Real Flavor Give Away

On FB, in the DIY Juice Clone Team group
LIKE AND Comment on the giveaway post here, to enter:

or on the Real Flavors FB group:
LIKE the page to enter:


Have you tried these?

Not yet. Nope.

Check out… They are the distributor of Real Flavors…I am in the process of experimenting with a few…First BajaSoda test was not good…Gonna re-mix at some different percentages…Got some Watermelon and Mixed Berries ready to vape this weekend

Edit:…KillerFlavors is down for maintenance…It’s where I got mine from and the label is RealFlavors…Both out of Michigan

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Hi Alisa I went to both of those links and I still don’t know what to do to enter lol maybe I am missing something ? I wana try some of those flavors they look and sound so good ! VG flavors are making their way !

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Like and comment on the giveaway post on the first link.

Just Like the page on the second link.


Kewl ! Thanks you sista !!


These are the flavors distributed at ECX as Northwest Flavors.


Well then Thank You JoJo sista bc I’ve got just about every single one of these. Big thanks ! How did ya find that out btw ?


Looks like the group is closed so I can’t see the post, but I liked the page. Any info on when the giveaway is?

If you click on one of the flavors on the page, down toward the bottom it says you can get smaller than 2oz at ECX as NorthWest VG Flavors.


Slick !!! Thanks


Sent the guy the link here … maybe they’ll do some promotions :slightly_smiling:

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Pst :smiley:

I am “That guy” Ha!

Nice to be here! If anyone has any questions lay them on me. I am not only one of the orders but the head flavorist here at Real Flavors (Yes… I do not get out much)


Hey Flavor_Alchemist. I sadly left Killer Flavors and moved on to create something a bit BIGGER. Our goal is to have over 400 flavors in stock by May of this year!!!

You dream it… I make it!


Hi Glad to see you here ! So the available at ECX at the bottom of your site… is this meaning your are NorthWest Flavors prior to them being rebottled ? Sorry if you can’t answer that.

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ECX carries our line as NorthWest yes :smiley:

We normally are the guys who sit in the background and dig up new flavors for other companies. That got boring and we wanted to have fun! Our team has free range to develop any flavor out there. We spend a lot of time traveling, eating weird foods, and hanging out in farmer markets!

(Anyone in the Detroit, MI area will find me roaming Eastern Market every Saturday!)


I would like to have a job like yours but that’s not going to happen. I have pretty much all of the NWF available at ECX love Vg flavors. I liked you FB page. I do have a request ??? If your willing to take one that is …can you make a Dragon Fruit or a lychee and even better a Taro ?

I could just continue

banana pudding
orange creamscile

Bomb Pop Needs to be 5x stronger great lil flavor just can’t get it to really stand out as much as I’d like it to.

Strawberry I want it all mailed to me hands down favorite one of your flavors.

Fruit candy still a lil weak like Bomb pop I like the flavor ( have no clue what it is ) but its a weaker one I can only use to " blend " with other flavors.

I could go on and on. I do enjoy all of your flavors you have avail. over there at ECX thanks 4 being here.


Might see you down there sometime.

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I love the feedback!

I have a few of those in beta (drooling at Banana Pudding!)

If you love strawberry, you have to try the blueberry… No lie I picked them in Gaylord, MI myself… And ate a lot more than I should admit!

Bomb Pop is a weird blend. Not my favorite. It needs malic or citrus acid to really get it to pop more. Same with the Fruit Candy. all those different flavors like to mask each other and dull it out.

I promise you I will talk to the techs and make sure those flavors are on “Walt’s honey due list” as we call it!