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Why the hell the fuck the damn can you post a recipe and rate it too?
I don’t get it…You should not be able to post a recipe and give yourself 5 stars or any rating for
that matter …kinda defeats the purpose…“well hell yeah I love the juice I just made…yay!!!” gey!!!
Fix it… please…So when I click rating…it actually means something…

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People are allowed to have an opinion about their own creations. I think the creator’s rating is better than no rating - If that bugs you, just look for recipes with more than one rating…


With all do respect…help me understand the relevance of someone having the ability to rate their own mix…
I agree that “some” rating is better than “no” rating but when everyone can rate their own creations with 5 stars the whole concept breaks down…you have to see this…

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I disagree - one rating by the creator doesn’t make the concept of rating recipes break down. I rate my own recipes - Not all of them 5 stars. It helps me remember if I thought the recipe was any good.
I’ve seen other people rate their own recipes with 2-3 stars as well.
Yes, a lot of people rate their creations a 5 star, but again, that’s one rating. Look at recipes with more than one rating, and possibly comments attached to it (comments will be indicated on the recipe list at some point)…


For instance…I just rated the juice I just posted as 5 stars because I like it, I like it a lot but…No one has tried it…no one has commented… so it’s good because I said/think so? Hmmnnn I see your logic about the creator’s opinion, but the creation must be judged by the community to truly merit a rating, good or bad…I truly believe what you have done here, and for the community is epic. I wouldn’t really change a thing…but when I click “ratings”, I would like the results be from the community’s opinion not the mixer…I dunno…I’m dumb I guess…no worries…food for thought

Yes…I’m sorry…your right…many have the integrity to do the right thing…Just finding it harder to tell the difference these days=(

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I do see what you mean, but I don’t think the creators rating is harmful - it just takes one more rating to get another opinion :slightly_smiling: Remember, taste is subjective - even if the creator truly thinks his recipe is the BOMB, it could be a 2-star :slight_smile: And conversely his own 2 stars could be a 5-star for someone else…

No worries, mate - I try to listen to everyone - this point has been discussed before, however :slightly_smiling:

I hope you’ll find all the new stuff coming to ELR in 2016 to be useful :smiley:

Have a great day!


I love ya man…no homo =)


And all of my public recipes will not be released until i can give them at least 5 stars!!!

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In my own head…swear

Also…I must be really dummy…I searched daath on elr and nothing came up…=( I would love to see your recipes…am I doing it wrong?

Try Lars, that will get you a result :grinning:

oh shit that’s you…awesome =) I’ve been up and down your mix list =P

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ooopps like I said…I’m dummy…so you’re saying daath = Lars?

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Yes, he is! :wink:

XD Brilliant!!!

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I really appreciate when the creator rates his own recipe. I really want to know if they
actually like what they created, or if they haven’t finished with it and don’t have
an opinion yet.


cool… I only have one of my own creations so far…I haven’t seen anything like it on here…so I couldn’t base it off anything…so it is truly mine…I only gave it 5 stars so it would show up when people searched for similar flavor profile and clicked rating…

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The real help to the community and for the creator is when others take the time and courtesy to post follow up ratings with comments attached. I like that a creator gets to start the discussion for each recipe and where they think it starts rating wise. If you make one of their recipes be courteous and take the time to continue that discussion.


Comments and ratings are a good indicators as to the worth of the recipe. Ratings can be seen up front but not comments until you bring up the recipe. Wonder if there is an easy way of indicating the number of comments without bringing up the recipe. Could adding a colored circle with the total number of comments (or just the circle or whatever to indicate one comment would work) enclosed next to or near the 5 stars. An asterisk near the subject could also indicate a comment. If not easily done Daath, no problem, just a thought.
Might cause more trouble down the line (server load cap.) that it’s worth.