Random Updates from JoJo

So quick update for anyone who has been wondering what I’ve been up to.

I’m seeing someone who is absolutely fantastic. I’m crazy about him and he is so good to me. It started off as a bit of a whirlwind thing which is part of what prompted my ELR vacation. Dating isn’t something I’d done in a really long time and I just had to take a breather to deal with stuff. :flushed:

I got a new car! One of my professor’s mom passed away at 91 and left him her 2004 Lexus RX 330 with only 62K miles on it. :astonished: He heard that my car was falling apart and sold it to me for a really great price, most of which my sister paid. It’s been amazing having a dependable vehicle again and I’ve probably put 3,000 miles on it already.

I GOT A JOB! :grin: Like a real job. LoL. Salary, benefits, full time, the works. Moving up in the world. I start on Tuesday. They’re going to work with me for Fall, which will be my LAST semester as a student. I can’t believe it’s finally coming together after all this time. I wanted to share this with you guys first before I put it on Facebook cuz I feel like a lot of you have been there with me through a large portion of this journey. Some serious ups and downs and now it’s all coming to a close.

With the new job, I can afford to move into my own place! :dancer: Some of you know that where I’m living now has been a bit of a challenge, especially over the last six months. I’m going apartment/house hunting this weekend and while I can’t move out just yet, I’m hoping to be able to by the end of the summer so the kiddo can start at her new school (Jr. High!) on time.

Lots of changing going on, which is NOT my favorite thing in the world. But it’s good stuff. A new chapter is about to begin and I could not be more excited. While I’m not back back just yet, I’m hoping this is the beginning of a more normalized life and schedule that will allow me the down time (especially after graduation) to get back into hobbies and back around here more.

I’ve missed you all more than you know and I think about you a lot. I’m glad that my absence hasn’t caused too many ripples and that everyone who is still here, is still here. I’m looking forward to the time when I can get back in here and talk to everyone again and meet all the new people who have come around since I’ve been away.

:peace_symbol: :heart: :call_me_hand:


So glad to hear life is getting better for you wish you all the best.


I told you you’d be back sooner then you thought!!!

We all missed and still missing you, but I’m soooo glad to hear all those nice things about your “new” life!
Thank you for the update, I think all of your “other family” here was waiting for it!
All the best, Frank.


Great to hear things are going great. You deserve it.


Wow, wow and MORE wow !!! Congratulations @JoJo


JoJo…I am very happy for you…if any one deserved a good change in life its you…you struggled hard to get where u are now…and very proud of you…and also finding a true love in your life is what you needed…get your life foundation solid before you come back…we miss you but also want the best for you also…
A big congrats on your change in life…family first then here… hugs girl


We miss you @JoJo! Hope everything goes smoothly, know you have alot going on, and I’m sure everyone here is with me in wishing you the best! :hugs:


Glad to hear things are going well. To compare this @Jojo to the one from January, you seem much happier. Glad for you.


That’s great @JoJo !
New recipe idea: Love Potion #9 lol


Oh, look at Miss Fancy Pants… :wink:

I wont speak for anyone else but i miss chatting with you, muchly. Glad all is well in your world and now that you got a job dont forget that $267.51 you owe me, hehe.

One last thing, sorry i missed your birthday. I know it was last month but i couldnt remember the day, you know how i am with days and things.

Hope to see you soon.


Congratulations @JoJo and may your life blessed for more. Glad to hear you’re doing better.


Great to hear all the good events, wishing you the best, thanks for stopping by and letting us know.


Thanks for the updates!! What blessings the gods have bestowed on you! Yay!!


So, so happy for you JoJo. I’m glad things are looking up for you. Come back when your ready. We all miss you.


Really pleased that your life is taking an upturn and I wish you well for all in your life.
Of course we miss you here but there are more important things in life and I’m sure when everything settles we will have your invaluable help and guidance again.
In the meantime,enjoy?


That’s really great to hear girl, so many good things coming your way all at once.
You must really deserve it :star_struck:


she does really deserve it :slight_smile:
she didn’t deserve all the previous shit, though .
I’m really pleased for you, @JoJo :woman_cartwheeling:


Wow @JoJo! I am so happy for you :hugs:! Congratulations doesn’t even seem like a big enough word to account for the well-deserved blessings you are finally getting :star_struck:! I know you must be so excited to be nearly done with school! You have worked very hard for that degree and believe me, it is one of the best feelings in the world when you finally get it :woman_student:t2:! You go girl!

I am happy to see things (life) working out for you finally! You deserve this and so much more! So until we speak again, I wish you the best of luck - in love, work, family, school, and home!


Congrats :+1:


Life can be extremely stressful at times, but I’m glad that its working out for you. As others mentioned, taking a break sometimes can be very rewarding, especially if a new partner is involved. I better see some great “pink” recipe ideas after you fully return, and it better not be just roses and strawberry :wink: enjoy the time, JoJo.