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Politics (etc) on ELR Forum - The sequel!

Hey all!

A while back we made an announcement regarding politics on ELR forum. We tried pushing that stuff into The Saloon, which is a bit more “Wild West”-side of the forum.

Something like a month has passed since, and we have observed and discussed it a bit more.

The general consensus among us, is that having political discussions doesn’t bring anything positive to the forum.

Henceforth there will be no public topics regarding politics, guns or religion.

You are of course welcome to discuss these topics in messages amongst yourselves, but any public topics or posts will be subject to deletion at the moderation teams’ discretion. A possible exception are non-polarizing political discussions that concern vaping (on which I assume we’re all on the same side).

If you come across content that touches on these topics, flag it and we will deal with it.

We need to get back to what we are here for. Our goal is to return this community to what made it so great in the first place: A family of vapers and DIY mixers all dedicated to the growth and prosperity of this great hobby of ours. A place where anyone can come and feel welcome, share in the fellowship of this community, and help keep vaping alive and well. The ELR Forum should be a place where you can come and chill with your friends.

Shortly threads will start to disappear from view as the moderation team converts them to private messages.

:heart: The ELR Forum Team