Problems with my subtank mini rta

hello everyone,
Ive had the tank for a couple of weeks now only using the occ coils that came with the tank. I’ve had to switch from the coils to the rda deck and im having problems left right and center. Im havent had my rda setup right so i can correctly taste my own made juice, ive tried more and less cotton and im still getting a numbed flavour, the flavour is only like half there from what im ust to tasting.

The only problem i can see is that my wick is tight to the coil, would this cause the problem?

I have the v2 version with no juice channels, its hard to find a guide on how to wick it for the new v2.

I have the Subtank mini v2 and never had a problem. If your using Japanese cotton their can be a break in period. I build the RDA deck on at least one of my tanks every week, if the cotton is to tight it can choke off the juice getting into the coil. Also if the mix is to thick it might not wick properly. Youtube has many videos on this tank here is just one.


Not really sure which is the v2 version. Mine came with the RBA that had the little tiny holes at the very bottom of the rba. I never could get the dang thing to vape even remotely decently, and I’m far from a vape snob. I finally broke down and bought the RBA that has the holes in the side like the coils have from Fasttech and it works much better. At least to me. I got used to rebuilding the OCCs, so I just put as much cotton in the RBA as I did in the OCCs and it seems to work pretty well. I have it so it’s snug but not so tight that it pulls the coil out of whack if I give it a tug. I run the wick through the holes in the side and through the coil and then cut the wick off kind of close to the metal, fluff, prime, and vape. I’m loving it so far. Not sure if that helps or not. Good luck.

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Thanks for the replies, ive tried the method from the video and all thought its wicking so far, im getting no where near flavour and smoke production. I’ve noticed only one of the juice holes is getting bubbles when i take a hit? does this mean only one side is wicking properly? and therefor thats why im getting reduced smoke and flavour?

So far ive not had a dry hit yet, its just seems its not where it should be flavour and vape wise

I have both the V1 and the V2. The V1 has a chimney that screws on, juice channels at the bottom. On the V2 the chimney slides on and locks with a screw. Juice holes are on the side of the chimney. I have Staggered-Fused Clapton Kanthal builds in each of mine. I get tons of flavor on both of them. Are you just using the stock coil that comes with the RBA?

They do wick differently. I usually leave my wick long then slide the chimney on. Then I trim the wick and tuck it down by the juice channels. With my V2, it seems to do better with a little more cotton.


im currently using coils that i make, which is just a standard coil, with me it seems the more wicking i use the more dryhits i get, im just wondering if im only seeing bubbles comming from only one hole, does that mean only one hole is wicking?

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I think premade coils actually taste better, for standard builds. If your looking for flavors look for a more complex build, even just twisted wires taste better. More usually doesn’t get better when it comes to wicks, id ask how thick is your juice, how tight is your wick, and are your coils firing clean?
Are you familiar with building yet? Often wicking is a pain at first then when you got it, you got it.

I’d say try a build like this to find the flavor, there’s plenty of good coil builders out there if you don’t feel like the hassle of trying to alien wrap your own coils

Oh and maybe not the kanthal part :blush:

im using 70/30 and can you answer the question about the bubbles only comming from one side of the holes?

what do you mean are my coils firing clean? its glowwing from the inside out if thats what you mean?

If the coils are good then no I can’t say why one side seems to wick better… Are you getting dry hits? If not I wouldn’t sweat the uneven bubbles

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i was getting dry hits, but now i changed the wicking its seems okay so far, just the vapour production and flavour is like no where near the occ coils.

its weird because sometime the wicks okay for like an hour or two then i get non-stop dry hits, maybe the wick was getting clogged? but ive allways used 70/30 with the tank

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uneven air bubbles is pretty normal.

you want to wick it as loose as possible without it flooding/leaking/spitting, IMO. a bit of cotton going thru the chimney holes is ok, but you don’t want it packed in there either. it can be frustrating. i recently had a whole week where i was wicking it wrong getting semi-burnt hits left and right. but when you get it right, I think it blows away a stock OCC.

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The bubble is just following the path of least resistence. You don’t necessarily have to see bubbles out of both wick holes.

You can try tipping it so the side that seems like it’s not wicking is facing up, cover the air holes, take a quick tug, and see if a bubble comes out of that side. Your wicking may be uneven, but I don’t see why that should make a ton of difference.

What wire are you using? Type, gauge, inner diameter, wraps, resistance reading, etc? Are you doing a spaced coil or a…nonspaced, fused, micro whatever they call it? LoL. I’m real professional at this, can’t you tell? :stuck_out_tongue:


I like to call it a contact coil. Because the whole micro/macro thing seems to have a different definition depending on who’s talking.

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I’m using 26g 0.40 mm I think the one I’m using now says its at 0.7. And my best attempt at a contact coil but the first first end is abit distorted compared t the rest of the coil. I’m using the blur screwdriver that come with the tank to wrap I think it’s 2.5 if that helps??

Th wicking I put in last night just seems to be failing as time goes on because I’m getting more and more burnt tasting hits

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What kind of liquid are you using? Does it have Sucralose in it?

im using my own made liquid which is 70/30 vg/pg .6 nicotene, its only one flavour aswell

Don’t roll it tight, keep it fluffy. If you pull it back and forth and the wire seems the shred the cotton it’s too much cotton. One thing that helps is if your juice isn’t too dark, when you pull the old cotton out check it for burns. That’ll show you where it was getting dry or where maybe there is a hot spot in your coil. Don’t worry about rewicking if you think it might be the problem, cotton is cheap! Keep at it, you’ll get there!

think i was making the coil too small, so ive made a bigger coil and rewicked it making sure its not too tight and fluffed it up alot, lets hope it stays up with the wicking :slight_smile: Fingercrossed

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