Reaching out to the community

Remember, these flavors are mostly developed for the food industry. With some of them, it’s trial and error and some people react different to certain flavors than others. Again, another reason why SFT is important, as well as taking notes.
If you like DIY, you’ll end up with dozens, if not 100’s of flavors and it’s impossible to remember every detail about each flavor.


Lol. I’m gonna say it. I’ve only done about 20 sft’s in two years (probably less but had to geuss). You don’t have to do it to be successful. Some of us can’t mentally do a sft and wouldn’t get enough from it in the long run.

That being said I make up for it by reading the data available. See what others are doing with the flavor. And go from there. I don’t just throw stuff together…I make an informed decision.


Though you can’t really count on it to be like that. Every flavor has a different strength. The 1% (or even 0.5%) could very well be the main flavor and the 3% (or even 5%) the background flavor depending on the strength of the flavors you use… You just need to learn each of your flavorings to design a recipe like that :slight_smile:


Another thing that you might be missing for now is at least 1% Sweetener to start out. If you are used to vaping store bought juice you are definitely missing sweetener.


It appears that you are doing well so far and assume you are navigating the site’s resources well enough. The flavor notes here are great to give you ballpark mixing %s and to what results since its more then one persons perception of a flavor. In case you have not found it already Tips For Navigating the Flavor Page and Optional Flavor Choices For Beginners will help you use it.
I mix only for myself and don’t get a lot of feedback so I understand your desire for it. I like to read posts in What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)? and New Recipe Showcase 2018 , I believe there is another WIP thread but cant recall what it is atm. You can always share your mixes there or even just ideas for a recipe.
Welcome aboard and Good luck to you!


I’ve looked at the notes for watermelon and I’ve seen people go to 15% sometimes and according to the notes I’ve read they describe the flavour as smooth so it might indeed be your nicotine.

You could also try vaping just your PG//VG by itself to see if that is harsh. I don’t know where you bought that but quality varies. Although if you got it from Owl-Aromen it should be good. I’ve bought from them myself and there’s nothing wrong with their PG or VG.

For inspiration you could also look at this thread for some simple 3 flavour recipes.

Last but not least, welcome to the forum and as @worm1 already said, good luck to you :+1:


I know, but i’d like to stay away from them as much as possible, the Coconilla rum I made was sweet enough for my taste. I haven’t had problems with gunked (i hope u know what I mean) coils and for my taste it doesn’t need to be too sweet. Sometimes I use tpa pear or fa Marzipane as a sweetener

I’m sure I could do better but I read as much as possible and the links you provided are going to be very helpfull, thank you.

I bought everything so far from except for the nicotine which I bought from a friend. Comming weeks testing will clear up a lot for me.

Thank you all so very much, this community/website is awesome!!

p.s. having @daath reply on one of my first posts makes me :flushed: lol, again thank you all so much :smiley:


Dat is een speciale behandeling uitsluitend voor koningen :crown:


It’s all Dutch to me? LOL


Like i said

And there are people way more experienced than me…and that i am so grateful for, if the DIY community were full of moorons who kept there experience to themselves we would be in a sad state of affairs… so to all those in the elr community who continually give their support freely and with no expectation to the new mixer…i salute yu…


I approach it like I do baking, start small and work your way up, each flavor has its own certain strengths and its easier to add to than dilute(probably covered), also try tasting the flavor (just a drop) right from the bottle, it should give you some idea how strong it is which will help in adjusting what you could add to your taste. Personally I try every flavor I order right from the bottle before mixing.


I couldn’t agree more !! This time around I’ve been at it for a couple of months, last time I mixed, didn’t take notes,no SFT, barely any not reading etc… I finally decided to peek my head into the rabbit hole and start an exploration.“Just ask Alice, when she’s ten feet tall” taken from non other than Alice in Wonderland. LoL
I’m only at the point of doing adaptations and replacing flavors I don’t have with flavors I do in several recipes
I’m really getting a feel for what does what and how different one concentrate from ie; FA compares to TPA of the same flavor name but 2 totally different profiles. WoW, I totally just Love it !!
I’ve also pretty made the adaption of 80/20 this time around. 80% listening & only 20% talking. Instead of the opposite.


This is not a good “rule of thumb” to measure by, nor a good habit to develop IMO. Especially as a new mixer.

The reason being, while it might hold true within several (or even ‘many’) of a given brand line… It will not hold true at all across multiple brands nearly as well.

An example example of disproving it even within a single brand would be:

3% main flavour = TFA caramel original
2% supporting flavour = marshmallow
1% back note = TFA Kona Coffee or Acetyl Pyrizine or TFA Brown Sugar

Any of the three above at 1%, would dominate the others.

There are of course cases where the “formula” you’ve picked up would, and can be applied. All I’m saying is, it’s a dangerous road to try and rely on such “suggestions”, and possibly more so IMO to recommend such. :wink:


See @mixologist13… You’re not alone. :rofl:
(yeah, what I said ended up being covered to some degree already. But, such is life when replying as you read. :wink: chuckles)

@Benoz Sorry mate, wasn’t trying to “hammer it into the ground”, I saw you acquiesced above (after I got there)


All good mate lol i was more just suggesting doing 3 flavour recipes. I have been doing the 3 flavour and percentages and it has really help me understand the flavours more so than single flavour testing i feel i have saved alot of time and money dont get me wrong its not a 100% sure fire way but i have had results especially when i only had 15 flavours to work with but i do understand were everyone is coming from and if the flavour is to high you will know about it :rofl:


I have actually mixed a similar recipe to this and it was nice after a good steep think i used biscuit tho at 1%


:thinking:Think i will take this on bord i seem to get shut down abit i never new i was so unconventional sometimes :zipper_mouth_face:


Oh hell no don’t do that, your one of the top ten DIYers that I follow and read and take in your advice. I think your suggestions and knowledge are quite valuable.
Keep on keeping on Benoz


A wise man once told me. Sometimes it is better to remain silent and let people wonder, rather that speak and prove that you’re and idiot. Not to imply that your an idiot, just a funny statement for all to enjoy.

I like your posts too, don’t go quiet on us. :smiley: