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Hi everyone,
I’m new to this site and new to vaping. Just 3 weeks ago I stopped smoking. I must say that vaping is absolutely fantastic! The craving for a cig went away after my first vape and i’m not planning to go back. My first 2 liquids were bought in a shop (Cosmic fog - Kryp and Charlie noble - Blue bay). Now I make my own juice but I find it hard to judge their tastes. Everyone has his own preferance (fruits, creams, cakes,…) and even in strongness there are many different opinions. Unfortunately I don’t know a lot of vapors myself so I thought to reach out here. I want to keep things simple so it’s easier to adjust a recipe. The first one I made was only tpa watermelon at 10% and nothing else (this turned out to be a disaster). It tasted like real watermelon but very harsh in the throat. The second one was already a little bit more adventurous and consisted of 3% coconut, 3% rum and 1% vanilla. You can see the recipe here:

Now comes the question…
Is there anybody out here who would like to test this and give some feedback? Not trying to look for praising but as I said I have no one to ask irl and I would like to know if I’m on the right track. Many thanks in advance and hope to hear from you.
p.s. english is not my first language so mistakes will be made lol


Are you making recipes for yourself or others?
If you’re just making recipes for yourself, there’s no need for validation of others. If you like your juice, that’s all that matters.

I’m not familiar with CAP coconut so I’ve no clue what the result is like, but it seems like decent flavors to combine.
I suggest if you make a recipe from scratch, you make a couple different versions and follow up on them during the steeping process, take notes and continue with what works best for you. Play a little with the % of the flavors.

Besides flavor notes on this site, a good place for flavor reviews/notes is


You are absolutely right, I think it’s because this whole thing is new for me that I get excited and want to get involved. I am just making recipes for myself so don’t mind me I guess. On the other hand I read some people posting about being in some sort of a mixing rut, and that posts like this could give them some inspiration.
Greetings from Belgium


Welcome !!


Hey mate i dont have any of those but i have seen people doing 123 recipes befor so 3% main flavour you want 2%supporting flavour and 1% back note flavour for eg with your recipe maby 3% rum 2% coconut 1% vanilla i have never tried those flavours so cant say it would be good but i love vanilla i really like rum and coconut is ok for a back note so personally i would go with 3%vanilla (probably a creamy vanilla) 2% rum and 1% coconut just a suggestion and there are people on here more experienced then me.


Also turn your stash off private so we can see what you got.
Also forgot to mention the advice @anon28032772 gave is gold :+1:


Done :slight_smile:
Also thx for the 123 idea, will be testing a lot comming weeks

going to get some more glass bottles and start experimenting, mixing e-liquid is a lot harder than I expected and there is more to it than just putting some ingredients together…

Thank you for helping me out.


Mixing Flavor Concentrates, unfortunately is not that easy (As much as id like it to be), the issue with this approach is that being the obvious, not all flavors behave the same way once suspended in a ratio of PG/VG alongside other flvrs.

The only payoff i can see, with this method is that yu will soon learn what not to do in the future whilst wasting money and time in the process. This is my personal opinion and by all means not Gospel. I have been mixing for coming up to about 8 months now, and with some brilliant support and advice from the likes of @woftam @SthrnMixer the best way to explore your flavor arsenal is to SFT (singlr flavor test).

This will give yu a good sneak peek into the strength and flavour of that particular concentrate before yu attempt to stack with other flvrs. mixing flavor molecules has been by far the most challenging thing i have ever attempted, and imho if mixing was as simple as 123 presto there would be no industry only a market.

So consider your options in which angle you choose to take when starting out on this journey, it can be an extremely rewarding one yet also a tough and gritty process, through lots and lots and lots of trial and error. My advice would be to seek advice from experienced mixers and follow in there footsteps, that has been my journey and it has slowly paid off. i still have a fetish for custard and cream…but im working on that issue…heheheheh

Id like to add that this is only my opinion, do what yu will after all it is D.I.Y…enjoy the journey…

:smile: :stuck_out_tongue:


the pot of gold


I did this with my tpa watermelon and it was a disaster. My throat hurts everytime I vape it. But I think I know how to solve this issue. The nicotine is maybe too old and/or the 10% watermelon too much. I let it steep for 2 weeks but this could not be the problem I think. Next test will be NO nicotine, 5% watermelon and try it every few days. Let the journey begin…

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You don’t need to add nic for SFT. And yes, there will be flavors that are harsh on the throat. This is important to note when you do SFT so that you know exactly what effect adding a certain flavor has.

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Remember, these flavors are mostly developed for the food industry. With some of them, it’s trial and error and some people react different to certain flavors than others. Again, another reason why SFT is important, as well as taking notes.
If you like DIY, you’ll end up with dozens, if not 100’s of flavors and it’s impossible to remember every detail about each flavor.


Lol. I’m gonna say it. I’ve only done about 20 sft’s in two years (probably less but had to geuss). You don’t have to do it to be successful. Some of us can’t mentally do a sft and wouldn’t get enough from it in the long run.

That being said I make up for it by reading the data available. See what others are doing with the flavor. And go from there. I don’t just throw stuff together…I make an informed decision.


Though you can’t really count on it to be like that. Every flavor has a different strength. The 1% (or even 0.5%) could very well be the main flavor and the 3% (or even 5%) the background flavor depending on the strength of the flavors you use… You just need to learn each of your flavorings to design a recipe like that :slight_smile:


Another thing that you might be missing for now is at least 1% Sweetener to start out. If you are used to vaping store bought juice you are definitely missing sweetener.


It appears that you are doing well so far and assume you are navigating the site’s resources well enough. The flavor notes here are great to give you ballpark mixing %s and to what results since its more then one persons perception of a flavor. In case you have not found it already Tips For Navigating the Flavor Page and Optional Flavor Choices For Beginners will help you use it.
I mix only for myself and don’t get a lot of feedback so I understand your desire for it. I like to read posts in What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)? and New Recipe Showcase 2018 , I believe there is another WIP thread but cant recall what it is atm. You can always share your mixes there or even just ideas for a recipe.
Welcome aboard and Good luck to you!


I’ve looked at the notes for watermelon and I’ve seen people go to 15% sometimes and according to the notes I’ve read they describe the flavour as smooth so it might indeed be your nicotine.

You could also try vaping just your PG//VG by itself to see if that is harsh. I don’t know where you bought that but quality varies. Although if you got it from Owl-Aromen it should be good. I’ve bought from them myself and there’s nothing wrong with their PG or VG.

For inspiration you could also look at this thread for some simple 3 flavour recipes.

Last but not least, welcome to the forum and as @worm1 already said, good luck to you :+1:


I know, but i’d like to stay away from them as much as possible, the Coconilla rum I made was sweet enough for my taste. I haven’t had problems with gunked (i hope u know what I mean) coils and for my taste it doesn’t need to be too sweet. Sometimes I use tpa pear or fa Marzipane as a sweetener

I’m sure I could do better but I read as much as possible and the links you provided are going to be very helpfull, thank you.

I bought everything so far from except for the nicotine which I bought from a friend. Comming weeks testing will clear up a lot for me.

Thank you all so very much, this community/website is awesome!!

p.s. having @daath reply on one of my first posts makes me :flushed: lol, again thank you all so much :smiley:


Dat is een speciale behandeling uitsluitend voor koningen :crown:


It’s all Dutch to me? LOL