Recent "Deaths" in the family ...Prepping for the Vapocalypse

I’m selling my home and moving so I’m hemorrhaging $$ making things just right. Not really able to stock up at the moment. Unfortunately I had two Mods pass in the last couple weeks and my small IGO-W has some internal short. Two eVicTCs …dead. It’s getting so slim I took my old trusty Aspire CF VV with a Kanger T3D tank out of retirement OMG how did I ever get by with that thing …luckily I still had some new coils. Anyway, now I have another backup for my Cuboid.

It struck me that this could be an important thread as I haven’t read much detail about the lifecycle of typical devices …I mean 6 months? a year? Everything is so changed from 2014-2015 hardware-wise there is almost no comparison, but for folks looking to prep for the coming FDA Regs is it really unreasonable to stock up on multiple tanks and mods?

Have to say my mind has changed. When you look at an RDA is appears indestructible, but there is no such thing. Getting parts for stuff will predictably go away as well… it’s all going to be disposable. Maybe it always was.

So… I read many posts re: “I just got this new thing!”, but not many “My $150 mod from 2015 just died…” If we can gather some anecdotal data about our collective (and recent) “Deaths in the (vaping) Family” it might translate to some predictability about how long we can expect our brand new Sigelei TCw 150 to last. Based on my cynical belief that all of this has built-in obsolescence (tiny timer go boom)

…or should I just order a case of Noisy Crickets and batts?


Seems like this might be a good thread to keep an eye on.
We ask a lot from regulated mods nowadays; batteries as well.
TC, high watts, programmable, small, etc.
Since they must be portable, always the risk of them leaving the hand to head floorwise.
Will people admit that the ‘newest’ thing no longer works after 6 months?
Also, hope everything goes smooth with your move. Did the same in 2008, can be a very
stressful time.

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My Sigelei 150watt TC is 8 months old and is still working. The idea of going unregulated has crossed my mind but I’m still not ready to take that step. With the new regulations being passed… that will no longer be an option.

Knock on wood, but I haven’t had anything die yet. The closest thing is that the up button on my Dovpo TC-50 started acting up about a year after I got it. It was shortly retired. I still have it and it works enough that I could use it in an emergency. Hoping it doesn’t get to that though.

IDK how the Facilitating Death Administration thing is going to play out, there are simply too many variables and money talks; so I’m stocking up on EVERYTHING. I HOPE and PRAY for all our sakes, I’ve ended up wasting money; not only for vaping, but because this tyrannical regulatory overreach has far more sinister implications for the future of this country. Should more sensible heads prevail, and on the bright side, I’ll have lots of stuff to give away to smoker friends looking to switch to a less harmful alternative.


Had a IPV4 die after four month, they replaced without any issues. New one still working hard. Love it, wish I could buy three more. Anyone know where to get some IPV4’s

Also two 50 watt isticks caught fire within a week of each other. Vape NW replaced both units but never used them again, still sitting in the box. Don’t trust them. Keeping however just In case.

On both of our evic vtc minis, the magnets on the battery door come off and had to be super glued back on and on one of them the usb port is no longer functional so no more updates to the firmware.

All I can say is my 4 year old Provari is still alive and kicking so are my 2 old sigelei 150’s


I love my IPV 4s and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Just got the IPV5 and I LOVE it. Really it has replaced my 4s for all day use. has them right now for $38.00 which… damn that is a good price. If you love your 4s I don’t think you will be dissapointed. It is a little more solid. just a tiny bit smaller but feels great in the hand. Still has the memory m1-m5 which i miss when i use another device.
Also, they have the ipv d3 for $27.50 That is a great little stealth device that uses a single 18650 and is tc.


1st 50w Istick’s USB broke after 40 days.
2nd 50w Istick’s fire button quit clicking after 8 months but still fire’s.
30w Istick still working perfectly after 13 month’s.
Evic VTC mini working great after 8 month’s.
Cuboid working great 7 month’s.
Istick 100w works dont use it. Will use at some point
Istick TC 100w works dont use it. Will use at some point

All my tanks are still working good.
Kanger Geni tank
Eleaf Melo
Innokin I Sub G
3 Crowns

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Well good news! I have a pre-vapocalyptic Zombie resuscitation! I just fixed one of my eVic TCs. It was suffering from the dripper-itis. Sufficient juice had worked it’s way onto the electronics. I disassembled and spritzed with 91% alcohol and blasted with canned air. I fix tiny stuff and have a tiny tool set.

Here is the key player, a “Spline Key” set which is just a tiny torx allen wrench set. A must have for the Vapocalypse! You should be able to google this part number and you too can take apart wet phones and such

Hmm maybe ELR needs a “Hardware Repair” section?


Quite surprised an IGO-W got an internal short! What could go wrong? Guess the isolation was the problem?

It would be a good idea to go full mechanical, tubes not boxes, preferably, as quite a few mech boxes I’ve seen still have wires and plastic inside that can fail you. The only thing that won’t stand the test of time in your mech and your atomizer alike are o-rings and PEEK insulators, as far as I understand things. Anybody know anything about how PEEK ages?

