Places to get Medicine Flower

For a while I’ve been wanting to try MF butterscotch, but I’m reluctant to spend so much just to test it. I just found out that ECX sells MF for much less (smaller bottles I assume), but no butterscotch. Are there any other options?

Amazon has it
Flavor Extract Natural Butterscotch Culinary Use By Medicine Flower


Thanks. I think I read that the shipping on Amazon is cheaper, so that would be a better option. But I was hoping for something like Ecigexpress, where they sell bottles for 3.99

With shipping, I’m up near $30 just to test a flavor. I wouldn’t mind that price, if I knew that I loved it, but based on past experience there’s a pretty decent chance that I won’t even like it.

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Have you looked at the reviews of that flavor?

Here is the link.

Looks like @Sprkslfly got it at ecigexpress.


@fidalgo_vapes may have a spot.


Thanks. I have checked them out, and it sounds promising. I might have picky taste buds when it comes to butterscotch though. FW and Flavorah have great reviews too, but neither one does much for me. I’ve tried TPA and FA too, and don’t care for them.

I’ve gathered a fairly large collection of flavors over the years, and I’d say that for every 10 flavors I buy, I’ll love 1 or 2, I’ll think that a few others are decent, and not like the rest at all. That’s just the way it goes with new flavors. I don’t mind when I’m spending a few bucks, but $30 is a bit much to test a single flavor.

I used to get some kind of version of Nature’s Flavors butterscotch that I loved, but I don’t know how to get that one anymore. A place called Vaperite sold flavors, and I read once that they were just re-branded NF, but they sold a regular butterscotch and a 3x (triple strength) butterscotch. I loved the 3x, but never saw anything like that on the NF site, and the butterscotch I’ve tried from NF isn’t as good as the old 3x.


i buy from they have 10pct off with code geb10 and shipping is free with only one bottle 15ml they also send a free 3.7ml sample of different flave @pentine found a place that sells sample bottles i believe its the same place that makes eliquid recipes from this site for people who dont want to mix Vape Craft


Thank you :slight_smile: That looks like a good option if I do find out that I like it.

Sample bottles would be perfect. Hopefully someone knows about that. I’ll try google some more.

I wish MF would sell really small bottles, or less concentrated versions.

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are you in the states ???

Yeah, I am

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i only ask because there is a place in europe somewhere that dilutes them , and i think vape craft will as well

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I can definitely relate.

Strictly speaking to butterscotch, I’ve tried, in this order:

  • TFA (didn’t like it at all)
  • FA (was ‘eh’…went a darker direction than what I look for)
  • FW butterscotch (liked it ok, but still missed the mark.)
  • FW natural butterscotch (hands down my favorite for almost 6 months! Still a pretty close second, but lacking the full texture and richness that I’d been looking for, until I found… MF)
  • MF butterscotch (FINALLY, the answer that rounded out FW natural b.s. Alone it’s great, but IMO ever so slightly lacking on the exhale side at 4 drops per 30ml (from the glass bottle that ECX used to sell Lotus in mind you). So I use FW to boost that a bit. And together, they are awesome for a simple, pure butterscotch flavor. No dark notes, no side notes, and not overly bright like some are.)
  • FLV butterscotch (this is one that if I was looking for strictly butterscotch, would fail. BUT, it turned out to be the missing link in one of my original goals of trying to clone a recipe that morphed into my own creation through “natural evolution”. It’s good, but it’s side notes prevent it’s use in situations where you want a pure butterscotch to shine)

What amazes me most in the above, is that FW is really not doing themselves any favors the way they’ve (so far) been marketing these two BS flavors. One would think by default (at least, I did) that the two should be practically identical in taste, but they most assuredly are not. At least IMO. It’s something they *really need to address, or risk continuing to have folks assume that there’s really not much difference between them.

I still have yet to try Purilum or Cap, but honestly, there’s not the “need” for me to that there once was (having found the combo that puts a smile on my face)!

I couldn’t agree more! If you would, I would appreciate you (and any lurkers interested) speaking up in ECX’s main thread, and requesting that they start restocking the Lotus (MF) butterscotch again in the 5ml @ 3.99 option like they’ve carried for so long!

And while I’m at it, if you could find your way in lending me some additional support for them to start carrying MF (Lotus) strawberry, MF vanilla, and MF dark chocolate again, I’d be indebted!!

Of course, I’d prefer to see them in glass like they used to be (when flavors are this potent) even if that means they go back to the $5 price-point. But we’ve got to start somewhere, and at least getting them in stock again is a start!

Oh! You might also give GremlinDIY a try :wink:


Do you mean that vape craft might be doing that in the future?

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Thanks for all the info! I don’t know if it’s something with my taste buds, but I never got much of a butterscotch taste from TPA or FA. I had no idea that the FW natural was different tasting, so I never bothered trying it. I’ll definitely give it a shot soon. The regular FW butterscotch (and the ripple) sort of smell nice, and sometimes I get a hint of a good flavor, but overall I just don’t taste much (even up to 16%). Mostly I get some sort of generic sweet taste. Since so many people love that one I’m guessing it’s something with my taste buds.

Now you’ve got me even more curious to try MF. I really missed the boat on that one. I just found out that ECX was selling that brand. I can’t remember the last time I even went to their site before today. I used to use them a lot, but it seems like whenever I go there with a big list of flavors, half of what I want is out of stock. I gave up on them. I wrote to them yesterday to see if they’d get the MF butterscotch back in stock, and their reply was that MF wasn’t a good seller, and they won’t be restocking any of it anymore.

I’m thinking that I should try to figure out what that old (supposedly NF) 3x butterscotch was. I used to vape that stuff all day long. Their regular butterscotch is the best one that I have at this point, but not as good as that old 3x.

So, even if I can’t bring myself to spend the $30 to test MF, I have a few paths the follow: FW natural, find the 3x, and I’ve been meaning to try RF butterscotch pudding.

i believe they will do it now ( dilute it ) call and check but if i remember correctly they will sell smaller bottles of the full strength extract and or dilute it as well

Well. That’s unfortunate!
From the sounds of it, you may be right. :frowning:
At 16%, I would be on maximum overload. I use FW natural at 6-8% as SF, so while I wouldn’t be able to do that, I can easily see how perhaps an MTL user might need that much, or even someone who really loves their flavor slapping them across the face might do it…But to get only a “hint”? Something seems sadly amiss.

MF may be your saving grace, but at this point, with all things considered, I wouldn’t bet the farm on it. I wish you the best of luck though!!

Let me know if you have any luck on that front! You definitely have me curious!


why are you spending 30 it should be no more than 20 from goodearthbeauty with discount code still spendy to test though

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they arent going to EVER restock anything at the 3.99 price if they did restock it would be in the 7 to 10 dollar range , i believe they are completely done with the line once they started blowing it out at the 3.99 plus 25pct off the writing was on the wall … dont forget the 5ml bottles were priced at 9.99 at one time they have to make a profit

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Thanks! I’ll check into that. Sounds like a perfect solution if they can do that.

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