Ratings on recipes are now public (in a way)

Interesting, potentially controversial new update :wink: When looking at a person on ELR (by clicking the username either in the recipe list or on a recipe), you will now find a “User’s ratings”-link. This will show you all public recipes that a user has rated, his rating and when it was rated.

This should be a good way to find out if you and someone else have similar taste.

Now there’s no way yet, to see who rated on a recipe, but that will come later…

Happy vaping!


But, but, but then everybody will see I’ve been downrating their recipes cause I’m jealous :cold_sweat:


Hence the “controversial” part :laughing:


LOL, good point :slight_smile:

On a side note… If I rate below a 5 I typically add a comment to the recipe and let them know why. Would be nice if others did the same.


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