Quick Flavor Tasting Methods

My recent thread on wicking with hemp got me thinking about what else I do that may be of use to other folks. Given that hemp clears flavors quickly (it does for me :wink: and that, due to my usage, virtually everything I make is shake and vape I came up with a way to taste flavors quickly. I call it the 46 & 2 drop method after one of my favorite songs. . .and the “close enough” math.

It’s very simple: First I mix up a base representative of what I plan to mix. I dont use nic, but if you due you can use it or not in the base. For argument’s sake lets say I want 50/50. I’ll weigh that out into a 20ml squeeze bottle. In a separate 10ml squeeze bottle, I rinse with vodka and shake dry.

As an aside, at my mixing table I keep a small jar of vodka that I use to rinse my syringes, beakers funnels and bottles. I reuse the vodka in this jar until I feel that it is carrying too much flavor and then I throw it out and replace with new. I use the cheapest vodka I can find, which at present is Bentley’s.

I count out 46 drops of the base liquid into the 10ml container. Then I add 2 drops of whatever flavor I am testing. This yields you a flavoring percentage of about 4%. I shake up the little squeeze bottle and have enough liquid to fill my dripper about three times. I sit around with my palette of flavors and build the recipe that I want. . .for instance if I want a particular vanilla, I will run through what I have until I find the closest thing to what I am imagining.

Now, those of you that have been doing this long enough to have some juices that have steeped a couple of months know that some flavors REALLY change in that time period. Since I build my recipes this way, it means my liquid is generally ready to go immediately, but I have had to make private a couple of recipes that became unusable after a month or so steep.

OK, nothing fancy and it may not work for you. I also claim no novelty, maybe a lot of you guys already do this or something better. If you do, I’d invite you to throw your method in this thread or one of your own. I can change the title if necessary.


I like your process @therabidweasel ; I do something very similar to this…

I like to think of it as a wine tasting with flavors :smirk:

Simple shot glass
Needle tip squeeze bottle filled with bottled water (I use Dasani)

The Math:
According to Google, 1 drop is equal to 0.05 grams
I find “most” flavorings to be about 0.02 grams per drop. (so that’s ~2 drops for 0.05 grams) I know specific gravity can vary but we’re just eye-balling it here…
0.05 grams is 1/100 of 5 grams or 1% in simple terms
So, 2 drops equals ~1% in 5 grams of water

The process
For simplicity, shot glass on scale and tare weight
Fill with 2-3 grams of water (this is to minimize flavoring sticking to the glass surfaces)
Now add 2 drops (1%) flavoring
Fill the rest of the way to exactly 5.00 grams (kinda like a flavor sandwich where flavor is the meat and water is the top and bottom bread)
Swirl glass gently and stand near a sink
Olfactory sensors and taste buds tell us what vape tastes like, so we’ll be using both here.
Take a deep breath from the glass through your nose, 2 or 3 if ya like…
Directly after the exhale, take the shot but DO NOT drink it. We want it to linger on the tongue, swish it around then we’re gonna aerate it, skip to 1:20 in the video below…

As we aerate the flavors, pull some air through the mouth, exhale through the nose then spit it in the sink. Feel free to do this several times before spitting it out.
Now that the mouth is coated, continue to take breaths from your (now empty) shot glass, through the nose while continuing to aerate the mouth. If done correctly, it should be hilarious if someone catches you :laughing: …something like this…

Now you can have a cracker and start over…

2 drops = 1%
4 drops = 2%
6 drops = 3% and so on…

Also use this method to mix flavors for possible blends. Great topic thread TRW! I hope I’ve helped here :sunglasses:

Good luck brewing everyone!

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Thanks @Mofogger, I changed the title to reflect the added topic (s). I will check your method out for sure.

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I moved it to E-liquids - Flavor - this is much too useful and serious for the pub :smiley: hehe


Good stuff I have just mixed single flavor and let them sit before tasting on a dripper or very small batch of a recipe then go from there. I will be trying both ways posted here in the future.

Thank you, me Internet badly. Remember that when y’all try a rodent’s recipes or tricks.


http://www.kidneypuncher.com/kp-long-barrel-sealed-atomizer/ picked this up to do a quick flavor test of recipes I make will let you know how it works when it comes in.

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looks promising let us know what you think… could be a diy-ers dream for testing…

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Will do!!! Don’t know why I put off getting it

nice find…

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Let me know what you think about that. I looked at those for a while, but hadn’t seen anybody here using them. Also, reminded me too much of a cigalike cartomizer. Wasn’t sure how well it would work after my experiences with them.