Possibly burnt chest/lungs?

Heyy guys

I am just wondering if anyone has an experience like this or advise.

So i have been vaping a good while now over 2 years i make my own juice 30pg 70vg 3mg nic
Never had any issues at all on my hellboy dripper and castigador box mod i normally vape around 0.3ohm 28 guage kanthal

I noticed when i vape anything with sweet strawberry in i get a little sickly from it,hints of heart burn but its never fussed me

Last week i made some new coils with 20guage kanthal and it was around 0.13 ohms i noticed it was quite a kick on my chest but nether the less i carried on vaping for a few days, the vape seemed a bit warm but not hot and i take some big dragon pulls especially with the daily work stress lol.

The last 2 days my chest is really hurting like its burned inside i changed my coils back to twisted 28 guage running 0.3 to 0.4 ohms. Its really hard to explain the pain but its uncomfortable and worrying.

I am thinking maybe the vape was too warm and its possible caused some tissue damage i rested from vaping today and its seemed to have eased a little i just went for a light vape and its still very tender.

Has any of you guys experienced anything like this ?

I very much doubt that you’ll damage your lungs from warm vapor. When it reaches your lungs, it has cooled considerably. Maybe you have a sensitivity to PG, VG or a flavor? When I vaped some liquids, I would feel uncomfortable - even sickly, as you said - and I couldn’t figure out why. Switching juice helped, which led me to investigate. I found out that I get this feeling from too much koolada. I’ve heard of others that experienced this, and some got it from specific flavorings.


Yeah @daath its seems to be strawberry flavour especially sweet strawberry which i have stopped vaping capella or fw has the same effect the sickly one

I whipped up some vanilla custard and cake batter and it seems alot nicer and smoother to vape. I was worried i did some damage lol i dont wanna give up vaping.

I will post back in a few days on this post and update on how its going. If its a lot better i might experiment and try strawberry again see if it effects me again.

It would be nice to hear if anyone else has this effect or similar and what flavors

Yes Dave certain flavor irritate my lungs feel a " burning sensation " I noticed this the other day when I vaped capella’s vanilla custard v2 which has BTA it was about a week out steeping. I used to like fresher custards ( but recently became more sensitive to pg ) so I believe this particular juice was a tad higher on the pg side as well as the BTA being present which is an irritant.

Strawberry as well as a few other fruits that have some natural fruit in them do have " natural occurring diacetly " in them. This could be your source of irritation.

like Lars mentioned take a break from that flavor and vape something lighter. Recently Orange had this effect on me even with it being steeped so now I will have to steep it extra long and when I work with it again drop down my %s.


This isn’t gonna help you much but I have problems with all flavors. I can taste/test recipes I blend but can not vape them consistently. Reason is simply allergies. I can not do perfumes, colognes, incense, scented candles, or anything like them which includes flavoring for vapes. Most juices I can take 2-3 hits (Absolutely no lung hits) but after that I get tickling of throat and lungs and start coughing my @ss off. And yes, my lungs become sensitive. Here’s where you might have some insight…

The easiest flavors for me to vape are Creams, Caramel, Butterscotch, bakery, cakes, and the like. The hardest flavors on my lungs are fruits (especially citrus), koolada, and cinnamon. Strangely I have been able to handle vaping small amounts of menthol while I have a cold and also other flavors if I just put a drop or two in the juice…

I think you will find it much easier on you if you shy away from fruits. If you just got to have fruit in your recipes then maybe you can mute them a bit with Smooth TFA. Perhaps that might help…


There is actually a fairly large percentage of the population that has sensitivity to PG. I’m sure there are some that are sensitive to VG as well, but I haven’t read about any. As far as flavors go, Allergies can present in several different ways due to sensitivities to many different things. Perhaps you have developed a sensitivity to Sweet Strawberry. My employer ate strawberries for years, then one day she had some in her cereal, and she ended up at the E.R. that morning. They ran allergy tests on her and sure enough, she had become allergic to strawberries and her reaction was fairly severe. So it isn’t something that is congenital, it can develop later on or over time.


