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Private Recipes Sneak Peek (WIPs) Part II


I’d forgotten about the English Toffee. I got mad at it because it was really terrible until that month steep, and I was very impatient back in those days. I should have been using it more all this time. It’s a Heath bar to me, and with the BS and caramel on top it should be great. And hey, who hates butter…


I may have to pick up some of said English Toffee.


Give it time, much time, if you do try it. It’s really quite rancid for a long time; so much so that I was sure I wasted my money on that one. I was so excited about it I S&V’d it and it was terrible. A week later, it was acid. So I abandoned it. I tried it again much later and it was finally really good, but I forgot about it after that for some reason.


I really like the TFA English Toffee, but yeah, it needs time.


Dammit you guys are killing me. I’m looking at it, DON’T have the english toffee, figure WTF, I have the rest, maybe I’ll skip it. Ummmmm, shit, 3.5%, crap … Add to cart, … pfffft …


Trying to nail down a butterscotch cream pie. Any advise appreciated.


Not sure how strong you want your butterscotch to be but if it were me (and it isn’t so take with a grain of salt).
I would maybe drop the bs (mf) and the bs flv down a little (0.5 and 0.7 respectively ish) accent with a little brown sugar and a touch of caramel ditch the apple pie. Just a few random thoughts


quickly reading and my brain thought “Guess he dont like MF or FLV by calling them bullshit” I have to remember bs can stand for other things too.


Thanks! I appreciate the advise and will heed. That helps shape this recipe up a bit, its a raw start.


Butterscotch, Butter, Brown Sugar, and Caramel are like a dream team of rich sweet happiness. Brothers from another mother.


Moving to a regular finished recipe thread.


I have quit vaping and have sold my stash! As a farewell to the community I have unlocked my private recipes! Hope you guys enjoy them! http://e-liquid-recipes.com/list?filter=68297


Good luck in your new direction, and thanks for contributing!

Looks like some of your early recipes in there that could help some MTL vapers! (JMHO of course)


There are definitely some great flavors for that. My personal favorite of them all is VCT 2. It’s takes a little more work and time than most but man it’s a great vape! For a little more details: Barrel Aged in a Bottle Oak Infusion Spiral


I’ll come up with a name once I mix it up and try it lol this is on the table to get mixed later today, as winter approaches I’m starting to create things that would be good to vape sitting in front of the fireplace while it’s snowing outside:) I’m thinking a bourbon creme with cinnamon notes, everything else is just to play off that, so whichever is better will be the direction I go with it.


Been playing with vta rose a little its a straight up rose flavour. Figured i would try and do a all vta mix from what i can tell off the shake it seems to be playing better with the raspberry than the strawberry.

This one didn’t turn out great as its just not cooperating with the strawberry. Going to do a straight fruit mix with raspberries and rose i think :thinking:


Mixing these next session. Working on a themed series of recipes for certain settings or activities, as a creative exercise. It’s nice putting myself in a scene and imagining what flavors would fit the situation.


I do the same thing sometimes lol


Very cool! It sure beats cruising the dessert or beverage recipe sites. I do that too, but firing up the ol’ imagination factory feels a lot more personal.


Very interesting concept being spoken about. This one reminds me of my childhood, nana made them all the time. :drooling_face: