This is a majority poll, so make your favorites known.

  • Capellas CAP
  • FlavourArt FA
  • Flavor West FW
  • Flavorah FLV
  • Hangsen HAN
  • Inawera INW
  • LorAnn LA
  • Natures Flavors NF
  • One On One OOO
  • RTS Vapes RTS
  • Seedman’s SDM
  • The Flavor Apprentice TFA\TPA
  • Tasty Puff/HerbSmoke TP
  • Vaping Zone VZ (or current name)
  • Watkins Natural Apothecary WN
  • None Of The Above

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I am too new to offer an opinion, but I can tell you I am anxiously awaiting the results. :smile:

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For my 1st pick I choose FlavorArt. IMO they are the best diy flavorings supplier hands down. They have more flavors that are true to what they should be and is widely recognized as being a top notch diy supplier. I also like the fact that their flavors are highly concentrated . A little goes a long way, making it very versitile. Low percentage flavors make it easy to adjust your liquids to your own taste. They are little pricey, but you use a lot less than other vendors. I’ve only had interest in their flavors for few months, but I’m very impressed with what I’ve seen. It’s also reflected in the quality of the juices that I’m currently making. I will be transitioning my stash to FA flavors.

My second pick is TFA because of it’s popularity. I would guess that 85 to 90% of the recipes on ELR has at least one TPA flavor in it. As far as percentages I think they are middle of the road leaving room for adjustments if it need be. Though a lot of their flavors very close to being true to what they should, they still have their share of failures. TPA is what I started with and I have come to know their flavors very well and price wise they are a good value.

Recently I’ve been mixing with Inawera. None of my mixes has come to full steep yet, but they have excellent reviews. I’m hoping for good things from this brand.


I’m with you on this one. I picked FA because I’ve not had a flavor I disliked from them, yet. The quality is on point and the concentrations make it last longer. I picked TPA because of their variety and popularity. They have more flavors than I know what to do with, they’re cheap, and on the whole the quality is there. It was a tough decision for the second one though. I have a lot of Cap flavors, but they don’t have as much variety and I’ve had more “miss” flavors from them than anyone else so far.


I’m a big fan of FA! Their flavourings are very straight, without any additives, etc. They are not always the best for single flavour juices, but they are very predictable in complex juices. It is a joy to work with them!

My second choice is TFA, because they are a middle ground between weak yet complex concentrated and straight flavours. Some of them are truly amazing. And you can always find a lot of info about them.

I have a love-hate relationship with Inawera, they are usually extremely concentrated and are hard to work with. Many of the flavours are pure crap and all of them require a lot of steeping, like three to six weeks. But some of them are irreplaceable.

I also started using Molinberry a lot. They are very complex and sometimes that makes them extremely hard to pair with anything else. Yet they are very tasty on their own and if you manage to find a good combo, it will be amazing. They are also very even in terms of concentration. You can put any of them at 7-9% single flavour and get a proper result.


I also feel I’m too new to this to actually have an input as to what is best. Sorry I can’t give an opinion and help point pluses or minuses out.


How have your DIY experience been so far. There is always somebody with less experience than you that can learn from what you share.


I am in the UK and use Capella as my main source but find Decedent Vapours and ChefsVapour very good.
For newbies ChefsVapour do some very good premixed concentrates.

Getting a pleasurable vape from your first attempts at DIY is important. So a little cheating in the beginning is fine.


Capella 's flavors are awesome. Every custard out there has some flavor of theirs in it.


Ya know, maybe I’m doing something wrong or maybe I just don’t like custard, but I have yet to find a mix using either of Cap’s custards that I really like. Maybe I’ll be more of a European custard fan…I’m gonna get FA Custard and try it. It makes sense, I don’t really like pudding unless it’s banana and that’s only cuz it’s heresy to not like it if you’re a Southerner. :wink: To each his own!


I haven’t tried enough suppliers yet to vote having only tried TFA and CAP so far.

Vapor Flavors


Why not just let it run in perpetuity for future members of ELR?


Yes sir Mr @Jimk. They can always unpin it if they get annoyed by it.


That’s right, you said in the original post to unpin it if you want. Let it ride!


Medicine Flower would be my favorite, hands down. As for the others, i dont think there is any particular manufacturer that i favor over the others. I have favorites from each of them. If i had to choose it would be CAP cuz custard!

EDIT TO ADD: I have to give a shout to LA as well, i use a handful of their flavorings, these flavorings are unmatched by any other vendor: Cheesecake, Bavarian Cream, Banana Cream, Cream Cheese Icing, Marshmallow, Cotton Candy, Champagne, are all fantastic. Im sure there are a dozen more that i use regularly but cant remember right now.


You might like FLV custard then. I like the melon note in FA custard but it isnt quite creamy enough for my taste so i add a bit of Cheesecake (LA) to the mix.


Even though they are not solely a flavoring company, what about Mt Baker? I know the rumor is they may use FW but they, not in so many words, told me they do not but could not tell me their flavoring principles for they keep it close to their chests…which makes sense
I wouldnt put them in my #1 and 2 spot but they do carry some flavorings I prefer over others and coupled with the fact they have INSANELY FAST delivery they deserve to be recognized in my book.

As for me the majority of my flavorings are from TFA and I would place FW and FA a close second. Capella is great with the fream and custards and I wish they were on their fruits too but I personally cant get past the way the majority of their stuff has that candy/capella like taste (I wish I did more research on that before I dropped over a hundo on all their stuff I bought back when I firat started out haha)
I havent had the pleasure of trying most of the other companies…yet :wink:


You know, i actually liked using MBV, they sell you a 15ml bottle so full that it comes out to 18ml. If only they would practice what they preach in regards to transparency. As they dont use FW exclusively we asked them for a list on who makes their flavoring but were rejected several times. There comes a point in most peoples DIY that this information is required for standardized recipes and record keeping as well as the ability to buy elsewhere if they are out of stock. It was a sad decision, to stop buying from them, I liked James and his team.

As they dont actually manufacture flavorings, they are a reseller, id say it was appropriate to leave them off.