See you are down to 3mg. I found that dropping the nic down to 1mg. help me with similar symptoms. Worth a try.


Could it just be possible that your just getting a little sick and its just making you feel this way , as far as burnning your lungs i wouldn’t even think so. I’ve had my driiper burst into flames on me and that didn’t do any damage. . I don’t know. Its just a thought

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Wow thanks for all the reassurance and feedback i defo think the cakes and custards are my way forward i will do a test when i feel a bit better

Well maybe its a good excuse to try and afford a tc mod with ti coils :wink:


Do you feel a stabbing pain in your chest when you take a full deep breath?

You could be pulling too hard on your vape.
Maybe not enough airflow for “big dragon hits”.


Not trying to be a troll… What did your doctor say? What? You have a burning sensation in your chest and it hurts when you breathe… You have a lot of stress from work and you haven’t been to a doctor yet? In all seriousness, you could have an existing pulmonary problem. And the juice could be aggravating it.


So my experience is kinda, not really, similar to this, but here it is. I wound up with pneumonia somehow and for many, many, moons, like 8 months or more, I had shortness of breath, a rattle in my chest when I breathed which kept me from sleeping, and I had a dry cough that would start up any time I walked up more than two stairs, more than ten feet, or laughed too much. Kinda sounds like COPD, right? That’s what the doctor said (keep in mind I’m only 30 and only smoked for 12 years).

I figured it was leftover scar tissue from the pneumonia, and I knew that those kinds of things can take awhile to go away. In the back of my mind, I thought maybe it could be vaping or the Hangsen juice I’d switched to to save money, but no part of me wanted to admit that was possible. Went back to ER when I coughed so much I couldn’t breathe and started coughing up blood. The lovely ER doctor said “Your x-ray looks suspicious, it might be cancer, we’re going to do a CT scan” and left me alone for an hour to contemplate my life. I decided I’d quit vaping and everything as long as it wasn’t cancer. Two hours later, they informed me it was likely just post nasal drip, bronchitis, and some granulomas disease or something weird like that.

Yeah, no, I obviously didn’t give up vaping. LoL. I got really into DIY and made up several bottles of juice for myself, shake and vape, before I knew that steeping was a thing. Doctors prescribed another round of steroids and another albuterol inhaler. I had my shiny new bottles of juice and ditched the Hangsen. Lo and behold, either it was super steroids, stopping the Hangsen juice, or a combination of the two, but within two weeks I was fine. No more coughing, no more rattle, no more shortness of breath, and I never even used the second inhaler.

Not sure what the moral of the story is here unless it’s something like make sure to rule out anything serious first, then focus on things that might be new or irritating. Oh, and like @daath I have issues with koolada, but that’s more of a sticky-throat-closing-up kinda thing. Good luck! I hope it gets better and you figure out what’s going on. :smile:


I had a somewhat similar problem with mainly cinnamon flavored juices. I can’t handle that flavor as the main flavor. Perhaps try other juices that do not contain what you’ve been vaping and see if it gets better? Also, until you feel better, knock off the dragon hits. You may aggravate it further.


might not be the juice though remember all wire is made in a factory you should clean it well before making coils everyone cleans a new atty before use but i rarely here of anyone cleaning kanthal! also check for hot spots over time because if one develops you could be burning a small patch of cotton causing a partial dry hit

I’m a firm believer that huge lung inhales should be in moderation. I have nothing scientific to point to but logically a continuous intake of vapor at high volume seems like it runs the risk of condensing back into liquid in the lungs. Any fluid pooling in the lungs can’t be good. I’ve spoken to a couple competition dudes about this and they call it vapor lung. Again, no data to share but common sense tells me…all things in moderation.


Same here and cinnamon vapes is what I liked the most until I started to hurt.

I have also found strawberry vapes do the same thing to me.

I have heard a couple guys talking about that in the local vape shop.

Yeah, I was bummed too. Love cinnamon flavored anything.

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When I switched to the tfv4, reduced my nicotine from 3 to 1 and no problem since

Update here

Deffo a reaction to the strawberry

Sweet strawberry capella
Strawberry and cream capella

Oh well lol thank for the input everyone