Photos of your latest hobby work!

Are you into something in addition to vaping? Maybe you are a wood worker? Rebuild cars on the side? Heck, do you got the sticks to crochet?

Just wanted to create a photo thread where folks can share their additional hobbies.

For me, I still vape and create a few recipes here and there but I at this point I am on a maintenance path for vaping.

Here is my latest photo that doesn’t fit into the sunset thread. :crazy_face:

This little gem was about 500 feet off the forest road deep in the woods. The northwest has lots of well known waterfalls but lots more rarely seen.


Thats Beautiful


That there is truly amazing, i can see you take your hobby seriously!


@Chrispdx do you know of a descent camera for someone who wants to take pics of rooms. I am updating the Inns pics and taking them myself. I am stumped on cameras . I know i will need a tripod , but there are so many cameras. I just need something easy but that takes great pics…I fiigure $500 should get me something good?


Honestly. If you are just posting online/website an iPhone would be just fine. A large percentage of your website foot traffic are viewing your site from a phone anyways. The real key is to edit the photos after taking them…for that I can message you a few free programs.

If you want to buy a camera because you want to get into the hobby but to test out the waters buy a used Sony 5100 to 6300. It’s their 24mp line up but you can take good photos with those. The issue for cost is a good lense will run 400-600 ontop of the body.

This was taken with a Sony 5100 and a sigma 24mm dang art lense I bought used for 400 and the camera was 350.


Look on All used gear but they are totally honest about the condition. I’ve got a few very nice cameras and lenses for great price points.


That is a GREAT pic @Chrispdx.


I might look into that camera of yours. Your posts are always great shots. Yes, I know that it’s mostly the eye and composition, but great equipment is a big help.


The current setup once I decided to invest is a Sony a7R IV and a Sony 24-70mm gmii.

The higher mega pixel just makes it easier for photo editing / cropping later and the lense for the sharpness at 90% of the apparatuses and weather sealing. If I didn’t live in the PNW I would have gone with a different lense.

I would note that my little sony 5100,with the sigma lense competes very well. In fact, I have a few of my 13x19 prints are from that setup.

But with my lack of patience or small windows to take shots the upgrade really really helps.


I dont have an Iphone and my Samsung 21 is just not doing it for me…Id like to get a camera. Seems like there arent any great digital cameras with an attached lens that is fixed to camera?


That would be great…Thank You


This is my lifestyle, not really a hobby, but I guess people would consider it a hobby- this is Liberty


How about some “old” hobby work? :grin:


@robrrt1 back when art was art, the stories really mattered, and nothing else did.


Have you tried shooting in raw mode with the s21 so you can really edit it. Most companies i know are using smart phones for product photos these days. Not sure which you have. I have the 21 ultra


Yep, there are times that I can’t help but open up one or two.

but very, very carefully


Lynda that’s not a hobby it’s a beautiful animal. Lol riding can be a hobby but I’m guessing it’s a way of life.


That’s what I use for all of my reviews…


A hobby, a life style activity…or any passion I think is a valuable share!

My only goal is to provide an avenue for folks to share. I know I have been here on ELR for what seems like forever and know folks have pretty darn cool stuff they may want to share with the community.

So I’ve decided to try and open those doors just a bit.

And yes…horses are pretty awesome. I totally love seeing videos of horse with their person.


Me too…Ill try it but im not the smartest with phines and computers so my hope was to get a camera throw it on a tripod and point and shoot. Ill take a look at raw mode ty