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Politics (etc) on ELR Forum - The sequel!

Hey all!

A while back we made an announcement regarding politics on ELR forum. We tried pushing that stuff into The Saloon, which is a bit more “Wild West”-side of the forum.

Something like a month has passed since, and we have observed and discussed it a bit more.

The general consensus among us, is that having political discussions doesn’t bring anything positive to the forum.

Henceforth there will be no public topics regarding politics, guns or religion.

You are of course welcome to discuss these topics in messages amongst yourselves, but any public topics or posts will be subject to deletion at the moderation teams’ discretion. A possible exception are non-polarizing political discussions that concern vaping (on which I assume we’re all on the same side).

If you come across content that touches on these topics, flag it and we will deal with it.

We need to get back to what we are here for. Our goal is to return this community to what made it so great in the first place: A family of vapers and DIY mixers all dedicated to the growth and prosperity of this great hobby of ours. A place where anyone can come and feel welcome, share in the fellowship of this community, and help keep vaping alive and well. The ELR Forum should be a place where you can come and chill with your friends.

Shortly threads will start to disappear from view as the moderation team converts them to private messages.

:heart: The ELR Forum Team


Alright this is great Lars. I am very supportive of this, now we come here to do what we’re here to do. Create eliquid recipes and give support to others.


Yes sir i am all in… hey BB good to see your around brother !!


Lol. I didn’t even know those threads were still being used. I guess I untracked them all. I do welcome the change and wish everyone happiness and great mixing.


It is good to have a decision. I am of two minds regarding politics. Whenever you have two or more people politics are present in some form. While acknowledging those influences can be insightful, obviously bashing other’s political beliefs can only be harmful. It’s a fine line that is extremely difficult to navigate.


The Essential Man said it best. Makes perfect sense. Wait…there were gun topics?


It’s been a good run here on ELR… considering I’m pretty much done with mixing and flavor exploration, there’s not much I have left to contribute here. It’s been a joy and I love you all! @SthrnMixer, I’ll miss you a lot my dear friend… It’s been a pleasure conversing with you brother! For those that help bring this place to where it is… Thanks for teaching me all I needed to know! @Bede, I’ll catch you in some PM’s and @daathyou da man and thank you most of all!


Great news! I was losing control of my eyes from all the eye-rolling and the avoidance was turning me into a hermit.


Heeeeyyyyyy !

Naw, I get it. :wink:

To everyone - as I’m sure it’s obvious, I’m very passionate about discussion when it concerns real life. What impacts all of us. What flies in the face of reason, or just generally the serious side of life. My contributions here were always intended to be about the topics and not about individuals. If I failed with that just know, I tried. But having these discussions on ELR, where I consider myself lucky to have made some great acquaintances, has been an outlet I would never get at home or really anywhere else. Very unique.

@Pro_Vapes the feeling is mutual brother. I hope those who read our exchanges could see how two people disagreeing on practically everything can do so without coming to blows. But do stick around. You probably don’t even realize what an influence you have been and still are to folks here.

@daath and mods, thanks for your patience.


Yup. Saw that and appreciated the civility in the discourse from you both. Unfortunately, not everyone behaved in the same manner. The irrationality with the majority of the other behaviors got to me and those were the ones that got the most attention (IMO).
I truly did appreciate hearing both of your opinions and learned a bit from you both.


I think what makes this place so good is the people
People can’t be pigeoned into just one thing so having the freedom to be whatever & voice all aspects in a public fourm I believe is the pinicle if democracy ( we won’t always agree but we all have the same weight when it comes to opinions)

Wise saying I have if you want to kill someone for an opinion “Start with yourself”



Phew…the coast is clear :grin:



Thank you


I must have missed the good stuff. :grinning:

Heck I dont even watch the news. Took me 2 weeks of seeing ya’ll posting about buying toliet paper. Before I had the idea something might be going on at the start of C-19. :rofl:


Wait, are you saying goodbye? I never did get a chance to know you but I certainly know that you’re a heavy hitter. I’ve read your posts and your flavor notes, recipes. I liked your contributions to the political conversations, though I kept my visits at a minimum because of some of the ugliness. But really? I’ll miss seeing you around :disappointed:


Your to legit to quit bro!!! Lol. But seriously…you don’t have to be a stranger. Pop in from time to time


Me to… Really!


You too brother…


Wish you well and hope all goes well @Pro_Vapes.