins before trying it :slight_smile: I’ve been trying to get it right for about three months now. I think tge ripe strawberry gives it the correct profile but still has the perfume taste. I have some TPA sweetener that should arrive in a few days. Thx.

How long do you let it steep? A day, 2 days.

If I were to mix it today. I would go up 1% more on ripe strawberry and add 0.5 fresh cream. If I didn’t add any cream and wanted to vape as is I would steep for one week. I always find pinnapple to have a bit of bite.

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cool, I just added 1% more ripe strawberry in. I’ll have to get some fresh cream FA. Do you find flavour art to be better than TPA?

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As they say there is no one true king.

Haha. Fresh cream FA. Vienna cream FA and marshmallow FA are my three best mixing friends. If you add a little they hide there doing magical things without seeing them there. Add a bunch, yeah they try to take over the throne.

My kiwi recipie.
2% kiwi FA
2% kiwi double tpa
1% fresh cream
2% marshmallow FA
You can’t really taste the cream. Kiwi sits at top. Use 2% fresh cream the kiwi flavor drops…but you don’t tast the cream but yeah it’s trying to take over. The above is a recpie in progress and may swap out toasted marshmallow tpa in the future.

Since you don’t have the FA I’m guessing. In some ways just 1% Bavarian cream or malt milk tpa or other cream can come close to the effect…but the beauty of FA is if you don’t want to taste the milk but want the fuller effect FA is where it is at for me.


Many fruit flavorings use some amount of alcohol. Warm the mix bottle a little (just some warm tap water, keep under 120F to make sure flavors arent damaged) and leave it uncapped for at least a few hours and squeeze the air out of it once in a while. This should help speed up evaporating the alcohol out of the mix.

Thanks! I’ll get some FA to add to my increasing stock of flavors.

I’ll give that a shot on my next test run. Hopefully, that will work too. I ordered some FA a little while ago. I’ve seen a lot of recipes on this site for jade tiger using TPA in high percentages, they must be heating off the alcohol or I must be sensitive to it. My tastes buds seem to go dead and I get a sore throat at 20% flavor mix, jade tiger, using TPA and a few other brands. Seems like one or two of the fruit flavors have a chemical in it that isn’t suiting well. I’ve never seen this with Mr E Jade Tiger. Never have this problem when making a fresh batch of peanut butter vape. Thanks for the tip.

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I’ve really only had one fruity vape make me cough and that was mixing with pina colds tpa.

As for airing out. To each there own. Never hurts to try since the end result just needs to make your self happy. Personally I guess I air them out for about 29 mins or so because I mix 9-12 or 11 bottles at a time. So they all sit until I add nic to all of them at one time.

Outside of that I personally don’t air out my mixes. The second my nic is added I close them up. They only get opened if I randomly want a snif test because I’m excited about a mix (Pistacio is my new love ). Then again I wait two weeks before I vape (even though some are good I’m sure at three-five days).

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every flavor manufacturer has a purpose they all have their best and all work well together try not to get stuck on one , i did that with capella when i first started and realized id never come up with the juice i was looking for at the time have fun its an addicting thing this DIY my flavor stash is coming up to the 200 mark lol

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whats a juice without diketones lol

Hey Chris, I was looking to see if I can check out some of your recipes, your favorites that is. I only see one posted. Can you share a few that I can try mixing? I’m going to try mixing the fruits without the warnings on them like TPA pineapple and coconut. Looks like FA coconut and pineapple have no warnings. The FA “msds” sheet checks for Diacetyl but Acetoin doesn’t appear to be tested for. Will wait till FA package comes in to mix again.

I know I only got one and it’s a wacky one. Most of what I have mixed are adaptations. They generally belong to folks like amy2, Lars, and provapes and like 5 other people.

The kiwi one is my main starting point for fruits because I can’t do stand alones.

I have one recipie almost ready to post…but the concept is close to many others posted. But it has a mix of watermelon INW, watermelon FA, ripe SB tpa, cucumber FA, koolada ecx, and so on.

As for fruity vapes…I have been playing with cats blood and tigers blood…I think those are the names.

Typically I pick the main flavor I’m looking for…like in your case strawberry ripe tpa. Then I look at 20 that has it in there. Then I pick a recpie that I have close to enough of the flavors an adapt from there. The biggest key is reading up on each flavor and building from there.

This one is one of our all day vapes

Tiger's Blood v4

Ingredient %
Banana Cream (TPA) 0.5
Coconut Candy (TPA) 7.5
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 3.75
Sweet Mango (CAP) 2.5
Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 3.75
Sweet Watermelon (CAP) 0.75
Watermelon (TPA) 0.75
Whipped Cream (TPA) 0.5

Flavor total: 20%

Recently updated to this for the following reasons:
Added Coconut Extra (TPA) for a more pronounced flavor profile & Cactus (INW) to bump up the fruit flavor.
Replaced Whipped Cream with Pyure for sweetness. Bumped up the watermelon flavor %s while dropping the coconut and strawberry %s.

Tiger's Blood v4.3

Ingredient %
Banana Cream (TPA) 0.5
Cactus (INAWERA) 0.25
Coconut Candy (TPA) 2
Coconut Extra (TPA) 1.5
Liquid Stevia (Pyure) 0.25
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 2.5
Sweet Mango (CAP) 2.5
Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 2.5
Sweet Watermelon (CAP) 1.5
Watermelon (TPA) 1.5

Flavor total: 15%

Remember to rate it at!

Yup, on TFA and Capella especially, gotta steep em for at least 10 days after an hour in the UC they’re even better after three or four weeks.