Real, factual, rational conversation for prepping in light of bans

Thought about not posting this, before I did post it as I saw a large smattering of posts about this, scattered across many of the recent “Juce/Flavor/ECig Bans” threads, and thought it could be a good idea to centralize this one aspect.

I don’t think anyone can fully appreciate ALL of the current (or forthcoming) info on bans, but I think WE as a group, are pretty damned UP to speed on what is, or could be happening regarding the assault on vaping in general (IMO), which I believe was propped up / pushed by the recent injuries/deaths due to vaping. It appears as if, we haven’t lost any members of ELR lately, so clearly what WE are vaping, isn’t the problem, but black market, THC / Vitamin E Acetate laced garbage. We all know the “narrative” that is being pushed, and although many “facts” about WHAT was actually causing the injuires/deaths is coming out, the “narrative” is still being pushed.

Rather than risking angering the mods (LOL), and further deep diving into the bans, upcoming bans, etc., let’s talk about what you guys/gals are considering loading up on.

I typically keep at least 2L of NIC if not more on hand, with typically 10 gallons of VG, 3 gallons of PG, but have been known to go heavier depending on demands. Flavors on the other hand, I slack off a bit, and although I have jugs of my most used, I haven’t really started looking at PERHAPS increasing my stash of flavors.

As far as mods/tanks/wire/cotton/batts go, I was already hoarding them from the git go, due to my unresolved Shiney-Iteous condition, so haven’t thought to increase purchases there.

What are you guys mulling over lately ??


To be honest I’m in the ‘wait and see’ camp so other than my usual inventory management I don’t have a Plan B. Hopefully my optimism serves me well enough.

I am curious if the vendors have seen a notable increase of ordering tho.


Mulling over is a good term. I’m in good shape per devices. Quite frankly, haven’t seen any in the past nine months or so that would be better than what I have. I have no interest in commercial juices. Haven’t found one that approaches what I can make although I occasionally try one. PG, VG, and nic are good for about a year. It was just recently that I found some core concentrates that I am really thrilled with, so I am not stocked up on them at all.

What to do? Great question…

I’m facing double jeopardy, being in Michigan and obviously the U.S… I don’t know the full impact on concentrates from either. I have “grey market” alternatives including connections to the U.K., Australia, and sadly, China as well as options in other states. The threat to nic does not seem emanate to me yet. I know there are zealots that want to bury vaping and I believe Trump is one of them but I don’t see them being able to go after nic without impacting the tobacco industry, at least as of yet.

I will probably purchase and freeze a little more bulk PG, VG, and Nic. Probably get some larger quantities of core concentrates. I’m also contemplating trying some tobacco flavors and relegating most of my vaping to nic maintenance. Until now vaping has been a pass time. I think that luxury is being challenged.


They’ll never ban food flavorings, neither VG or PG. Nic may be the only issue but if you’ve watched the vid I posted yesterday from DIYorDIE, you’ve seen that you can get it from other countries… (not that I encourage anyone to do anything illegal).
If you’re really scared about hardware bans… get a mech, it’ll last a lifetime.


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My main focus is Nic & DNA boards.

I have 3 liters of nic in the freezer but would like to pick up more and I want to buy as many DNA boards as I can before we are not allowed to

yay! it just shipped!


Only concern I have is whether nicotine will be still be legally available for public purchase after the smoke clears. If this administration is bent on all out prohibition of “unregulated” vaping (only allowing their approved manufacturers supply chain) then they will prohibit this essential ingredient. Sure it may be available for purchase outside the country, but if the overreach extends to nicotine prohibition it is not much of a stretch to prohibit online sales or common carrier delivery of it either. We’ve already seen online prohibition of purchase of vaping supplies from several states, no doubt they will make this a national prohibition. It’s extremely problematic that this “public health crisis” has bipartisan support and worse that the most reactive, shortsighted, administrator has already condemned our harm reduction lifestyle aid. I’m going to wait for the weather to cool down (don’t think ground shipments of nic in this weather are that great) take the temp of the prohibitive status, and then place an order for nicotine that will get me and my family through. -Cheers


I never knew this product existed before (in crystalline form) . I would be skeptical of it being genuine but the company is highly respected and reputable. If I were an federal administrator I wouldn’t want the general public playing around with this stuff, but that is what they are facing with a threat of prohibition:


Very happy not being in the US, I had already stocked up on shit when they came with the TPD which, so far, is manageable.
I also belong to the lucky minority that enjoys tobacco flavours. Crossing my fingers Flavorah doesn’t go out of business.


I was ready to order a coupke gallins of Nicotine , but one of our friends here eased my mind so im not too worried about that …Like @Josephine_van_Rijn I worry about FLV , recently I habe invested in them mote than any other flave manufacturer… I would have no problem only using FA with some MF flaves if I had too …ive been buying mods and rdas and tucking them away for some time now …so no stock piling yet if there are superb sales I will take advantage


What tobacco flavor(s) {Concentrates} would you recommend? But time to give them a shot.


I was too, but @SmokyBlue said in another thread that Flavorah “has plans”

Not sure what that means, but I remember when Bull City Vapor changed to Bull City Flavor


It will definitely send users to mech devices, which an experienced (or informed) user is perfectly capable of using. Then you have the others. That’s what I’m worried about hardware-wise. I may have to pull out the old Crickets eventually. I don’t think most of us would go back to cigarettes, I could be wrong, but I sure as heck won’t.


I will not go back either… Making the switch for others will be hard which is sad…


Just that they are monitoring things right now, and if there is a time/need to actually do anything, they will.
I have complete faith in them.


People usually take the path of least resistance so I’m afraid a lot would go back to smoking


Well it tastes like death after being off them for years. Yuck. I can always hope. :upside_down_face:


My personal favourites are FLV’s Red Burley, Kentucky Blend and Cured Tobacco, INW’s Black for Pipe, French Pipe SC, which is sold by JuiceFactory and Bull City for sure, and probably some others I don’t know about.
YMMV of course :wink:


Thank you!!!