Purchasing different nicotine/diluent (EU)

I have recently started making my own liquids. I have purchased a 6mg 50-50 Revolute base (since I only had to add flavour) along with some totally wicked flavours. However, i found the final result to be rather disappointing and the liquid too thin.

  • I was thinking of moving towards the FA bases/flavours. What is your opinion on their bases?
  • Looking at their website i noticed that they also add water in their nicotine bases (e.g.BiteXtra bases). If i purchase this, how could it be combined with the eliquid calculator since there is no water option on the nicotine base?
  • Would you suggest a different base brand’s base? Note that i am located in europe, so a european brand is of preference since there are no customs and the postage cost is lower.

Thank you

I am unsure of European vendors, sorry…
But, I can say the reason it is so thin, is not only because of the water, but at a 50/50 dilution, then adding flavoring (which is typically PG based) your ratios of PG/VG are going to be much more than 50/50 PG… if you make a recipe with 15% flavoring, you will have 65% PG and only 35% VG… If you are looking for a thicker juice, I would recommend getting a VG based Nic, or a much higher strength Nic, so that you can add the VG yourself at a much higher %.
I use 60mg Nic (100%PG)
with a 30ml bottle that works out to 3ml of Nic solution (for 6mg strength), 21ml VG, the rest to flavoring and maybe 1-5ml of pg to give me a 30pg/70vg mix.

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Also when you first log into ELR click on the " resource’s " at the top of the page. There is a lot of information on this site to help you get started. We will be here to help with your questions.

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This is correct. I did not account for the PG percentage of the flavors. TW require ~15% which would increase the total PG percentage.

I have had a look at the resources before but I found no poll/suggestion on which EU vendor(s) the users prefer in terms of nicotine and bases.I assume that the bases are pretty much the same, while the main difference is the nicotine quality.

I think I would need to get a 70/30 Revolute mix, which is available here, and take it from there. I purchased a couple of TPA flavors and a sample package of FA. They seem much higher quality compared to the TW ones.

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There’s a couple threads about places to buy in the UK that might be worth looking into:

Also check toward the bottom of the resources page for European vendors and coupon codes.

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I will, thank you!


After looking further into this, I am confused with two things. First, adding water to the mix and second, flavors.
Regarding water, I am very confused on whether a purchased base should be diluted or not. Different vendors provide nicotine that is already diluted with water.

For example, flavourart’s Traditional base contains water, while BiteXtra does not. All of the recipes here (based on the calculator) have an extra parameter for added water. However, this is added to the total mix, not to the nicotine or to each diluent separately. Anyways, this is usually 0.

  • So, question 1, in order to reproduce a recipe should my base be already diluted with water or not? If a base and the diluents do not contain water, am I supposed to add it?

Question 2 is regarding the safety of flavors. I have had a contact with TPA and they have clearly stated that their flavors are made for culinary use only and they are not intended for vaping. If that is the case, why is it being used so much here then?

Thanks again.

I use Pink Mule nicotine bases. Available in various strengths from 3-72mg and various PG/VG ratios

Takes about 5 working days to reach UK via tracked shipping. Always has been my number 1 choice of nicotine, Clean, no smell and comes in dark bottles.

Plenty of other cheap options available from UK suppliers also, if you’re happy to use 72mg strength DarkStar, EverythingLiquid, Piratevapes and Vapersemporium.

Most if not all will have some sort of discount code you can find on sites like this or google them.

No water. Up to 5% water is sometimes added to a mix that is very high VG so that it will be thinner and wick better, but hardly anyone I know does that. In general, you don’t want to get a base that has water. Typically, you’ll want to stick with a base that is nicotine in PG or VG or some combination of those two. No dilution of base or flavors is necessary. Just put in what your PG/VG ratio and strength of your base is and what you want it to be in the finished liquid, add the flavors you want, and follow the recipe.

As to the flavors, the reason companies like TPA and Capella will say that is because they were made for culinary use. Technically, “all” the flavors we use are. (Some companies like Flavorah are ‘meant for vaping’ but like TPA flavors, they’re still chemicals in a PG or VG base.) Companies like TPA are not going to risk their well-established ‘culinary’ business and the liabilities involved by saying that these flavors are or are not safe for vaping. Not enough studies on inhaling flavors have been done for anyone to conclusively say it is either safe or dangerous. This is something that you have to take into consideration and make a personal choice about.

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Thanks so much for clearing up the water part. This was my guess but i was very confused.
I found and purchased in a local vendor 50/50 18mg as well as 100% pg and vg. Also got a 70/30 vg/pg 6mg for quick testing. All from Pink Mule.

As for the flavors, yes you are correct. I am aware of this and it makes sense why TPA would follow this policy. I think the safest bet is to avoid any flavors that have warnings for “seems to be risky so far” chemicals attached next to them. Unfortunately, they are a lot :).
Maybe it would be helpful for users if there were more filter options in the search page, such as a “filter out flavors with warnings” kind of thing. A “single vendor flavors” would also be convenient.

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