Proper etiqutte ? for Collecting ejuice recipes

Hi all i have a burning question and concern. When i first started making my own juice i came axcroos this site for info and recipe ideas. I started copying the recipes that seemed interesting and saved for future use. I have been getting alot of comments that i have been stealing others recipes. These recipes are for sharing right ? I dont sell juice or make any kind of income for my juices. Making my own juice just saves me money and its fun to create ejuice. There were no rules to sharing on this site so how can i be excused of stealing on a public sharing site. I am sure the makers of premium ejuice do not share there recipes for fear of cloning but i dont understand why some get mad when others use there recipes. I dont claim that they are mine i just adapt to what i may have on stock or to the ML’s i am trying to make SO can someone PLEASE explain to me what the problem is. Thanks in advance. I usually dont give a shit what others say or think but i am getting pissed. I work as a substance abuse counselor so i am used to dealing with others altered sense of reality , but to me i thought we as vapors were a litlle community of people trying to help others quit smoking analogs. WTF ?? If a person doesnt want others to use there recipe then why share it. I just dont get it. IF A PERSON LIKES ONE OF MY RECIPES OR EVEN MAKES MONEY THEN GREAT…


Whew! Boy, I’m glad you got that off your chest! Feels good doesn’t it!

If someone doesn’t want their recipes copied or even adapted, they should not post them to the WORLD WIDE WEB!

Keep doing what you’re doing; there’s always gonna be a butthurt mixer out there that doesn’t like you “taking his toy and playing with it or letting others have a turn with it”.

Some folks never learned proper “sandbox” etiquette in kindergarten. Giving credit to the original mixer is cool though; some folks need more affirmation in life than others!


I feel the same way. I dont care if people take my blueprints. Do with them what they will. Morally is it right? Up to the individual I guess. If I had something I didnt want sold, traded, etc., it wouldnt even be up here or put in that kind of position from the start.

Its the internets. So dont worry and carry on. :smile:


I’m taking my football and going home! (stomps feets)


Yeah! Well you’re gonna be the last one I choose for my team in dodgeball the next time!

Hey…you know they finally found the “I” in team, right? Yeah, it was hiding in the “A”-hole all the time! ; )


I always found the butthurt about the recipe share thing on VU to be silly. The “DONT TAKE MY RECIPES AND POST THEM OUTSIDE OF THIS FORUM!” disclaimer, which certain mixers tout!

Dude, get over yourself…


I know someone over at another forum that says that shit. I just lol everytime I see it. That persons mixes are generally pretty damn good too.


Yes…Jimk i feel a lot better thanks for replying to the post


For the most part I agree with what everyone is saying. If someone publicly posts a mix, they’re putting it out there for others to use (and abuse whether we like it or not) and that’s that.

That being said, if you do adapt someone’s recipe, it’s is kind of common courtesy to say “Adapted from so-and-so’s blah blah blah” and maybe include a link to the original. If you use the “Adapt this” on the blue wrench it automatically links back to the original, which is kinda nice. If you’re really concerned about the haters, just put a note or something. People tend to get their pants in a wad if they think you’re taking the exact recipe and reposting it to steal ‘likes’ or something…I don’t know. I do keep most of my adaptations private (unless they’re heavily adapted) just cuz I don’t wanna take away from what another mixer has spent a lot of time making.

For example, I mad a few of Jim’s recipes and had to sub one or two flavors. They turned out great and I’m sure if I had the real flavors they’d have turned out even better. I didn’t bother to post the new recipe cuz it’s almost identical to his and I want people to see HIS recipe. But, I have some recipes that I’ve really altered and if I post them publicly I try to say “adapted from” or “inspired by” just to be nice.

It’s whatever in the end though. Welcome to the internet where nothing is truly private and nothing is sacred. Enter at your own risk. :wink:


I found this thread to be a funny lil co-ink-a-dinky since I kind of just dealt with a similar issue myself.
First off I am posting some of my recipes online with the complete common sense knowledge that they are now out there, floating around in the world…they are no longer “mine”

As @Jimk pointed out…

And I don’t mind if a person does or doesn’t credit me but yes it’s nice to be credited although not expected…it gets shady when people claim it as their own original mix but again, whatever, if that makes you feel better about yourself…
I post recipes for a couple reasons, to share a recipe I enjoyed in the hopes others may enjoy it as well or to get feedback on a recipe (good or bad doesn’t matter) like, hey this is good but have you tried doing this or adding that, etc etc. Which helps me try new things or twists on something I enjoy…
Well…recently on a separate site I have had someone copy and past my recipes NUMEROUS times and I do get “credit” which I could take or leave BUT it has now been brought to my attention that he owns a vape store and is actually using recipes, specifically mine and changing the name ever so slightly to his “brand” name while still keeping my juices name as well…


All names and titles have been changed to protect those involved :wink:

