RDA/RBA Drippers help please

Hey guys and gals,
I have a query of sorts.

In relation to RDA/RBA drippers etc.

With me making various different recipes these days I find it very tiresome to strip clean my gear and dry burn my BVC’s before adding a new juice to sample.

So I’m thinking of an RDA etc but im unsure as whether I will need any new mods to run this.

Eventually I plan on moving to sub ohm vaping with an istick50w and Kanger subtank but I’ve been thinking about using a rebuildable in order to sample juices.
I currently have an MVP2.0 using a Nautilus.
I’m very happy with my ADV mod but can you actually build coils etc for drippers/RDA’s that aren’t for sub ohm Vaping that could be used on my MVP.

It would be a lot easier for me to dry burn a coil and then rewick the dripper for sampling juices.

Nothing too in depth at present just whether it’s possible or not using my mod.



There another thread here with recommendations and talk about RDAs :smile:

to be honest you could use the kanger subtanks rba section to test liquids at like a ml at a time, you mightn’t even need to drip

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Firstly love your reviews!

Secondly maybe my post was a little misleading.

I’m not into sub ohm vaping yet so I don’t have the KANGER or the istick50w.

However though I’m a keen recipe maker.

My question was simply, could I build a coil for a dripper etc that puts out around 1.6-2.0 ohms and is usable on my MVP2.0 without the need to buy all my sub ohm gear just yet.

I’m thinking about something like the Plume veil or another low cost RDA for about £10-20 without dropping down another £80 for my sub ohm gear.



Hi Jondamon; Get a Magma single coil RBA.

Build it a single coil at about 1.3 ohms and you’ll be able to use it with your MVP. Then all you do is change cotton when changing flavors.


Hey Ringling.

I’ll check out the Magma.

Thanks very much.


Even the lancia rda is a good one you can block the hole u don’t use w a single coil w a 1.3 build… and when u do and I think u will :wink:u can use both air holes and sub-ohm w dual coils and enjoy!!! Check it out???

Thank you bro bro I probably misread, im all tired after work :frowning: sure you could even use a plume in single coil, would be perfect :smile:


I reckon I will shed some of my personal experience here. I have owned several RTA systems including one of the first kayfuns. I actually learned to rebuild on those tiny little heads. I first bought replacement heads, but as everyone can see, that gets quite expensive. So I got some kanthal and learned to build coils. Then came my sub-ohm ventures which ultimately led me to buying several dripper’s.

I’m not trying to steer one away from a RTA, but if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind sub-ohm tapes, I would recommend buying a $8-10 decently reviewed atomizer of your choice from fasttech. Nothing can compare to a sub-ohm vape like a dripper.

Now there are many out there that would argue the fact of having to refill the dripper all the time. Let me just tell you something, I bought a logo-less Mutation X off of fasttech. I’m actually vaping it RIGHT this second and it has a MASSIVE juice well. I can fill the juice well up and get about 8-12 pulls depending on the size before I even notice my coils are starting to dry out. This thing is one of my favorite atomizers and I have about 12 drippers in my collection.

I didn’t come here to say ‘go get yourself a dripper’. I share my experience with you because I read the part of you wanting a nice sub-ohm vape.

This is mainly posted for the person who posted the new thread about which is a good RTA. smile

Forgot to mention I vape in the 0.2-0.4Ω range.

This is a post that I had on another topic.

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Thanks @ryan8five0 for your insight.

Like I mentioned though I’m
Currently not sub ohm vaping but it is where I plan on being within the next few months.

So basically the answer to my question is that as long as I keep my coil build above 1.3ohms and under circa 2.5ohms then there will be no issues firing an RDA/RBA/DRIPPER on my MVP2.

That’s great to know.

Now to the YouTube I go to learn a little more about coil building, wraps and Kanthal gauge lol.

Cheers guys



Hey Rob.

Just purchased myself an IGO-w along with 50x 1.6ohm pre wrapped coils, and some Muji Cotton wicking material.

Thinking this should see me right for tasting my recipes easily.



Forgot to mention that it was all for $12.11 around £8.20.



Also have just purchased a Plume Veil clone.

As after researching a little more (instead of just looking at $'s) I’ve found that the IGO-W doesn’t have post holes and you have to build the deck by getting the Kanthal between the posts and screws. Which isn’t a major ballache as I’m a PC tech so used to fiddly screws etc but I fancied trying the PV clone to see. So now I have 2 Drippers being sent to me lol.

Next month I think I’ll be buying my iStick50w from FastTech and then maybe the Kanger SubTank too along with some various gauge Kanthal and coil tester etc for building some sub ohm coils for the PV and IGO-w.


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The Magma is a flavour machine…I regret deeply selling mine…now I have to get a new one.

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Hey @JuiceRider thanks for stopping by.

Incase anyone is wondering within this thread post I’ve now got myself a FUHattan, couple of Plume Veil Clones, 28AWG Kanthal, KURO COIL master, ohm reader, 4x samsung 25r’s, Nitrcore Intellicharger i2 and Muji cotton.

Some parts are awaiting delivery and others I’ve got.