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Purilum Tasting Notes

Purilum (Nicotine River) Golden Eye 1-3% used.
Tested on: Narda, Pico RTA, Aromamizer, Derringer, M-Atty, Hobo Drifter

Coils used: All 26 gauge: Single: 8-10 wrap 2.5mmid 316LSS. Dual: 8-10 wrap 3mmid 316LSS Temp control 400-520 degrees. Sweet spot around 500.

Like biting into a fresh mango. Lightly fleshy, slightly chemically like a mango. But not in a bad way. Many manufacturers of these tropical fruits will have an extremely off chemical taste but this one is spot on the real thing after a few days steep. Not too sweet. Sweetener or marshmallow a huge plus.

1% Great for cocktail mixes. Can add a nice tropical note. Light and refreshing it mixes well with other fruits in a medley.
2% Stronger but not a full on independent flavor. Will standout more as a main flavor in tropical blends. I’d use it here if I were to use say two fruits like a mango kiwi.
3% Awesome main flavor. Could easily all day vape by itself or with some light creams, vanilla and marshmallow. Great as the frontrunner in any rum drink or alcohol vape. Fruit mix surprise.
4% Would probably just not be a good idea. Way too strong. Think heavy floral.

Mixes with:

Vanillas: depending on application

Creams: vienna, sweet cream, bavarian, fresh cream, vanilla swirl, light custard v1 (oh yeah), marshmallows, whipped cream, buttercream, torrone, vanilla cream, yogurts. Thicker cheesy like creams could be very nice with the proper sweetener.

Fruits: Anything you can imagine tropical. Other mangos (fleshy ones, use this as the pop), FA kiwi, pineapple, good guava, coconut, papaya, lime, orange, lemon, citrus in general, blackberries, black currant, real cherry, banana, raspberry, watermelon, peach, oba oba.

Floral: rose, ylang ylang, honeysuckle, hibiscus, cactus, lavender

Bakery: I don’t know how far I’d go here but I can see a really smooth or light flaky thing going here. if you get creative you may be able to do something with FA cookie, INW biscuit, light sugar cookie (maybe), zeppola, cap yellow cake, nonna’s cake. Perhaps a creamy sort of cookie.

All in all a solid mango. I’m going to try and keep this in my collection. I have MANY ideas on it’s use and after reading this, I hope you do too.


Good to know you’re liking Purilum! :slight_smile:


Yeah I’m going to have to get a LOT of this stuff. LOL


I really need to get more of them I have the Ocean Mist and the Golden Eye. I need to run the whole collection through the notes gauntlet.


We definitely recommend it! You’ll find a lot of favorites!


It all looks good to me…if you ‘follow’ the conversation.

I keep a couple bottles aged of the Golden Eye single flavor, and vape it daily[since @River_Supply_Co introduced it]

I agree with your observations on Golden Eye, and would add that I find it to be a mix of several different varieties of mangoes, all in the same bottle, and you never know which variety flavor will be in the next vape. [I used to have a bunch of different variety mango trees in my yard]


I stand corrected… I took it out context… withdrawing my post.


You have the right to voice your opinion and ill state that i didnt disagree with you. Im unsure where the official line lies but i will seek clarification.


@Pro_Vapes @Ken_O_Where @ozo

I have been using Golden Eye at 3% and it was good, but floral. Moved it down to 2.5% and still getting a little bit of a floral note. I love this flavor but there is this note to it that is a turn off. Am I using it too high? Going to try at 2% next time, as this is a delicious sweet and sour mango.



Cut the edge off with some cream like marsh or Vienna


Any ideas what t make with butter pecan? I was thinking about making it solo but I’m not sure about the percentage. Any thoughts?


I suggest DaMomma’s [ @Alisa ] Bust-A-Nut

I no longer use sucralose, swapped it for a stevia stone.

You can also replace the sucralose with Marshmallow.


I made my standalone butter pecan at 15%, it could be a “little” stronger maybe but I’ve found if you go much above 15% it starts getting harsh


Here is Bust A Nut adapted


How about some Butter Pecan Fudge

white chocolate
butter pecan
brown sugar
for starters !


Yeah Amy how about some fudge. I’ll be here in Illinois for a while. Send some over when it’s done please.


I’ll get right on that sir uh wait it’ll probably melt before leaving the state haha :wink:

You love Butter Pecan what has the Mad scientist made lately ?


You mean you will have it eaten before it leaves the state. Did a complete reformulation on one mix without RF SC and a banana foster concoction. Other than that I haven’t made time for anything.


I totally would have eaten them :slight_smile: