Prebuilt coil differences

Hello all you Mad vapers!! I have been vaping with a sub ohm tank for nearly a year and am now ready to build. So I purchased a Troll Rta yesterday and am wondering which type of prebuilt coils would be best for flavor and longevity. I know there are several factors as to how long a coil lasts but is there a type that generally lasts a good amount of time?

Also any wicking tips would be appreciated:))

Thanks so much:)))

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hi Stephanie :slight_smile: well when it comes to building there are really many factors on what’s your target and how you build in reality… also depends on hardware etc…

since you’re starting now building i would suggest you start on 24ga Kanthal A1 Wire, at like 0.3 - 0.5 Ohms and when you feel more comfortable you could move to Claptons, Fused Claptons, etc… :slight_smile:

personally i use alien wire and fused claptons most of the time… but i guess these aren’t the best wires for someone to start building with… they need kinda more experience when building, while these wire are for low subohming (like .2-.3ohms) while plain Kanthal a1 24Ga is more forgivable, gives nice taste in general, you can make a nice coil of like 0.5, will work wonders at lower watts (i don’t know what mod you’re using), while at the same time it’s cheaper and you can learn building better with it for start :slight_smile:


My advice would be to watch as many YT vids/reviews on coiling/wicking for the Troll RTA as you can bear! This’ll give you a good starting idea on what does and doesn’t work well.

Wicking is the bane of my life :laughing: My advice there is don’t give up…persevere and you’ll get there.

There are lots of lovely people on here who will help out if you get stuck with something :grin:


Hello thank you so much for responding and helping me out:))). I currently use a VGOD Pro 150 box mod and my tank (I have gone through at least 10 subohm tanks) is a 25mm super tank mini.

I do not want to learn to build because of the lower ohm factor. During this year of vaping I have learned that if you want something done then do it yourself!! It is going to be nice saving even more money this way. Could you recommend a prebuilt coil to start off with? Thanks again:)))

Lol I have watched 5 already… They are very informative if you watch the right ones. I like reviews done by Mike vapes, Grimm green, suck my mod… and a few more. Thank you lolly for helping me out. Best wishes

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in this case i could suggest you trying the prebuilt colils of Fumytech… they’re giving like 10-20 pcs… i would suggest you the Fused Clapton ones, Tiger and Hive :slight_smile: they really worth to give them a try :slight_smile:

i use tonz of wires (stools, and sometimes the prebuilt ones) of this company and i really like them… :slight_smile:

Wicking is one of those things that’s damn near impossible to explain succinctly-It really takes some trial and error. I prefer to use a modified Scottish Roll technique, which involves taking a pad apart, stretching, cutting and then rolling the resulting thinner sheet of cotton padding. I’ve found that it works well with 99% of my RTA’s, the Troll RTA included. Here’s a tutorial that I posted on imgur for wicking the Zephyrus V1: . While it’s not the Troll RTA, it does show my general method of preparing the wick for inserting into the coils. I was wicking coils that wereof 2.5 mm inner diameter, so if you’re wicking larger coils, cut the cotton a little bigger.

The two biggest keys in wicking are these: 1) Having the correct amount of cotton going through your coil. It should be tight enough that you feel resistance when pulling it through the coil, but not so hard as to deform the coil or pull the mod/atomizer out of your hands(Which should only be holding slightly-any more and you’re probably pulling too much wick through the coil) and 2) Fluff your wick tails BEFORE filling the juice channels. Fluffy open wick tails will pull in more juice, and then the juice will travel up to your coils.

Hope this helps a bit. If I haven’t been clear, please don’t hesitate to ask! Welcome to the wonderful world of building!


May I suggest using Cotton Bacon for wicking? I found it a lot easier to work with than any kind of cotton pad. Break in time is slim to none.


Thank you, thank you. Thank you!! You have answered a question that has been bothering me for weeks!! The tip about combing the cotton… I never understood why until now:)). The cotton wicking process you mention sounds a bit complicated. Do you think cotton bacon would be a better choice for a beginner?

Thanks so much😁

Thank you for mentioning that:)). I did order some with my Rta and will definitely try it…:grin:

Thanks!! I have been seeing the Clapton coils on all the videos. Definitely worth a try. Thanks again😁

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np :slight_smile: also just to mention that for wicking my personal favs are

Kendo gold (great, specially for high wattage vaping… the only downside it has is that it needs pretty much juice for first time to get wet for real)
Cotton Bacon (works great in wattage like 60-80… in higher watts i just find that it’s not lasting for long…like kendo gold but the flavor etc is really great)
Muscled Wick… maybe this isn’t famous like kendo or cotton bacon BUT it really worths it… nice taste, nice vapor and it lasts for some time more than Cotton bacon :slight_smile:

UD blue/black are also a great choice … though wicking with it is a lil harder than the rest because it comes in pads while the rest i mentioned are kinda fluffy on their own, easy to cut (with just your hands) etc…, but definetaly worths to try it sometime…

I learned the make my coils from watching Ohm Boy Josh on YT. He did one video where he wrapped like 6 coils and puts them into 3 different build decks. It was a good one. :slight_smile:


I’ve never used Cotton Bacon, so I wouldn’t know. I bought a bag of Labo Puffs off Amazon almost two years ago and I’ve been so happy with how it performs I just couldn’t see any reason to switch.

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I prefer rayon, I have tried several different cottons and none produced the flavor I get from rayon.


Thank you for the information…I will definitely try these out and see which fits me best as far as cotton goes. Have a great day:))

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Hello grumpy:))). Thanks so much!! I will be watching ytube all day oday…Take cate


I will have to order some of that from Amazon but also order some cotton bacon. It comes in premade strips and that just seems easier to me to work with in the beginning. Thanks for your help and have a great day:))


Hello, wow never heard of using rayon. I will have to read up on that. Thank you!!

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It doesn’t burn and wicks faster! No flavor from it.
There are some on here that use hemp as well.