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I am primarily a tank-guy , but I do enjoy some dripping once in a while. Trouble is, I can not seem to find one I can live with.
I have tried Zenith v2 (need a more lush flavorprofile, )
Magma (brilliant flavour, but a damn hazzle to screw the top on and off for dripping.
Striker. (Flavour to dry)
Cyclops. (Brilliant flavor, but sooo tiny…)

What do you guys use?

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I love my Tobh, Rogue, and the Tugboat v2 is very good as well (supports single coil) - The tugboat has fairly small post holes for the kanthal. All of them are great for flavor.

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The Rogue looks like something I wanna try, thanks for the feedback. Anyone else ?

Hi I use the el carbon by compvape so simple with lots of options and good size drip well

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I’m fairly new with RDA’s myself so I tried to keep it simple as I could.
I chose a Plume Veil for my first one because of this and it has great reviews.
Flavors awesome, works great with single coil or you can get creative with dual parallel coils. It all works.
Tugboat, I think is a great unit to, but local shop was out of stock, so Plume Veil went home with me.

The Magma gets my vote - just pull off the drip tip and drip through that opening. Works for me. I wouldn’t trade that flavor for anything! I usually go 20-25 drops through the drip tip hole and rarely have leakage.

I bought a Rogue, on the suggestion of @daath. I have to say, it’s a nice dripper. The flavor is excellent due to the reduced air chamber. It’s worth the buy. Low profile as well!

I also just purchased a Venturi. It’s a kayfun interior type dripper. Practically leak proof. I absolutely love it. The flavor factor is super nice. Again, very tight air chamber and short chimney. Plus, you get three differnt top caps to boot. Dual coil set up with air intake at the top of the atty. No juice gooing out of the side of the atty.

I have too heard the magma is excellent from flavor coming from just about anyone who has used one. I still have yet to try it so its just what I’ve heard.


Holmes V2 for Magma lovers!

Every try the big dripper RDTA? If your a tank guy Id really recommend that. Basically a dripper build deck, with a tank on top of it. Simply push down the drip tip, and it forces juice onto the cotton

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The big dripper is typically my all day “work” atty. They’re built to take a beating and the 3 to 5ml capacity is usually plenty to get me through the day.

Hey guys and girls.

I have a little question. @daath pointed me in this direction.

heres my original thread post.

Hey guys and gals,
I have a query of sorts.

In relation to RDA/RBA drippers etc.

With me making various different recipes these days I find it very tiresome to strip clean my gear and dry burn my BVC’s before adding a new juice to sample.

So I’m thinking of an RDA etc but im unsure as whether I will need any new mods to run this.

Eventually I plan on moving to sub ohm vaping with an istick50w and Kanger subtank but I’ve been thinking about using a rebuildable in order to sample juices.
I currently have an MVP2.0 using a Nautilus.
I’m very happy with my ADV mod but can you actually build coils etc for drippers/RDA’s that aren’t for sub ohm Vaping that could be used on my MVP.

It would be a lot easier for me to dry burn a coil and then rewick the dripper for sampling juices.

Nothing too in depth at present just whether it’s possible or not using my mod.



@Jondamon I posted a reply to your question in your topic.

To the OP’s question.

I have:
Zenith V2
Plume Veil V2
Mutation X

I love the:
Plume Veil
Mutation X

I would give any of the 3 above a try, as they are all awesome atty’s. I recommend the Plume for flavor and the Mutation X for clouds. I would put my Pollux between those 2 in terms of clouds/flavor.

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I have a bunch of RDA’s, when i say a bunch i mean too many. My favorite is the Plume Veil v1.5 Tobeco clone. I like the Tobeco clone because of the SS deck. I run single coil setups so with the PV i can add a lot of juice, an entire dropper full or more, i just have to tilt it slightly. The positive block, 4 post design, is awesome. It has airflow for days so it can be used for clouds or flavor. Fasttech sells some very inexpensive cloud caps for them, a buck fifty or so.

Recently i grabbed a couple Tugboat v2’s. This is another nice RDA, it has a very deep well and decent airflow. It can be used in single mode as well. The only down side is the 3 post design but the deep well makes it more than worth it.

The rest of my RDA’s go unused, i just gave 6 of them to my nephew and 2 to my sister but the rest sit in their boxes waiting for the day when they are antiques and worth a bagillion dollars!

Grab some 30g wire and build single coil setups. They will heat quickly and 30g is perfect for devices under 15w.


I’ve got a crap ton of attys, but I taste test with the cheapest, oldest atty I have…a single hole IGO-W. Works great for the purpose of taste testing. 3/4 inch piece of cotton through the coil and tucked under the coil. Quick and easy.

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Igo-W is what i use for testing as well, interesting! I have appx 12 Igo-W attys a couple of the W4’s. Under 5 bucks on FT is quite a deal and they are nearly identical to the authentic that i own, except for the one without post holes. Great attys for testing or starting out tho they are a total pain in the ass the drill through…

Yup. Mine doesn’t have post holes, that’s how old it is! And yes, drilling out the air hole did ruin a couple of bits!!


And produced some brand new swear words. Of all the top caps i have drilled they were the worst.

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