Oddly enough, one of the 3 devices I’ve had go bad in 3 years of vaping was a tube mod. And when mechs go bad it usually means a hard short, and those can be pretty catastrophic (fortunately mine was not). The other two had internal batteries that lost their ability to hold a charge.

If the Cole amendment doesn’t go thru, I’m gonna stock up on VTC Minis. I guess I baby my gear, cuz one has been my main (practically only) vape for the last 7 months, and it’s hardly even chipped any paint other than a few spots on the edge of the battery cover.

Makes alotta sense to buy a bunch of one thing as you could swap parts as they aged. I guess it’s too late for a company to market their latest Mod on it’s DURABILTY. How easy would it be to make a thin plastic cup to go over the electronics to shield them from ejuice? The eVic VT has the rolling wheel on top which is just a doorway for drippage.

The real loss will be a stop of innovation. I see a niche opening. Not sure there’s enough time, but someone needs to sell the Everlast® Mod. Carbon fiber, juice shielded, microswitches instead of clicky buttons and can take a round from a Gumment M4 carbine :wink: …marketed for the Vapocalyse. Replacement parts available from Radioshack.

Is our only hope a larger hoarde of disposable junk? Is our chance of one day being able to update our FB status from our Sigelei MindControlled 1000 going up in Despotic vapor? Hear me oh manufacturers!! TAKE MY MONEY for one good piece of indestructible vapage! …before it’s too late

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Indeed… Just goes to show… Even with the obvious health advantages to vaping over analogs, and the possibility of equally profitable taxation as any other rediculously over taxed products (alcohol, cigarettes, gasoline) they dont care because the bt companies line our congressmens pockets to make sure our voices arent heard on a senate or rep floor with any real leverage. In a world of facts and evidences proving otherwise, idiocracy and greed still reigns supreme. The government chips away at our rights in such subtle and minor ways that nobody bothers to give it a second thought… But after a while (when it is too late) people notice and go oh wait a sec what happened… What happened is we failed as a community and we failed as a people’s nation. We avoided conflict and let it happen… Now we scramble to fix it… But the only way to fix it is to hold attention of the ignorant more effectively than money… Lol… And we all know that is a snowballs chance in hell… Maybe in a few years or a decade people will get fed up and stand up to fix the mess… But until then, a majority sit silent, hoping someone else will have the loud enough voice to be heard… Money talks… No… Money screams… And right now we are stuck on mute…

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That’s unsettling. Did you find the cause?

Nope. Could’ve been the insulator at the 510 connection, but I was not able to verify or fix. It was a cheap clone tho, and I’d already gotten more than my money’s worth out of it, so I’m just hanging onto it for parts or whatever.

Just bought the new SX Mini Q class. Have an M class, have 2 evic VTCs, 1 Cuboid, 2 Picos, 1 Sigelei 40 watt, 2 iStick 30 watt, 2 iPV D3, 1 Sigelei 75tc + a few other mods i have put away. Have about 10 mechs.

I think I have enough to last me until I am resurrected in 2116.
Just need to stock up on more Nic.

Am just really careful with the 510 pins on the evics and Cuboid. Using SS on TC in them, I sometimes just add a little black round plastic disc. If SS shows up as Atomizer missing, that disc will always allow it to make the right connection.
Guess I am just really careful with my things.

I have an addiction… broken stuff. I just can’t throw anything away [eyeroll hoarding old people emoji]. I build stuff so I know everything comes apart. Having that knowledge and the tools allows me to fix about anything …heh even when it’s not supposed to come apart (3/64" Torx screws).

So @Naseschwarz I fixed my IGO-W. It’s a super cheap but solidly built piece of 2015 hardware (chrome plated brass) …well maybe not so solidly. On the shorting issue my first thought was unscrew the hot (center) post and check the insulator but there was no screwhead at the bottom. I love the stupid thing because I drilled the 1/16" airholes to 1/8", and with it’s minimal deck it was perfect (only good) for testing, but with Ti dual cores and a short chimney (with improved airflow!) it works like a champ flavor-wise on my Cubiod.

No screw? DeRp~! It’s press fit. I looked at the bottom and the center pin was like 1/100" recessed. I took a screwdriver and tapped it down …fixed.


We share the same fix-it gene. I hate ‘disposable’. My addiction (affliction?) started at an early age. If I was out riding my bike and saw some ‘device’ at the curb, on garbage day (radio, small TV, bicycle, lawnmower, etc), I’d manage to drag it home and take it apart. I loved taking stuff apart. As I got a little older, my scavenging friends and I would combine our finds, and we would make mini bikes, out of old bicycles and lawnmowers, terrorizing the neighborhoods on our motorized contraptions. That usually ended with the cops bringing us home to our parents, and our contraptions impounded.

We have opposable thumbs & tools. Repair, re-use, recycle, re-purpose, experiment.

Specialization is for insects!