Rebuilding the Aspire Atlantis Coil

I have rebuilt the Atlantis coil, retaining the original coil in the vertical position. I wrapped it with Japanese cotton and inserted it back into the coil housing. It spits a lot of liquid back into my mouth. I reinserted the screen that is supposed to prevent that, but it’s not working. The only thing I can think of is that I used too much cotton when I wrapped the coil. Any thoughts?

I don’t personally own an Atlantis, but from past experiences of owning a tank system. The spitting of the coil is mostly from the coil being ‘flooded’. I only vape on dripper’s now and when I flood my juice well and it reaches the coil without having open air all around my coil, it will literally spit the extra juice into my drip tip.

In your case, from experience, I would say that it is possibly from the coil getting too much juice on it. Meaning that there could possibly be a slight leak (o-ring, seal, etc.). It was the case in my first kayfun. Other than that, the coil should not ‘spit’ anything upwards towards the drip tip.

Once my dripper has established open air all around the whole coil, the spitting stops. Hope this helps in some way!

Did u reuse the cotton insert (anti-flood) between the juice holes and the coil it’s a thin sheet that might have slipped out when u removed the original I rebuild all my atlantis coils and have had to replace this a few times???

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Yes, I reused the cotton insert, in fact I was lucky and it stayed nicely in place. What do you replace that insert with? I really think ryan8five0 is right, and I just have it flooded. I really soaked the heck out of it before I put the tank on.

I split some Japanese cotton layers and juiced it so it was workable and tucked it in w a dental pick

Sounds like fun :grinning:

It wasn’t that bad!!!

I just bought a Goblin RTA, if that works the way I think it will, I probably won’t have to rebuild too many more Atlantis or SubTank coils.


I have had the same trouble that Professor_Snape had. I thought it was the screen that goes on the top didnt fit on right after pulling it out. Professor how did the Goblin work out for you, is it as good as the atlantis? Has anyone else on here rebuilt the atlantis with success?

U rebuild them and haven’t had that problem… do u build vertical?

I used to rebuild my ATlantis coils, but gave that tank to my son when he decided to quit smoking. It’s tedious work, but well worth it, IMHO.
I miss it a lot, but he’s off the stinkies, so it’s all good!


Hi Taz1, Yes, the Goblin works great, but keep in mind it has what I consider a limited area for the coils, but once the coils are in place and not shorting against anything, it’s a great vape. I still have not figured out why I have not had success rebuilding the atlantis coil or the SubTank mini coil, I get the same result from both; dry hits. Somebody suggested I may be using too much cotton. I’ll let you know when I solve the problem.

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Have you watched this its a video of how to build it subtank style in the atlantis. I just watched it tonight will try it later and let you know how it works.

This works great. I have been rebuilding my coils this way and all but one of my coils gave dry hits and it was because I cut the wick too short. You guys have got to try this out. It has more vape and flavor or atleast I think so.

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Heres another way. I havent tried this way yet.

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So. if the (anti-flood) material is bad what kind of material do i use to replace that??

They say you don’t have to use anything. At least that’s what they did in one of the videos.

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I don’t suppose you have to but I would just cuz you can find it here :point_down:

Try this??