PG/VG Base for my juices

Hey guys,

When doing a DIY recipe, with a desired ratio of 30/70 PG/VG.

If I do already own a 30/70 base, can I just add up the PG and VG % from the ingredient list ?



Can I just do 63+12ML = 75ML

And just add 75ML (or a total of 91.89G) of my 30/70 premixed base?


just realizing this right now…guess I ruined all my juices :frowning:


Premixed bases can really complicate things @imbalol. Welcome to ELR as well.

Do you have access to separate PG and VG for the future to make things a WHOLE lot easier for you ?


hey there, thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

Yea I’ll be able to get it in a near future but i’m quite concerned to know how much I ****** my juices since I did quite a lot, 700ml, quite a lot of different concentrates…and already some steep time :confused:

fkkkkkkkkk me


Well I don’t know how “ruined” they might be, but they may NOT be the desired ratio for sure.

I have a huge mix queue to get through so I can’t sort the math right now, but 700ml is a big batch. Your example above was 100ml so I’m not 100% sure exactly what you mixed up.

Worst case, your PG/VG ratio will be off. You NIC levels will also probably be off. Let it steep while you wait for your VG/PG order to arrive.


I wouldn’t call it ruined, per se. Just different. It may still be vapeable just not as was intended.


i’m so stupid!

yea i’ll try them later :confused:


No you’re not @imbalol. If you made a mistake, figured it out, then asked some questions, and you NEVER made it again, that’s SMART. Sadly that’s how most of us (myself included) have learned.


It’s not ruined, just different


Welcome and glad you joined.


Welcome to the forum.
You did:
10ml nico juice 30/70 => 3ml PG + 7ml VG
75ml base 30/70 => (75 * 30/100) = 22.5ml PG + (75 * 70/100) = 52.5ml VG
15ml Random FL (suppose based on PG) => 15ml PG
Total PG = 3ml + 22.5ml + 15ml = 40.5 ml
Total VG = 7ml + 52.5ml = 59.5ml
Final result 40.5 PG / 59.5 VG
This will be the result if you do what you propose.
I hope to help and not confuse …


When I started 6 months ago I did the same thing I had 3mg 20/80 and I was adding more pg n vg over top it, I ruined a whole ltr of premix and honestly I don’t think any were vapeable because I was and still am learning. Everyday, take it as it is and move on. Best advice I can give. I think out of the 100 recipies or so I have attempted on my own 6 were vapeable, it is a mess at first. Big time.


Places should note that these premixes are not for novices. I started buying everything seperate. No need for a premix as once everything is added thats not gonna be the final 70/30 mix. Keep it simple by keeping it separate.


yea its my bad to be honest, it was a stupid move, I should have done more research before adding stuff to my cart like a retard.


I did it by weight and since VG/PG are quite different meh not sure how I fucked up but yea w/e thanks for your input mate :smiley:


We all make mistakes


Welcome to the forums. Don’t feel stupid - we’ve all made mistakes and some of them create glorious things.

Others have mentioned getting separate bottles of VG and PG, and I thoroughly concur. Personally, I like to mix up 5l batches of 50/50 to use for adding most of my liquid and then top it up with PG or VG as needed.


Not at all @imbalol, you’re learning, and NOW, anyone ELSE who reads this, will know too. THAT is what ELR is for.


This is been my downfall. I was unable to get regular nicotine living in Massachusetts it’s tough to get anything so I just get flavorless Base.
I used to get 30/70 … From but date had issues with their credit cards getting hacked every time.
this week I purchased 100% VG Base from Central vapors.
I knew there was too much PG in it so I tried with the 100% and now there’s too much VG and it’s muting. I’ve had the same question FOREVER …but never asked it.
so welcome to this forum. there are great ppl on here.
thank you for asking the question I couldn’t.
I hope to get an answer too. I’m good at a lot of stuff but DIY I think I suck! Hahaha


This is a perfect example of why I love this forum… Supportive people!
Does anybody have a suggestion maybe this is in the wrong thread, of where I can get straight nicotine to Massachusetts. I don’t care about money it’s just the cares and ends and ptma’s…
Also the real reason why I didn’t want to put too much nicotine in.
The whole milligrams per milliliter I just can’t seem to grasp