..? Premixing! and Cream Base Discussion

Hey everybody. It’s been a little while since I’ve been on the forum here. I hope that all is well.

I’m wondering if anybody could please lend me some advice with this.

Fresh Cream - 1%
Meringue - 0.5%
Vanilla Swirl - 3%
Butter Cream - 2%
Sweet Cream - 2%
Vienna Cream - 0.5%
Bavarian Cream - 1%

I’ve premixed this base (totaling at 10%)
… moving the decimal over one space to
the right, making it 100%, to create a 30mL
bottle with the correct weight in grams.

I’ve tried messing with the %'s of this premix
in combination with ripe sb, and tfa’s reg. sb.

Not getting much success on having the
strawberry stand forward in the mix, and pop.

It’s either that or everything tastes too blended
or muted.

Or vapors tounge. I don’t know at this point

I’ve tried ---- 5%,(premix) 5%, (ripe) 5%, (reg)
4% " ", 6% " ", 3% " "
3% " ", 8% " ", 4% " "
& even 10% " ", 10% " ", 5% " "

It’s still not great. I’m aware that steeping time is
required for the creams, but to me, it still shouldn’t
taste like this.

Maybe my cream base needs to be adjusted more, don’t know.

Could anybody shine knowledge on me with a proper %
to use after you have premixed a certain %?

Ps. I refuse to use stevia… or any of that :smile:

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Just a side note: If you click the blue wrench on a recipe, you can click “Make flavor base” - and it will do all the work for you :slight_smile:

Normally it would act exactly like if you mixed it the normal way… Maybe some of the others can “debug” your experience? :smiley:


Steep for at least one month then test, if it’s still not right, steep for another 2 weeks, test, 2 weeks, test etc

Remember to shake it periodically to get all ingredients to blend


Maybe I am asleep, but it seems like the ‘creams’ are butting heads with each other.


Just wondering…what has made you mix all these different creams (aside from making a flavour base obvs!). Is it based on your own creation? Did you do single flavour tests first? Have you looked at some of the creamstone recipes over on the recipe side to see what %'s others use?

Agree with @Grubby on the steeping and like @ozo said - sounds like the creams are fighting each other and overwhelming the sb.

Just my 0.02 as @JoJo would say :grinning:


Daath! Hey. I appreciate the reply. It’s an honor. I actually was reading this post last night before you messaged. haha.

Do you usually mix your base on 20%?

Thanks for that benchmark grub! :grin:
I have still yet to really steep my juices consistently in rotation.

I have to make some larger batches at some point though
and get the hang of it.

Sometimes some steeped (desert) juices didn’t taste quite right to me.

It might have been from being forgot about and left in a hot car for too long though.:sweat_smile:

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Ozo, I believe you have a strong point there. I think I used too many “light” flavors to
pair with a lighter strawberry, rather than using a darker toned strawberry like shisha
or cap’s sweet.

By the flavors also butting heads, would you also say through observation that the % ratios
didn’t play well in creating a structured cream base? Or would you say it’s more or less about
not adding enough contrast to the mix? :no_mouth:

Lolly, my power is going out for the whole night in exactly 3 minutes
for a maintenance checkup over here.


It’s my father’s birthday tomorrow, so I will be back promptly when I can.

By the way, thank you guys very much for chiming in. I’d like to catch
up on this soon.

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i would personally drop a coupple of those creams they are playing a similar role and probably fighting each other to stand out , remember too much can mute things and ive learned too many creams eapecially similar creams will be bland. i like the use of butter cream in this mix along. with vienna cream , fresh cream and vanilla swirl or bavarian cream 3pct sweet cream 1 to 1.5 and adding meringue 1 to 1.5.


btw do you have any marshmallow ???

heheh I am just like any of you guys - except I happen to run the place :smiley:

Nah, I usually just mix up the concentrate with no added PG/VG - I write on the bottle what % I should mix it at :slight_smile:


That vanilla swirl and butter cream both will overpower at those percentages, not sure what %strawberries you tried but with creams I have noticed ripe needs to be up near 8% to pop thru well. Try lowering those two some by like -0.5-1% if you are mixing strawberries I use ripe around 6% with another around 2-3%. Too much or too little will mute but that is usually a good start for myself. Also with so much sweet creaminess you could lower or get rid of the Bavarian cream entirely would also help allow strawberry thru easier


Neither really.
I am sure you could get rid of half of the creams, doesn’t matter which, and have a usable base.

I think all that cream is like a bucket of fresh kitty litter, and if you poured a quart of oil in it, the oil would basically disappear.


i havent figured out what to use butter cream with , is it a butter is it a cream what do you know about it @mikelej14


I’m wondering the same thing… I’ve heard people say it tastes like butter, sweet butter, cream, and butter cream frosting. Lol! No clue where to start with that flavor.


ya and i dont get much from a single flave either but the pics on the bottles look great lmao if only it truly described the flave

@VapeyMama @fidalgo_vapes Buttercream in the UK is icing sugar and butter mixed together to make a filling/frosting if this helps :slight_smile:


@fidalgo_vapes @VapeyMama
Butter cream for me is a very heavy very buttery cream. I only use it at or under 1% usually. It’s just a nice buttery thick mouthful note when used smaller amounts, if using too much it will mute more than most creams I have used. I like buttercream with many pastry type Vapes, but honestly I hardly ever use it. If I can I just don’t use it but sometimes I need a little hint of butter and it works well for that .5-1%


The biggest problem is many flavorings are named for marketing purposes. The names also lend well to the [microwave-fast-easy-get-it-now-world] we live in today. No cooking from scratch, takes too long, pop it out of the freezer and shazzamm…eat in minutes.
If I want cream, and butter, and vanilla, etc. I like to add them individually. I control them.
Vienna Cream has undertones, Bavarian Cream has undertones, Butter Cream is trying to do two things at once, I use them, but only in certain instances. I prefer to get my taste from straighter flavorings, in this example, Fresh Cream-Vanillin-Golden Butter…and so on.

OK, back to food. People buy a packet of Taco Seasoning…because the recipe says [use one packet]. Ever read the ingredients of the packet? It has less of what you want, more of [preservatives, chemicals, salt] what you don’t…and most kitchens already have the separate spices on the shelf. We want it pre-mixed…ready to use…fast…impatient…

Yes, in some areas of life, speed has it’s qualities…but you will never get the perfect dinner rolls using speed, enhanced rising flours, pre-made in a can, etc. It may smell good baking, taste good-especially with gobs of butter, but they will not be quality…or maybe not even healthy.

I prefer to spend time thinking about a recipe, researching each flavoring [not only from one source], then begin to pair them. Do as you wish with what you believe, but basics never change. Knowledge is power, and you can’t acquire knowledge from watching two videos…it takes much more effort. The effort takes time. The time produces quality.