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Reaction-emojis for forum posts :)

Everyone’s favorite @JoJo found a fun plugin for the forum! Right beside the :heart: (Like) button, a smiley icon has now appeared. Click this to react to a post. Right now I’ve set it to show:

:thumbsup: :heart: :astonished: :relaxed: :grinning: :laughing: :cry: :rage:

But we can set it to whatever we want :slight_smile:


It worked!! Yay! :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s letting me do a “poop” icon in private message!

This is awesome @JoJo!


Hmmm. Interesting indeed. It’s a little hard on the iPhone. Not hard, but I don’t think all the emojis load. But that a’o’k :ok_hand:

Doesn’t work in chrome on a mac, at least not for me. :cry:

It does for me. Sorry, just realising I’m on Safari not on chrome :sweat_smile:

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This is how it looks for me when i try.

it goes all dark and no emojis load.

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Me sa sad now :cry:

Try clearing your cache - I will test it on a mac in a bit and see if I can reproduce - If so, I will provide feedback to the developer of the plugin!

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Will do that and get back to you.

Ok so i have cleared the cache and it is the same for me. No biggie to be honest.

I’m on a mac now - works in Chrome, Safari and Firefox… :slight_smile:

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WTF??? I am certain that computers sometimes has a life of their own and some just like to torment their owners.

This is so nice. So many of our dear friends come here to voice their woes and sorrows, we are their family and now we can do more than say like to their posts. Thanks


Cant see them? Try Chrome I had jump to it to see them. IE didn’t display them just a darker screen and nothing

what type of computer and what browser

I typed that out initially. Mac and chrome

I think that was always there but not sure. I don’t poop many messages. lmao

As usual I read the problem and responded before reading the thread. Guess I need to look before I leap :blush:

The poop has vanished lmao, but @Pugs1970 pointed out it would have been totally misused by any visiting trolls…

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