Pugsley's magical meanderings and marvelously mystical review of the CoilART Mage GTA

“A wizard is never late, nor is he early, he arrives precisely when he means to”

And so my fellow flying Cloud monkey’s, Here I am ,

right on cue, with another freshly concocted potion full of spell binding nonsenesicles and half baked narratives in the guise of yet another magical mystery tour, and this time, my focus pocus is on CoilART’s Mage GTA…and no, I’m not talking about a wizard stealing a car.

CoilART…if ever there was a name in Vapingdom than conjures up images of top shelf vape gear then this is it, and with a name like that you’d best make sure you come through with something special, thankfully… they appear to do exactly that.

I do have one confession though before i start, this is the first CoilART piece I have ever owned, (the shame) they’ve been on the ‘list’ forever but you know how it is, new stuff comes out these days quicker than a …thing…that…comes out…really often…

So alas, they have slipped me by for the most part, I have however only ever seen good things said about them, and this is no different…girls and boys, I give you…courtesy of my new friends at http://www.urvapin.com
…The CoilART Mage GTA.

…look…at…that…, the finish on this thing is impeccable, clean, smooth, understated and without doubt one of the nicest looking tanks I have ever seen, the chamber sits floating mid tank like a candle at Hogwarts, a mudblood between an RTA and an RTDA, a magical mix of precision engineering and vape science geared towards flavour, and boy does it give flavour.

You see the science concocted by the mad wizards at CoilART is sound, the chamber is lifted higher to the mouthpiece to give a higher flavour concentration from your favourite potion, the effect of this theory is instantly gratifying the first time you take a suck on the thing…

Not since the Serpent mini have I tasted flavour this good out of a tank…a Mage indeed, a little wizard capable of casting a flavour spell straight to your taste buds and…blow them…across a …forest …or something

Anyhoo…more on the guts of this thing, what makes a Mage tick exactly?..well I am guessing generally something along these lines…

It would most certainly quiver the wand of many a Mage I’m sure…however I was thinking more about this…quickly…stop looking at that picture fellas…tut…

Of course it’s a gold plated deck…what did you expect??..it’s built for a single coil…a BIG one, just check how huge the space is in there, I mean you could…if you were tricky I guess, fit a duel in there, but…if you’re thinking of sticking a skinny 15 wrap 28 gauge in this thing forget it, the wire will more than likely sit under the terminal screws and stay loose, you need a bit of girth to satisfy this deck, it’s a large space to fill (oh come on now enough already)

For the initial test I opted for a straight forward clapton, a chunky mother Hubbard, 5 wraps, spaced, 4mm ID…that’s right…4mm…fuck em, I want magic!

Gotta love a good money shot, kinda makes you drool a lil…the ease of building on this thing is a major plus point, loads of space, you could fit pretty much any build you like on here within reason without a hitch and the tails just hang down into the bottom of the tank , So…the hit?..well the hit was smooth, thick, flavourful…and…red…? jk

That 4mm had enough liquid in there to drown a fish and when I said I wanted magic I most certainly got exactly that, the Airflow is perfect for me, a triple slide affair giving enough draw for a decent cloud and enough restriction to give you a sense of what exactly CoilART means by their tag line …‘Discover your flavor’.

So what’s in the box??..

Everything you would expect except one thing I absolutely WOULD of expected to find in there??..COILS!..what is this fuckery??

I mean sure I can use my own coils but this is by CoilART?..the clue is in the name! surely it would of been good practice to stick at least a couple of nice trick coils in there?..fair enough they give you a vape band which is cool albeit a bit on the skinny side but I was very surprised on the no coils thing…I rummaged expecting to find a little tiny wooden chest that was locked by a spell only opening when a secret incantation is muttered, one phrase that is etched onto the bottom of every tank, each tank having its own special words…oooooh…

Man I should so be in marketing …and maybe…witchcraft… hey don’t judge, I could totally give Dumbledor a run for his money…

And as for his little bratty trio, one waft of my wand and I’d have them dancing round like a bunch of performing monkey’s

bit weird …

And who am I kidding anyway, I’d be totally more like this…

Anyway…Talking of marketing, it’s no real slouch in the retail presence area either, I prefer the round clear fronted boxes that it’s predecessor’s came in but it still looks like it could stand out in your local vape shop

Overall I am very impressed with the build quality of this tank, the idea behind it, the performance and the value, this is a very well machined product, and it has made me keep those tanks on my wish list and has made me aware of CoilART as a company, any new products they bring out now I will DEFINITELY be checking them out, this thing is a real flavour chaser’s dream.

so before I end on this magical story I shall pass on some technical data for you to fall asleep to…

24mm diameter

47mm overall height
3.5mL juice volume
24K Gold plated deck
Convenient top-fill
SUS304 stainless steel
Adjustable airflow
Food grade pyrex glass
Gold-plated 510 contact
Black derlin drip tip

still with me?..how about a nice Autumnal shot of the Mage in all it’s wonderful glory…

Much more entertaining.

I actually stepped in dog shit to take that shot, I hope you appreciate the lengths I go to for you …

You can obtain one of these fine tanks at the following place…I advise that you absolutely do…


Farewell my budding wizards and sorceresseses…ss…s until next time…that is if they keep letting me write this papp

And please feel free to come read more of my nonsense over at my house


Eternally Vapeful



Hilarious! I love how you play with associated themes. :+1:


what makes this so great Is I LOVE HARRY POTTER there i said it , read thw books and watched the movies over and over again great review you dirty mudblood lmao LOVE IT


Thanks @Naseschwarz :wink:

Glad you liked it brother :smiley:

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Well played sir

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Thank you very much sir :wink:

Fabulous yet again beaut , even more so because you’ve tapped into my love for all things Harry Potter :+1:

Oooh…might have to get me one! Easy enough for a beginner of coil building escapades?

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Easiest, so much room to play with in there, definitely recommend, I’ve been using it since I love it :ok_hand:


oh and thank you dear :wink:

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This was brilliantly creative and that’s coming from a cynical envious prick (myself). You are absolutely killing it …and strangely at the same time making me wanna buy one of these. The only losers here are the Vendors not sending you more stuff to review! You’re gonna need a bigger shed! :wink:


Very nice of you to say sir :grin: thank you very much…

I’m doing ok for space I’ve been giving some of the bits away to people who need it more than I do, 3 more people I’ve got off the stinkies this month, I’m keeping this though :smiling_imp:


Another nice piece you’ve written here, although I’m telling you upfront I’m not getting one. You’ve recently sweet-talked me into buying the Maze and I’m not really into drippers so shaking money out of my pocket for that is a real feat, count your blessings. :wink:
I’ve been busy stalking my mailbox ever since but pre advised is all I’m getting so far :angry:


I stopped at “What makes a Mage tick.” What were you reviewing again?

Seriously, great review as always. Look forward to all your reviews.


oh I love my Maze, such a well crafted little thing, great flavour too, let me know what you think when you get it :wink: and thank you :grin:

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haha, yeah I think most blokes might feel the same way :wink:

thanks man :wink:

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My girl saw me going through your magical journey and all she wanted to see were the Harry Potter thingys. I couldnt stop laughing. Great post Sir.


glad you enjoyed it Henry :wink: thank you!

Another great review as usual!

Might I request a “feature add”? Pop the price in there somewhere (probably by your vendor link) as you go! :wink:

Granted wasn’t hard to find out (just a link click away after all), but it just strikes me as one of those little “reader” conveniences is all! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks man glad you liked it, the price is actually on my site as I have a scoring system at the bottom of every review and its part of that but your right I should write it on here too :+1::wink:

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