Pet Peeves caused by a small hand full of members

Been doing DIY now for “more than a few” 24 hours, and I enjoy learning from all on here and helping where I can. That being said, Ive got a few pet peeves and unanswered questions. (My last cigarette was November 2015…and it began about a year earlier with e-liquid and a vape pen with a USB charger!) Vaping for me has been going down a rabbit hole, like Alice in Wonderland, and it has opened up a cool and wonderful world for me!

I am a subohm DTL vaper that uses RDAs and RTAs in wattage or voltage mode as well as some TC setups from time to time. Ive picked up close to 900 flavor concentrates and mix with SaltNic to 3mg for personal use.

Now. The ponderings/requests
Members: please Don’t publish every and any recipe you throw together and don’t test to see if its great or not first. (Quality, rather than Quantity)

If you try someone else’s recipe or even a flavor, rate the recipe, or the flavor, and leave your findings in the comments for others to benefit from. Many people have put tons of time and effort into the creation of their masterpieces, and would love to know what you think about it (objective comments always appreciated-snarky comments: not so much)

If you are going to use someone elses recipe to build on, give credit where credit is due, to the artist who’s work may have provided the foundation for your attempt at perfection. Don’t duplicate what someone else has put together and try to pawn it off as fruits of your own genius.

What ever happened to the mixers that created those great looking recipes years ago and have not released any new recipes? (I hope I didn’t miss “The Rapture”!) I see a ton of recipes pre 2000 where the owner/creator has not provided anything newer? Were the frustrated and now keep to themselves? Did they die off? Maybe they got off the “stinkies”/“cancer sticks” and eventually off vaping as well?

Always try to have fun, and help others where you can. We are a huge family!


Most of the forum members here pretty much follow what you’re saying already.
I’m not sure who the ‘small handful of members’ are because you didn’t name names, but keep in mind a large percentage of users on the recipe side of ELR either don’t use the forums or aren’t even aware of it. So chances are they won’t even see your comment here.


A lot of the ‘older mixers’ (meaning years past, not chronological age lol) have simply learned what they needed to, and ‘retired’ from the forums.

I’ve actually been at that point for a couple of years now, but have hung in primarily because of the few remaining friends who also have stuck around. I still occasionally enjoy seeing someone post a new recipe (of something different), and feed on them as inspiration.


I agree. There is retirement from the online community…attrition from the community…and every reason you can think of.

I am in the same boat as many…been mixing for a long time and just alittle tired of chasing mixes and posting constantly. At this point I am here for the friends and community…but I have other passions to focus in on.

Beyond that…there will always be a cycle of new folks coming in which is great…and sad to see old folks go but some do still pop in from time to time.


Yeah, I hear ya all! Must be true, then, that my middle name needs changed to “Unrealized Expectations”!
Ideally going to a flavor profile and seeing a number of stars and a description/review with any comparison and usage suggestions, steep times, fading habits, and in my experience it did this with that.

Well. ya dont know unless you put it out there! I wish they would change the default setting to private for recipe creation rather than public, at least.


That is how it’s setup. :wink:

Lars changed that a couple years ago.


Just follow me @Troy24, I hardly EVERY share anything. They’re just never DONE done enough. OCD is a bitch.


A lot of great mixers have come, and some have gone. Thankfully many/most of their work/recipes remain. I miss more than a few, but one of my favs @Pro_Vapes will be sorely missed. Huge fan of how he worked, and his Medicine Flower methodology.


So with those 900 flavors you have, who are you trying to impress?


You…We all try to impress you


@joel, I have 901 !!!


My pet peeve is when my foot slips off the peddle and I land on my nuts.


You can find some on ATF. I know what you mean by the rapture, though. You can tell when you scroll through some of the older recipes and there are a slew of comments from members and dialogue with the mixers. I think there was a peak of interest and excitement back then.


Have you heard from @Pro_Vapes . I hope all is well with him.
I actually miss quite a few people.


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