Publishing my first recipes here, at last!

Just two simple two-flavour recipes for the moment . Both made with Medicine Flower (or Botanic Elixir, which is the same thing diluted).

I’ve been mixing for bloody ages, and have found a number of gorgeous single-flavour recipes that i can happily vape all day, but I didn’t post those, because the flavour notes are sufficient, IMO, and i don’t think anybody wants the database clogged up with single flavour recipes, do they?

However, my more complex flavour experiments were just not turning out satisfactorily, at least not until recently. Here, are two, on a confectionary theme, that I’m pretty damned pleased with ATM (though not totally pleased with the 2nd one)

Notice I’m putting “PG_free” in brackets after the title, to help anybody (like myself) who might be searching specifically for PG-free recipes. Maybe we can all do that? I think they might be a tad disappointed if nothing comes up but my own attempts :laughing:

Anyways, I might publish some more pretty soon… if I don’t lose my nerve.


Love the idea!

I had an idea I shared in a similar vein awhile back, that I’ll be using when I release recipes that shows the number of flavors in the recipe (in hopes of helping those looking for a set number). Eg: (4F), (2F), etc.


That;s another good idea…but hang on, can’t they be filtered by number of flavours automatically, if we flutter our eyelashes at Daath?
But on the other hand, again, the system will count stuff like saline solution as a flavour won’t it? (that’s one reason why I decided to leave it out of my recipes, and just mentioned in the notes instead)


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