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Politics on ELR Forum

Hello everyone!

I just want to address the issue that has been raised here on the forum lately. Politics.

Discussing politics can be polarizing and divisive. We are a forum of DIY e-liquid mixers, and that is our main goal. Everyone, even complete beginners, should feel safe about posting questions and other stuff regarding e-liquid mixing.

We are a community if DIY’ers. But we are also all social animals and would like to talk to like minded people about something other than what this site was created for, so we have The Pub where you can discuss music and other non-polarizing subjects and that is fine.

This is also an international forum. While American politics can be interesting (for many reasons), far from everyone wants to read or hear about it.

While it is possible to have a discussion and debate over politics and still be friends and civil to each other, political posts should be somewhere where no one but the ones seeking it would see it. Henceforth, topics regarding politics should be made in The Saloon. And even then, you should consider the contents of your post before posting. We don’t want 10 new political threads per day. We want perhaps one or two threads where people that feel the need, can debate each other (we might even have suitable threads there already). Of course they can always debate in a private message (even more than two people).

We also have the Discord chatroom (which I really should visit more often).

Political posts with regards to vaping could be considered OK, but I’ll leave that up to your own consciense (and to our hard working moderators).

Flag the posts that you feel shouldn’t be in view of everyone and the moderators will consider it, and will possibly magically be teleported somewhere in The Saloon.

Also, if you read something that you don’t like - either flag it or ignore it. You do not have to react to everything. If you don’t like ice cream, you don’t stand outside the ice cream parlor screaming that you do not want ice cream. Nor do you, if you like ice cream, stand outside and try to force people to eat ice cream. That would just be weird.

Give love. Receive love :wink:

Happy vaping, family!



Flag or ignore… excellent @daath and really good advise.
Also learn how to mute topics and people you consider toxic, or learn how to ignore someone on your own. Life is too short for the squabbles and the petty drama.

Bring a little kindness too… it will not hurt, but do not become a doormat.


Good point!

If a thread bothers you, and you would like to ignore it, click the bell to the right, then click “Muted”!

You can even mute an entire sub-forum/category. Simply go to the category, click the bell, then pick “Muted”.


Similarly, with users, click their name in a thread, then click their name again, in the card that shows up to go to their profile. Then click the user icon. There you have TWO options. Either mute or ignore:



And of course, one can mute the entire forum if it bothers you too much- just don’t visit! :wink:

Everyone play nice and there’ll be peace in the valley.


You can, but please don’t! :slight_smile:


I see 4 months is the cap…

Snap 2020-03-30 at 20.44.35

AND, there’s no muting the boss…


First, let me start by saying a very heart felt Thank you! for taking action with an announcement of your official position.

I know this may be hard to believe for some, but there are plenty of Americans who don’t want to read or hear about it. lol :wink:

Not sure when this was implemented, but I’m glad to hear that the option is finally available!! :thumbsup:

And since it was further explained (TY SD):

Why for Pete’s sake isn’t there an option to Perma-PLONK a user??


It’s one thing to mute users but don’t start ignoring half the crew immediately if you remain active on the forum yourself. It’ll become annoying for the rest to read similar conversations next to each other in the same thread.
I know things have become a bit heated at times recently but think about the effects if a whole lot of people start using that ignore button a bit too impulsively now.




Contemplating “Better Living Through Button Pushing”:

Source: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/5d/1e/a8/5d1ea8c2dbdb896d0151b1a42655f43d.jpg


I just wonder whose buttons you are going to push


Can I mute myself? The shit I say drives me nuts.


Probably something more like the other way around, my friend … :stuck_out_tongue:


No @natbone, I already tried lol…


That sucks!!!


Please don’t self-mute-late :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Several presently cataloged mute-tations have been identified (having various zoological origins). … :monkey_face:


Very well put, bravo Sir​:clap::clap:


Clever boy!

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