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I’m new here so I hope this is posted in the correct category.I am far from an expert on flavorings but have mixed long enough to have a basic understanding on what I am doing. When like most of you I became aware of the FW issue I became most alarmed. I have read just now the forum posts here that are relevant to my post but here’s the reason I’m posting this. I am currently working my way thru the back of my steeping cupboard and came across a 50 ml bottle marked Strawberry Shortcake Cornish Cream Tea Style.

Not wanting to waste it I threw into a tank and vaped it. First blast gave me a nasty burnt taste but the next few tasted good. It is an old tank (Aspire Atlantis Mega) and I am using the Aspire 0.3 coils in it. At first I wondered if it was a funky coil or wicking issue. But it seems to intermittently keep happening and not from an equipment issue. I have bought a lot of yellow cake FW and have never had this issue before with that flavor but use it in a lower % than this recipe I tried with the FW Strawberry Shortcake. It smells like burnt sugar to me and tastes awful when it happens.

When I inspect the coil inside and out, no sign of burnt cotton, gunk or black spots on the actual wire. At 60 watts I am at the bottom of the coil range and get similar results even at lower watts. Coil is reading 0,32 ohms currently and I have lowered the watts to 50 watts.

Has anyone had this issue with the FW Strawberry Shortcake because the remaining ingredients I know cannot be the cause in my recipe. I honestly want to toss it but I do enjoy the FW Yellow Cake. I am not going to buy either again because I want to use alternatives that are safer going forward with my mixes. I bought a bigger bottle of the FW YC and am almost out thankfully but now I am scared to use either.

Bottom line is am I vaping fructose right now??? Is it actually burning or as I have read in some reports, does it take higher temperature to actually burn? The fact that I could be inhaling potential deadly carcinogens is enough for me to avoid these flavors.


I use mostly FW flavors however, there are flavors that do indeed contain fructose. It is suspected that fructose is not good for you and it does seem evident that it is hard on coils. I am avoiding the FW flavors that contain fructose. If you do a search here on ELR there is a list of the flavors that contain fructose which you want to avoid. Off the top of my head I can tell you a few.

Flavor West

Yellow Cake
Cake Batter Dip
Gummi Bear


Caramel (original)

Sorry but that is all I remember…

Thanks for the reply @ringling I first became aware of these flavors in the beginning of this year and had already bought some offenders. I decided to use them up as I had bought big bottles. I do use the flavor list for references initially but seldom return to them once I get past testing a new flavor. In this case, it is just plain weird. When I have combined FW Cinn Roll and Yellow Cake, yes, I get gunking but never a burnt taste. It was like with this juice that I was exceeding the power range of my coil. I have pushed 80 watts with this same setup and pg/vg ratio.

Could be my juice or the coil, if it is just a bad coil I will feel stupid! The Strawberry Shortcake was a free sample in 10 ml. Maybe my bottle wasn’t shaken properly before it was re-bottled for me here. It isn’t original manufacturer bottle so I may never know.

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I thought maybe I could get that list again but it appears is down. It also is gone from Reddit. Looks like they ruffled some feathers possibly. As far as coils go, remember, coils are usually rated using 50/50 blend juice which few of us use. Don’t try using max wattage based on max rating for watts for the coil. Also clearer ejuice tends to be better on coils. Many of us give up a little coil life to vape other juices knowingly but, that’s our choice…

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@ringling Yup, bad coil. It totally fried right after I posted. Coil turned black inside and not from gunk. First one I’ve ever had out of countless ones. I always prime them by soaking them upside down in a cut down 20 ml bottle. Now I feel idiotic. Yes, I too noticed the site was down but thanks for trying.I have the % fructose of each in my notes. Interestingly the SB Shortcake is 10-20% fructose and the Yellow Cake is 20-30%. Quite like this blend so I will clone it with a sub. CCT FA, SB Sweet TPA, Vienna Cream FA and the offender of course. On the humorous side… I had a nice sweet cup of strawberry(kinda cakey) coffee this morning :laughing: Freshly primed new coil, different juice, strawberry custard doughnut and no burnt hits even pushing past 80 watts. This juice seems to like 70 watts but I did test the range safely bumping up. And breaking it in slow. Prefer my clapton builds in my RDA’s though. Much cheaper and more flavor. The Atlantis is my take to work tank and don’t worry if it drops because I have better ones.

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I’ve had good results using FW Vanilla Cupcake for a sub for the Yellow Cake if that helps…

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Thread on here called “Tiki Roar” has the list of suspected flavors containing fructose, corn syrup, or sugar syrup. I say suspected because i have not researched myself but believe the list must hold some validity

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Just posted about fructose…