My juices;
Jay’s Slammin 7
Sleepy Jay’s Twisted Strawberry
Dark Sunrise

The other guy - Joe Dirt’s Vape Shop
Joe’s Slammin 7
Sleepy Joe’s Twisted Strawberry
Dirty Sunrise

I shit you not! The comparisons are almost identical!
Now I’m not going to lie I was PISSED off at first!! For the main reason this unoriginal bastard was taking my shit and making $ off it!
Now that anger was fleeting…because…again I was the one that put it out there. I was the one that shared it. If I was going to be mad at anyone it would have to be myself, because I am a smart enough guy to know that I put the damn thing on the internet and anything goes after that! I still think it is a dick move don’t get me wrong but I’m not going to say anything about it to the guy because I shared it for a reason…to share
(Little does he know I do not post my “best” or favorite juices) :wink:


Walter, ever hear of a thing called public domain? Basically as @Jimk said when someone puts a recipe, or any other intellectual property online for the world to see, WITHOUT COPYRIGHT, they have made the intellectual property PUBLIC DOMAIN. This means there is not a thing they can do even if your intention was to copy them exactly and even make money on it, PERIOD. If they are doing it on this website then I know for a fact that they have the ability to make their recipes private. If it bothers them for people to save their recipe to look at later, or even blend them, then they should not be making them public for all to see.

Let me also say this, you too have the ability to make your recipes private. It is my suggestion that you set any adapted recipes to private for 2 reasons. One, the most important reason is ELR does not need dozens of duplicates of the same recipes. Any time you save a recipe that is not yours, make it private. Two, you’ll also avoid the flack from those who think you’re stealing their recipes. Though you have every right to do what you please with a public domain recipe, who needs the flack…


Yes I agree, though credit should be given when the recipe is taken elsewhere, for instance another forum. Here the recipe should only be public by the person who created it. Others need to quit putting bunches of duplicates of the same recipe on the forum and can easily do this by making it private within their recipe pages. Original mixer gets credit for their blend cause it is the only copy on the forum, everyone else gets to play with it cause the creator is happy. Win Win Situation then for everyone…


I’m also having this issue here and don’t want to be a dick or have it backfire on me for telling the guy to please make it private.
Wish there was a way to prevent this, other than user controlled, so there wasn’t so much clutter and repetition
Maybe even a simple comment in the signup/rules bit?


Honestly I’m not bitching at anyone, especially anyone in peticular. Truth be told I rarely troll the recipes But I do know this is going on. Preventing duplicates could be a reality programming wise of a website however possibly too much work for the end result. You could not check dups of names only. There will be dup names but could actually be different recipes. Code would have to check every line of the recipe and then compare to all other recipes. It could slow down the website too much where it saves the recipe.

Honestly, I doubt people realize what they are doing when they adapt and make a dup. Probably most would listen if asked NICELY to make it private.

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I think if someone found one of my recipes tasty enough to copy, I’d be flattered. I just keep most of mine private because I don’t feel they’re quite good enough to share yet. It sure wouldn’t bother me if I made a recipe public and someone found my juice good enough to help keep them cigarette-free. I could’ve sworn that was why we’re all here. :slight_smile:


Wonderful attitude!!! Couldn’t have said it better. Most of my recipes are private being I blend for my Vape Shop. If the FDA stops us from blending then there just may be a day you see a sh#t load of my recipes become public. At this time they are technically trade secret…


I see it as honor that someone thinks your recipe is good enough to duplicate. I also think it’s wrong to claim it as your own creation. If it’s not mine or if it inspired me to make something similar, I give props to the originator. It seems to keep these type of post from happening. Anytime I post anything from another site I try to give props back to where it came from with a link. It seems to hold down confusion. People must realize everybody isn’t ethical or respectful of the presumed protocol of re-posting recipes. Sometimes this shit will happen… but some people are notorious for reposting everything they adapt… which is senseless to me.


Again another wonderful attitude and the way it should be too. It’s like I said, I just don’t think they realize what they are doing. Hmmmm, I just had a thought that would be real easy for @daath to do. I see no reason why when someone adapts a recipe that it couldn’t be automatically made as private. They would still have the ability to make it public if there was some reason to do so. It would stop a whole lot of dupes…What do you think @daath?

All recipes adapted are private. Do you mean they should stay private?


Are you sure? If so how do all these duplicates get up there? I think actually it will save the way you last saved, weather it was private, or weather public. Not sure about that but all mine default to private because that is what I want weather I’m creating or whatever. May be a setting somewhere, don’t remember. You know, @daath is a pretty smart guy. For all we know he could have fixed this problem already by making adapted recipes private.

Actually you could not make them stay private cause people will adapt for many reasons. Heck they make adapt a recipe just to get a average % on a flavor. Change all the other flavors and it is not the same recipe. They could not share it then…