ProVape Closed

ProVape is now closed.

Due to upcoming FDA regulations and restrictions, we have made the decision to cease production and close operations.

We want to send out a HUGE Thank You to all of our customers, dealers and vendors around the world for your support and for sharing your stories and photos with us over the years.

This has really been an amazing experience and we were privileged to have you as our customer. It’s been humbling to hear all the success stories and we are truly blessed to be a part of your lives. Thank you!


Wow that sucks. I have a feeling that they are not going to be the last ones to close up shop. Damn FDA


Yes that really suck a lot
Although I never had the money for a Provari
The reason is sad indeed


Could anyone explain to me what the fda has got to do with it?


All of the new regulations the FDA has announced , they are placing anything vape related under the federal restrictions.Any and ALL products that has to do with vaping must go through test before they will be approved for sale to the public.
Here is a good place to start reading.


Nope can’t get on board with that. Seems to me a bit to much blame is placed with the fda or whatever agency like the tpd in europe.
But probably i’ll be spit out for even mentioning something like that around here. Cause there is no way that the company wasn’t selling enough numbers and was going to shut down rather sooner then later anyway, is there?

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@ozo Now is the time to contact them and put in an offer for the last of their stock! :wink:



I know and i don’t like the regulations either. But it was bound to happen, and its really surprising it took this long. But that doesn’t mean that everything can be placed upon the shoulders off Big T, Big P en Big F (this is the goverment for big f up) vaping wise.

Look i’m pretty sure the provari is a wonderfull piece of kit but i’m also pretty sure it’s niche and that that niche is getting smaller & smaller. I mean swiss pocket watches are great pieces off technology aswell but hardly anybody uses them. So i’m guessing the reason this compagnie is closing has more to do with innovation they couldn’t keep up with and cheap chinese products (mainly this, but thats a whole different discussion). And if i’m right its kind off a low ball to trow it at the fda and detracts from the main things that should be talked about now.

I have no words.


I don’t mean its a low ball for the fda, its a low ball for the vaping community. But hey its far easier for us all to stand there and shout Fck the fda, Fck the tpd then to think about it in a constructive way.
Vaping doesn’t need saving from regulations cause no matter how bad we want it it isn’t going to happen. It isn’t going back to the way it was and we could just do whatever we pleased. What vaping needs now is a frame in which the industrie and the goverment can come to an agreement that is sustainable for everybody.

I’m from belgium and most tpd rules are already in effect here. There was a shop owner here complaining the day after the rules went into effect that he couldn’t sell bottles bigger then 10 ml (containing nic) any more and no thanks bigger then 4ml. He complained that it made his shop that much harder and that it may not be viable to continue. He ended his rant with the cursing at the european goverment and the local goverment that we see a lot off these days.
When i told him that it may be unfortunate that the belgium goverment decided on january instead off may like the rest of europe (because off the fact that manufacturers aren’t really concerned for a small country like belgium). But that these rules where actually a good thing for him because legally he couldn’t sell products containing nicotine (yeah i know about tomatoes) before hand. And that he should have known beforehand off all these rules because his livelihood depends on it. Guess what happenend? Yeah thats right he cursed at me too, so know he is cursing at the people who made it legally possible for him to sell his product and at his customers. Will this make his troubles better or disappear? I highly doubt it. Meanwhile the smarter businesses have been preparing long ahead, adapted and will in the medium to long run thrive, while those who wallop in grief and hatred will go belly up.

SAD day in the history of vaping :cry:


I always thought they were over priced tbh. Sad to see any business go, but it happens daily, somewhere.

You obviously have no clue what the full effect of the TPD will actually mean. Good luck on your DIY journey once it does kick in in May, if you haven’t stocked up on nic already. By the way, it’s tank size no bigger than 2ml.


That’s really sad news to hear about a business close. Unfortunately it won’t be the last. Then again we can look on the positive side of over-regulating an entire industry into oblivion, driving prices through the roof, limiting the equipment we can use, cutting off the supply of our DIY supplies, people losing their jobs due to shop closures and finally, by making vaping so utterly expensive that going back to smoking will be a viable option for some people. I’ve been informed there’s positives in somewhere. Maybe someone more learned than myself can point them out :slight_smile:


What DrChud said ^^^^



Your right 2ml, my error.
And i do realize what the effect will be especially for diy. And quite frankly you could fault a lot off diy people right there, cause guess what a lot off them are the first to scream how dangerous handeling 24mg nic or higher is.
Now with that said diy is probably the smallest niche you can get in vaping and sure ass hell not the reason most people are screaming f*ck "insert goverment thingy here’.
Does the goverment care for your health? No if they did they would have banned tobacco products long before i was born.
Does the goverment want to make money on these kind of things? Yes so no need to be surprised about them putting their claws in. Hell they take off the top off everything and then some.

What every vaper is mad about (as am i) is the fact that prices are gonna go up and some stuff will be getting hard or impossible to get. I’m just saying that shouldn’t have been surprising and screaming f*ck isn’t going to change it. Neither is it the reason for every vaping business that goes belly up. Seems everybody is whinning and nobody is even looking to create solutions.

Your attitude towards it annoys me as much as the actual regulations. Just accept it and move on because it’s going to happen anyway.[quote=“Duchesst, post:6, topic:111416”]
Nope can’t get on board with that. Seems to me a bit to much blame is placed with the fda or whatever agency like the tpd in europe.

No one has ever said there doesn’t need to be regulation, but there’s obviously more going on here that that. So I would say yes,fuck the government, because they’re the people imposing these draconian, utterly regressive rules to the industry in an unveiled attempt to put tax ahead of the health of the people, and our rights to choose NOT to smoke. I can’t speak for anyone else in here but I personally have been emailing ministers and government bodies involved in legislation and trying to get OUR point across. You might be content to stick your head in the sand and present a nice target for them, but I, and the majority in here, certainly are not.


Yeah i can get that it annoys you because it is something you care about. And i agree fuck the goverment but not over something as futile as vaping.

Only questions is is who are you going to pick to run things. To me it seems i can’t really be done right can it. We al want good paying jobs where we don’t have to work to hard, but we want or stuff cheap so lets get the chinese to make it (hey cheap labour), hey there goes your job. But but but thats not fair well though luck son.

But i’ll let it go and from now on every bad coil, bad recipe or my mixing it wrong well fuck the fda and tpd it’s all their fault.

Honestly I don’t really buy the line that this is the FDA’s fault or the TPD’s fault. Its more about a company that started in a time where they were in a market where there was no credible competition, and they didn’t have to innovate or compete. They could sell what they made in 2014-2015 for any price they wanted because it was a damn sight better than anything else you could just go out and buy. Its not hard to make money when you are the best. Enter the box mod / sub ohm era, and their offering was overpriced and it under performed, not to mention taking a long long time to get to market. In the face of the 200+ watt mods that are well made for half the price or less of their new product, I’m sure their sales were dismal in comparison to the past. This is just blaming the government for a lack of innovation at a company. To me, it is unlikely that Trump is seriously going to allow the FDA to put all the small businesses in the vape industry in jeopardy. He is unlikely to allow all the people to lose their jobs. Giving up before he has had his say is simply shortsighted, or its just a lie because they lost their fast ball and couldn’t compete anymore and stay profitable.