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Private Recipes Sneak Peek (WIPs) Part II


Mate my nan made me these all the time to if you eat to many they can clean you out lol.


Read Notes … Only time will tell but it smells and taste ( finger ) great…,

Crossing my fingers , @smokyblue would be proud . Hoping this doesnt need too many tweaks

Update 1 - 4 - 19 butter rum eggnog was a mess and I kinda knew it would be , it wasnt horrible just no layers … The Strawberry Cheesecake needs maybe another cream or meringue and more strawberry but I vaped the 30ml I made so it wasnt horrible …


My only issue is I can not do Pumpkin spice over .2% that one, and the brulee makes me cough over .2%
I do not know why, but they both hit the back of my throat, no matter how long they steep. I have sorted thru recipes, and tried PS and the brulee as solos… its just a me thang! :stuck_out_tongue: maybe…

They both look excellent… and I hope you enjoy them! That strawberry Smash omg… solo for me is 1.2% and one of the best solo strawberries with hints of lime and other citrus… excellent cocktail! <3 but with the alpine… oh you are in for a treat! :smiley:

ps add 1-2 drops of ap and see what happens :wink:


Both are v1 , I always have a v2 and 3 with my recipes until im happy , I will take your suggestions into consideration on my next versions ty


I’m in the middle of cloning White Walker from Seduce Juice but I’ve been meaning to tackle the basic white tic-tac since I’m busting out all my mints but throwing a little spin on it by using a bit more anise/licorice flavor, although not overpowering at all as we know it’s so polorizing and it can bully a recipie, along with using improved ingredients that you won’t see floating around.

I think HIC did a variation a while back back but she always always used a lower powered MTL tank so if you ever find it, which is supposed to be good, I’d lower the % a bit, especially if you use an RDA.

You can sub DV Absinthe for probably TPA Absinthe V2 (chefs has it) which I have but haven’t tried yet but I know it’s not an alcohol blast like V1 but a better option is to skip that and use FA That’s Nice Anise or FA Penoir which would work better and both are very complex anise flavors. In a pinch, if you’re looking for more of a black licorice note then go with the excellent FW Black Licorice around 3%.

HS Vanilla is straight up Vanilla and nothing else so I guess same % using Shisha but it wouldn’t be the same. TPA Marshmallow, which I don’t like to use at all along with sweeteners, might be needed if there are any rough edges but it’s a good 2 week steeper and should be just fine. For more coolness your standard WS-23/Polar Blast but you can’t go wrong with the best mint in the world in INW Natural Mint or if you want more of a menthol type punch than INW Mixed Mint.


I shared this with @SessionDrummer the other day since he and I were talking about my cake I made for Christmas and how it should be made into a juice. Not sure who out there has had Italian Cream Cake and who also has ever tried making a juice, but here’s what I’ve got so far. I didn’t have any toasted coconut flavor which actually contributes a good deal to the cake’s overall flavor, so I used toasted almond to help with that element. Of course this is still a really young recipe but so far I’m liking how things are going. Seriously open to suggestions, especially from those who know this cake.


I’ve never had this cake in a non vape way, but your first stab looked good enough to mix up, steeping now Rob.


I did have that cake…years ago. Never tried to mix it, because my white :whale: is still that authentic black Forrest cake.

But your version looks good, I do have some ideas, don’t think it’s suggestions. But maybe it can work. (Basing this on other cakes I played with but never finished lol)

(Tpa) toasted marshmallow if used low, can put that toasted impression into something, without actually adding a noticeable marshmallow. Maybe if you pair it with a coconut of your choice, might flip it towards that, instead of the almond.

I also would switch the cream cheese to something closer of a butter cream, too me that’s a bit more authentic. But personal preference of course. Suggestions maybe some thing more like
Wf buttercream, vta makes one too or even while it’s not buttercream, but flv frosting might work as well.

Also most of these cakes normally have this sticky nuttier marzipan layer kind of thing, that sometimes can’t be seen but you know it’s there if you eat it. Adding a little bit of (FA) torrone to that could help both, the marzipan and the pecan.

This is just quick brain storm here, when I get home later I might update my thoughts or might get more ideas. But again, I think it looks fine as it is, I’ll mix it up later and see if I can help out somewhere.


The frosting recipe for this cake calls for a pound of cream cheese and 2 pounds of confectioners sugar. That cream cheese is essential and it’s a major player in the actual cake. But the CCI paired with FLV Frosting sounds amazing.

Nice idea. I may well try that on my next go round. Thank you for the suggestions!

Oh nice. I can’t wait to get your impressions.


Toasted Marshmallow is a tricky one and not very versitile. You are correct though with the Coconut as it does play nice with FLV Sweet Coconut. The other profile that it fits in too is when you want to go an alcoholic route using a Rum/Whisky/ TPA Kentucky Bourbon along with some TPA brown sugar and tobacco if you choose to.


Hey this looks good , but of course i dont have two of these flavors the butter pecan and holy vanilla , simce its your recipe id like to know what you would do if you had to use FW butter pecan and MF vanilla ???


