Realizing a few things about DIY

Hey now,

This DYI thing is quite a journey. I made the mistake most newbies have and ordered a bunch of stuff and jumped in with some complicated recipes and a bunch of impatience. Realizing now I have to slow down. All the stuff I’e made is a week old now and most will take weeks to steep properly. For now I’ve made some single flavors and am testing those.

My quandary is wanting to make something that I can vape now. I have searched for shake and vape but I believe I’ve reached the conclusion that there may not be such a thing.Reading all the resources here has helped alot. I really want to avoid buying premade juices. Have bought a couple this week and realized they just aren’t that good. Basically threw my money away. The one I like consistently is Apple Pie by Old Fashioned Elixirs. Got some of that ordered which hopefully will tide me over until one of mine is ready to vape.

I’ve updated my stash and was hoping someone could suggest something that would be decent in a day or two…if that is possible. Here is the link: I am making a basic menthol today which I think should be okay to vape straight away.

Thanks for your help!


Here is a recpie that is adaptable and could be vaped in a few days but would recommend 1 week to allow the initial stuff to happen.

Fresh cream fa 0.25%
Marshmallow fa 0.5-1%
Pick your fruit (at an appropriate percentage)
And if you want…pick a second fruit.

Then on the next recpie pull out fresh cream and reduce mallow to 0.15-0.25 the use Vienna cream at 0.25% or an ice cream or so on.


To get the most out of your flavor stash and the “what can I make” or “search by flavor stash”, you need to enter your flavors correctly. Ripe Strawberry (TPA) for example, should be entered as Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA).
If you’re having trouble knowing what flavors to add, have a look at the beginners guides in #e-liquids:beginners while your juices are steeping.

You are a bit limited in what you can make because you “only” have 28 flavors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a quick shake and vape recipe.
My observations on the recipe side contradict yours a little bit. I’ve found that a lot of recipes are very good as a shake and vape (or after a few days), but once they steep for a longer time, they become a chemical mess or the flavors mute so badly that you can’t tell what’s in the juice anymore.

Have a look at

There are plenty good recipes here and if you don’t have all the necessary flavors, don’t be shy to change them for the ones you have. Do use some common sense and don’t replace every flavor 1 for 1, check the median usage for the flavors that you exchange and recalculate the % needed.


okay thanks! Makes sense…I went through my stash this morning but this will help to get things right.


It took me quite a while to understand what shake and vape actually meant. Just like you, I thought I can throw flavor A and B in a box, shake and have that most realistic awesome juice nobody was creating. Boy was I wrong lol.

Shake and vape means, that you can get a hint of the flavor combination you’re aiming for, and not fall off the chair wanting to kill yourself.

If you noticed most shake and vapes say, good right off the bat, but gets creamier/juicier/stronger/richer/better (insert any other word here) after x amount of days…

I’m not even saying more too this. However there are flavors that as indicated above, aren’t bad right after a shake and vape, but they are also not the holy grail of juices. Most even fade after a week or two or turn in a muddled mess, including the ones I’m going to suggest right now, but will keep you vaping till either your order arrives or/and 7 days till your other juice is aged.

I know nothing about your vape style, so I’m assuming its a sub ohm setup, if not please let me know because then we would have to adjust percentages or/and flavor profiles.

A good “shake & vape” is always a ice cream of some kind, not because its authentic right from the start but because it brings, in most cases a good vanilla with a thicker cream/dairy note too the table, right from the start.

Adding a “supportive” vanilla with a medium body too it, will lead to the impression of either leaning towards a custard/pudding or a richer more complex ice cream. That will change with a steep, not always in a good way so, and this recipe is not going too be good after 14 days but mimicks that impression above from the start till 7 days after.

Adding a fruit or two, does make it less monotone and boring, but fruits normally do take at least a 3 day steep, the ones we gonna use are no difference, but because these fruits in particular have high notes right from the start, that this is going to work in favor in this case.

And because one of them contains a crap load of EM, which makes it fade rather quickly, but also gives us some sweetness or sweeter impression, without adding sweetening additive of any kind, we do need too give it even more support. As well as making that whole thing a bit brighter and juicier.

I felt I needed too explain why we doing this, but now that we did, here’s a good example of a “shake&vape”, based on your stash.

  • (FW) Vanilla Bean Ice Cream - 4%
  • (TPA) Vanilla Swirl - 1.65%
  • (TPA) Strawberry - 3.5%
  • (TPA) Strawberry Ripe - 2.5%
  • (FA) tanger (Mandarin) - 0.23%
  • (TPA) Raspberry (sweet) - 0.5%

You could add extreme ice to it or koolada, if you want more of a gelato or/and cooler cream vipe, 1 drop per 20ml I would suggest, but you can go higher if you want. With the extreme ice, I would start at 0.75% and work up.

I know lots of people probably go with wtf? Well the reason is that the raspberry together with the strawberry combo, covers the exhale and makes it a bit jammier (is that even a word? Lol)

The mandarin will just pop and brighten the fruit (SB), as well as give it a bit body in the middle part of your vape, strawberry ripe and strawberry cover the inhale. The ice cream with VS thickens it a bit, pulls it together and cuts out the citrus/floral bite from the mandarin. I know its counter productive but it does work lol.

I would suggest not adding more sweetener, because most FW products contain tons of it already, strawberry ripes EM is on top of that, vanilla swirl does a muting effect as well, hence I would say we’re at the border of muting/sweetening ingredients already. Also the reason I’m not adding marshmallow too this.

Anyways, don’t mix 200-500ml of it, but try a 10-20 ml tester. Try vaping it within a week, because as I said, its a horrible mess after and not intended at these percentages too last. Hope it helps.

(Edit, I should get banned for my ultra long posts all the time, I wish I could just write one or two sentences. Not meant ironical, I’m sincerely sorry tho lol)


Shoot, I wouldn’t mind you looking through my stash and writing recipes for me with lengthy notes attached! What a guy :wink:


Maybe that’s your definition of a shake and vape, my definition is taking the words literally. There are quite a few recipes that I really enjoy vaping even before I clean up my mixing table.
I understand that if you’re vaping heavy custards & creams or tobaccos, maybe some cookies and pastry as well, you’re not going to want to do this all the time and certainly not if you’re a max VG mixer. It takes some time for those flavors to settle or take shape.

But going to fruity mixes, drinks, menthols, … most of them really don’t need much of a steep and can be vaped almost immediately in a way that you can thoroughly enjoy.


I just realized I made an assumption. What a gal? Whoever you may be, you’re a good person to help out like that :smile:


I thoroughly enjoy my drinks right away :rofl:


Lol thank you, I’m always happy to help. I just like others did have lots of mistakes and misunderstanding of diy in the past, still do, not every mix is a winner but that’s the fun of it right? Trying to help people avoiding these mistake and wasting flavors. But at the end of the day its still subjective. A mix I might like others might not and vice versa.

@anon28032772, I understand what you’re saying and I’m glad it works for you. My problem with shake and vape really is flavors not coming together from the beginning.

Let’s say we make a apple orange vape, if we just shake it, here’s what I would get. 3 examples.

  • either I get a “flavored” VG of some kind, but not a distinctive apple or orange note. Most likely an impression of there’s citrus off some kind, there’s a harder/crisper fruit paired with it.
  • or I get oh its apple and orange, but not apple/orange or/and orange/apple, since flavors have not melted. Sure some of them only need 1-6 hrs too settle but that isn’t shake and vape then, or is it?
  • I get one fruit and missing the other. Because yet again its not melted or bloomed out.

Of course I agree that might be my VG/pg ratio, due to being pg sensitive lowest I can go is 75/25. Maybe at 50/50 or 60/40 it would be better.

I use a magnetic stirrer, so I can vape anything even thicker creams/custards within 45 minutes - 8 hrs later, but not everybody uses it, so I’m going by the regular put everything in a bottle and shake, drip or fill tank and vape experience.

That’s why I explained it as such above, and yes I apologize its my personal understanding/experience with shake and vape, I shouldn’t have said or make it sound like, that this is the majorities understanding or definition.


Wow! Thanks! I really appreciate the time you put into this recipe and the explanations. I hope at some point I will have all this flavor knowledge. This is something right up my alley. Great info and I am going to give this a shot tonight. Should be good for my setup as I use a fireluke mesh tank with ss316l coils. Thanks much and I will let you know how it turns out.


Hah…yeah, have you seen @eStorm 's One Drop reviews? The sista can definitely put shit out there with his typing skills! :sunglasses:


When I first started DIY, I didn’t care WHAT the shake & vape tasted like. It took care of my nic fits - and I refused to buy store bought. All my early mixes (from other peoples recipes) weren’t bad, just not as “awesome” as they could be. Mix it, vape it, whatever… Over time, my stash of mixed juice grew, and I could vape steeped juices, and let the new mixes steep properly.

I still vape fresh SnV juices after every mix… the creator says it needs 2 weeks steep, fine, but I’m tasting it now, and let’s see if I can wait, or if I need to make a bigger batch ! I did this with Goofy Juice. Mixed 30ml, vaped it all in 2 days, made 2 120ml bottles asap, one to vape now, and one to steep. Does it taste better steeped ? I think so? I can’t truly tell for certain. I liked it, and that was good enough for me.

I used to call certain coffee people “coffee snobs” because their coffee had to be made with certain beans, roasted a certain way, brewed a certain way and drank a certain way… otherwise they wouldn’t drink it. Whatever, it’s just coffee. As long as it smells like coffee, tastes like coffee, and hits me with caffeine like coffee, I don’t care, and I don’t want to say “juice snobs” either, but…

Every one’s DIY journey is different. Do it Your way. Have fun doing it. Enjoy it while you can. Just don’t light up another analog.
There is no right or wrong way to do it, as long as YOU are ok with it and shit don’t blow up.


Thank you so much for the kind words, but I’m just a beginner and still learning, there’s lots of other people out there doing a much better job. I’m just glad that I might be of help to somebody lol. I very much appreciate the support tho.

Not going to derail this topic further, but wanted too reply since I don’t take comments like that for granted.

Not that it matters, but I’m not a dude either lol. However being called a brother was actually funny.


Might want to look at :

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i better read these because my thoughts are not that nice as concentrates or what they are intended for , just my opinion though :wink:


i like those numbers Chris, i personally prefer CAP MM around the same % but each to their own…

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What he said was pretty spot-on.


Don’t apologise for being precise with your posts. Wasn’t too long for me, but did explain a lot. Keep them coming.


I have been very pleased with many of the single flavor concentrates from Wonder Flavors through Bull City Vapors at $1.99 fpor 10 ml.
Capellas Cinammon Danish Swirl stand on its own too.
All have been Shake and Vape and only get better with a week.
Don’t give up, its not a hard as you think.