Rebaudioside A 98% (Stevia Extract) anyone used it?

I have always struggled with stevia as a sweetener, found it a little bitter for my tastes. From my limited knowledge this is because many stevia products contain stevoids

I have been going through an old bookmark and some old info I had put away a few months ago about Stevia Rebaudioside A 98% Powder.

This is meant to be a really purified sweetener with no bitter aftertaste at all, as it only uses one component of the leaf. What has stopped me trying it, is knowing what ratio the powder is mixed with pg/vg to make a workable solution.

If anyone has used Rebaudioside A in the past, and would care to share their dilution ratio, I would be grateful, as it is meant to be a very natural sweetener.

Info on Rebaudioside A

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I think that’s what this is: if you want to read the reviews

if you already have the powder and just wanna mix it, the first comment on this thread looks legit

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Based in Uk so onestopdiy not viable for me. I have seen the vendors website mentioned in Reddit post and they seem to say 120mg/ml which I assume is 120mg to 1 Litre of VG so I make that 1g to 8.333ml of VG, so will try that ratio first. They also say they filter theirs after a 2 week steep so there must be some residue undissolved stevia left.

Going to give it a go as I have never got on with regular stevia in mixes as I think it is quite bitter, hopefully the Rebaudiiside A will negate that

It don’t believe it will dissolve in VG as easily in PG. Might have to sub in about 5% of PGA (190 proof alcohol) which I understand is difficult to get in the UK or distilled water might also work to thin out the VG a bit. Heat should help you mix it too.

If it says it is 120mg/ml then it is 120mg per 1 ml. Unless you meant to say 120g to 1 liter? As @zigz said, if you can stand it, I’d mix it in PG rather than VG.

It is printed in the ingredient list as

Organic Rebaudioside-A (sweetener) / VG (120mg/mL) then triple filtered to remove any slurry. The capital L of mL is copied exactly as it is on the website?.

I assume it is filtered, as powders tend to be difficult to dissolve fully in VG. Because of quantities involved I will be happy to do a sample of PG and VG to try out.

Just the mixing rate of Rebaudioside-A to VG/PG that is confusing me.

The reddit link above says 60mg/ml solution, so you’d put 60mg in one ml (ml and mL are the same thing, both stand for milliliter). Or you could do something like 600mg in 10 ml, etc. Or if you wanted to do the 120mg/mL, you would dissolve 120mg per every 1 ml that you make. If you made 10ml, you’d use 1200 mg (or 1.2 g).


Think that roughly equates to what i said in my third post down. Will try for that initially, as it is meant to be 400 times sweeter than sugar, and whether it is 60mg/ml or 120mg/ml it will still be a strong solution and require a small percentage to be noticeable in a liquid.

Yup. It’s pretty much the same as what you’d do for EM or Menthol crystals. A 10% solution is roughly 1g of crystals or powder in 9 ml of PG (for a total of ~10ml). Whatever you do, I’d suggest writing it down so that you’ll know next time if you need more, less, or the same. Then just experiment with it till you find what you like. :slight_smile: Good luck and let us know how it turns out!

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