I think for the BP I’d start around 2%, and the Vanilla around 0.3%. Vanilla is certainly a contributing flavor but not prominent. As for the BP - too much would distract from other flavors I think so starting lower and working up would be best. You probably would end up around 3% or a tad more with that.

So here’s the deal with the cake recipe. There is 1.5 cups pecan pieces used. They are toasted. Part goes in the cake batter and the rest layered with the frosting. So the toasted pecans are used throughout. Since I don’t have any toasted pecan flavor, I felt the Butter Pecan would work best. And I happen to find Purilum’s to be heavier on the pecan side than FW, but still FW one is very good.

Here’s the link to the recipe I used…


Ty ill give it a go when i get home today …


If you want an almond extract like the recipie says than FA would be spot on and wouldn’t bully the recipie because you have some heavy hitters in there with the HS Italian Cream, LA CCI & especially Holly Vanilla at 1.5% which usually would dominate a mix as it’s such a dark full on Vanilla, although the former 2 are major steepers and I’d say 2 weeks miniumum for sure as with all HS creams. The Italian Cream isn’t that accurate like your FLV flavors for example if you wanted to be technical about it, but if it tastes good then it’s all good but it’s a very polorizing flavor. However, I can’t speak from experience.

I think a sub of Coconut Extra or keeping it but adding the excellent FLV’s Sweet Coconut which pairs with toasted marshamllow would be good, and I wouldn’t shy away from TPA Coconut Candy either if that is more what you’re looking for as it’s underused and underrated.

There really isn’t a base at all as HS creams aren’t anything like other companies so on paper it looks crazy heavy/sweet, especially if you’re adding maybe another froasting so again, on paper, I think it’s screaming for .75-1% FLV Cream and probably throwing in some OOO Milky Undertone by taming the heavy Cake/Icing/Butter/Sugar notes bridging a gap to the Nuts and Coconut.

If you’re serious about the mix and willing to spend money, I’m not 100% sure Holy would be the best choice and something like MB Creamy Vanilla or their Epic Vanilla (forgot the notes on epic but I love their Creamy version) would play a bit better or even HS Vanilla which is just straight up Vanilla without anyhing else added like everybody else does, basically the FLV Cream version of Vanilla.


Thanks for the input!

So far, the juice is tasting pretty darn close to the cake. I may end up keeping it as is, but that’s to be decided. One thing I feel may be lacking is sweetness. That was the reason for using the marzipan instead of FA Almond (I agree with you) because I was hoping for almond and sweetness, which it delivers, but the actual cake is very sweet so we’ll see when it steeps out.

Every flavor was carefully considered in relation to the actual cake. The Italian Cream - I’ve always felt this had a slightly sour undertone which I felt would help where buttermilk is used in the cake. Holy Vanilla - just a damn good vanilla and I could have gone with any of a number of good vanillas. Trust me - it’s not dominating this mix nor will it. Far too much going on. CCI to help mimic the icing used, but I do like a prior suggestion of complimenting that with FLV Frosting. That could be one of the adjustments I make if any. But as for creams themselves, I didn’t go there because, well, I think that would defeat the purpose. The one thing I may well do is add a touch of the Sweet Coconut. But just a touch. It’s a far more powerful influence than vanilla to be sure, and one which could definitely interfere with the goal.


Thought I keep it simple, mixed this 12/18 actually. I am sharing it privately because I feel it’s too simple to make public lol but I also want to keep it another week, and see if it fades or changes. Anyways, notes are in the description, if somebody would like to try it.


Working a bit on a few apples on the side. Here’s a Spicy Hard Apple Cider:


Still steeping @SthrnMixer.


I mixed the Italian Cream Cake recipe on 12/31. So it’s 3 weeks old now. Only thing I’ve done is add 0.3% FLV Frosting and that was on 1/8. I’m vaping this right now and I have to say I’m very satisfied with the results. In other words, I’m not going to take this on as a new project with the intention of coming up with an exact representation of the cake. It’s close enough for me and I really like the mix.

To be more specific…

The cake flavor is good. I think Jungle Flavors Yellow Cake is a really good and versatile flavor.
The body of the flavor is coming from the coconut and butter pecan combined with the cake, and it’s a really good balance. More coconut would throw this off, although the suggestion of FLV Sweet Coconut was not bad and may lend an even more authentic touch if used sparingly. But I really feel the toasted almond with the coconut extra created a toasted coconut…something I’ve never tried on its own. Still, I’m satisfied.
The HS Italian Cream, LOR Cream Cheese Icing and FLV Frosting along with the Marzipan are working together quite nicely to mimic the frosting of this cake. So again, very happy with these results.

Also let me say that I believe the FLV Frosting added a perfect amount of sweetness. Of course steeping could have aided in this as well, but prior to the Frosting, my sampling of the mix I kept thinking it needed sweetener. Today, not at all.


Tweaked my Green Apple caramel/butterscotch mix and steeping another iteration of the Apple Cider which looks to be probably more promising.

Tweaked version of my old post of Green Apple Candy:

Other iteration of Apple Cider:

Your classic white tic-tac: