Pugsley's almost incredible review of the Ijoy Combo RDTA

Wotcha gang :nerd::thumbsup:, it’s that time of the week again where I like to shower you all with my love and attention using the medium of dance…

and also including an informative yet slightly light hearted review of something else that I won this week…not showing off or anything …:smirk:

Today my fine fettled fledglings I bring to you courtesy of @Heaven_Gifts the Hong Kong Vape paraphernalia protagonist’s with the super hero led shipping dept and prolific customer service (hey if they keep letting me win their competitions I’ll say what I like :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) …the IJoy Combo RDTA

Oh yeah, THAT is some nice packaging right there, apart from the shrink wrap which I can’t decide made me feel like I was either opening a packet of cigarettes or an expensive aftershave, it’s good, it looks PREMIUM …except without the sucralose :grimacing:

I actually bought one of these at the Vaper Expo last weekend…I was there…I was completely in candy land and my ‘Shiny Syndrome’ was in overdrive…

and this thing stood out on the shelf amongst a gazilion other probably just as good RDTA’s and was just lookin at me all like …

I was weak…I had a bunch of cash in my pocket the Mrs didn’t know about…the vendor came over to me to ask if he could help with anything, he got as far as "Hi there, can I…

ahh the power of Packaging, never underestimate it…anyways…more on the actual thing I am meant to be reviewing, once the box is open you are met with a plethora of bits and bobs, I’ve never seen a top come with this much stuff before, this is where the ‘Combo’ comes into it, and I love a ‘Kit’…don’t know why, it’s a real weakness with me but if a thing comes in a box with extra stuff I’M ALL OVER IT like a tramp on chips, I LOVE it

There’s a Velocity style deck and a ready coiled ready wicked RBA as well as the one already in which has SPRING CLAMPS!!..WOOOOP!!!
LOVE THESE THIIIINGS!!!..ahem…sorry…tad excited there…

but again…no spare springs, must be a global spring shortage or something…I mean they put a spare centre pin in there…coz…we lose those all the time…? :confused:

These aren’t as fat coil friendly as the Digiflavor originals (I’m presuming here, I don’t know who came up with them first :thinking:) but they’re still functional, I opened them up as far as they would go before they shot across the room and were lost forever…

also included in the kit were a pair of fused claptons, very well made ones as it goes and perfect for testing purposes, I slapped them in the spring clamps and gave it a burn

gave it some fluff…and dropped it onto my Maxo. I figured these coils were juicy enough to give it some umph and I haven’t really tested the Maxo with anything chunky yet so seemed like a good opportunity, but before I go for it, I think we should just take a second to take in just how pretty this thing is, this is a good looking RDTA there is absolutely no doubt about it…

and Ijoy clearly think so as they have even given it it’s own crest :flushed:, I don’t normally go in for Black tops as I much prefer Stainless but even I have to admit that this would look good on most mods…in fact the only thing I can think of that would make these look better is…


I dare say even Kanye would struggle to say that he was better than these things…

orrrr…not :confused:

so…onward and upward, the taste test, for this particular test I am going with everyone’s favourite Bust-a-nut, I was going to officially test my new attempt at Butterscotch Popcorn but seeing as I tasted it for the first time last night and the Mrs walked past all like…

I’ll put it back for some tinkering :disappointed:

…90w, airflow half way, goooood, good thick plume, nice flavour, and I do quite like this chuffa cap (is that what it’s called??) but it can clearly take more so…seeing as I have the Maxo on 4 batteries and 315w to play with, I dropped the hammer…

I set the maxo to 170w…cranked the airflow wide open …placed it on the table while I took a moment to compose myself (I swear I could hear the thing growling at me like…)

Grabbed it, pushed it, sucked it!..

AMAZING!..the flavour was INTENSE!..like being…repeatedly… punched in the face by…He-man…apparently :confused:… and this picture doesn’t do it justice for the clouds this thing can chuck

I won’t push it any further because to be honest…I’m…scared so, I shall end another review with a pointless over specially effected photo for no other reason other than I have a new phone and I have been playing with it so you just take those Abrams lens flairs ok :angry:

It’s a winner, it does what it says on the tin, it comes with stuff, it looks pretty and it works well!. I didn’t get along with my Limitless RDTA (1st gen) it leaked everywhere and it’s been on the shelf since, but they have most certainly ironed out all the creases with the combo, it’s essentially the same thing just…better. There are an extraordinary amount of extra decks you can buy for it too and to be honest if they did a full kit with all of them in it, I would definitely pull the trigger on one…but that’s just me :grin: I think I got this for about £25 which was a steal of an expo price but if you would like to get yourself one of these amazing pieces of kit then they are available here …
And here endeth today’s hodgepodge of a review, I hope it was all you dreamed of…and more. toodles :wink:



Excellent, amusing review once again, cheers! :smile:


Yet another fabulous review…this could be your new profession! :+1:


I think all this Fame is going to his lungs…

Bravo sir :wink: Great, well crafted review …required no video equipment or shock mounted microphones.


who me?..

:joy: but thank you sir, much appreciated :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


thanks @ozo @Lolly & @Grubby

I am enjoying them very much but all your support with them is keeping me cracking on.

Love you all immensely :wink::kissing_heart:


Another corker …

Give the Pug a bone !


I’m totally stealin that :wink:


I totally didn’t think for a second that you wouldn’t !


Another cracking review. Always a joy to read, keep em coming.


thanks man :wink:

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Another great review @Pugs1970 ! You clearly enjoy taking the time to make these and we enjoy reading them… Someone should be hooking you up with products to review for us!


Thanks man, I do enjoy em have to admit, Heaven gifts are hooking me up and apparently gearbest although that hasn’t come yet, couple more shown interest but we’ll see how it goes eh, I’ve posted em on a few vape Facebook groups but I’m not really sure where best to put em for good exposure?
Like I said before though, if you lot keep likin em I’ll keep makin em :laughing:🖒


honestly bro , keep them here but tou should do a t
you tube channel that get huge exposure we will all jump on board


I was thinking the very same thing about YouTube!

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Arghh…I just can’t imagine bein in front of a camera u know lol there’s a shit load of people doing that and I haven’t seen anyone doin the kind of stuff I’ve bin churnin out, I dunno …dunno how far Idown wanna take it is mean I’ve only done 4 haha :smiley:


ya but those guys are lame , its like watching mr rogers , if you incorporated your graphics and read what you wrote it would be better than most others just thinking in terms of exposure