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Recipe calculator no good for use with pre mix pg/vg/nic base


I buy a pre mixed base of 30%pg/70%vg with 6mg/ml of nicotine already to go. When I try to use the calculator for making my recepies and I select the “use pre mix base” button I would expect that I would be allowed to dilute my nicotine, pg and/or vg percentages based on the amount of flavorings I add. However; I can not because the calculator is designed to enforce a target nicotine strength. Am I missing something about using the calculator with a pre mixed base? I would really love to use this tool for my DIY mixing.
For clarity I should add that I dont care if my 6mg/ml nicotine ultimately ends up being only 5.4mg/ml. No big deal to me and I enjoy the hassle free convinients of a pre mixed base.


I thought this function was working, but I can reproduce your issue, so either I’m wrong or something’s changed.
@daath you know anything about this being broken?


Saving with “Use vape-ready nicotine base” has never worked; I only put it there so that you could use the checkbox with regular recipes. I really should implement support for saving with it checked :confused:


It should work if you set your all your nic settings to “0”, at least I think so lol you won’t know what your actual nic is but it will allow for a finished mix


I just enter 0 nic and checkmark max vg when I’m using my base.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but you can use a premix base by entering the pg/vg ratio and nic strength. A functional “use vape ready nicotine base” feature isn’t going to perform any magic. You’d still need to enter your desired pg/vg ratio of your finished liquid or otherwise use max vg, yes? So if your goal is to use the nic base only, with no supplemental supply of pg and vg, and at the same time arrive at a specific target pg/vg ratio, well that’s not gonna happen. Adding flavors alters this. In that case I would suggest not worrying about the finished pg/vg ratio, select max vg and be done with it.


I appreciate the feedback. I have tried the suggestions and I have managed to view a recipe but I am unable to save it. It says my pg/vg ratios are off.

I don’t want to make to a target nic or pg/vg ratio, I want to record my made product so that it is fully reproducible in the future or I have a baseline to tweak from. My creation becomes a target but does not start as a target. I can see how a professional would need to be certain of the nic and pg/vg ratio to start with but I’m DIY’ing not selling.


I see what you’re saying. Ok, so if 6mg is vapable to you, then anything below that would be fine, right?

You could create your recipe using basically any PG/VG/NIC strength since you’re only using your 6mg 30/70 base.

Once that is done, add the amounts of your flavors into the calculator to find your desired amount of flavors to use. Then add that to the bottle. Assuming you’re using a bottle size that is fairly accurate (30ml, 60ml etc) then you would just top off with your base liquid. This would have your PG likely higher than 30% (depending on base of the flavors) and below 6mg nic strength. I actually like this approach if you’re not concerned about accuracy.

Of course you could and probably should use your notes and also keep your recipes private. They would be very repeatable for you but of little use to anyone else.

I created this sample recipe. If I were in your shoes this is exactly how I would do recipes. Of course if you don’t vape up to 6mg, you probably should pick up some VG, PG or both.


Set target Nic to 0 (zero. zilch, nada)
Set target pg/vg = set to 50/50, this will give you room to play with better, and throw less invalid warning your way.

To force an update on the calculator, you can change amount to make from 10ML to 30ML and back to 10ML. Or change any other parameter.

@daath I noticed by adding the median automatically now, it doesn’t update the same like it use to. (I have to use the method above to force update it,) Firefox, on comp.



Thanks for reporting it - I think I fixed it :slight_smile: (force reload/clear cache may be necessary)


Thank you clear cache worked. It’s perfect now. :slight_smile:


Forcing cache made recipe with pre-mixed base show correctly; however, it will not save. It reverts back to showing zero nic and x-amount of vg. I’ve futzed with it many times, same result.


Tho it has all been mentioned above, no it doesnt save but for the sake of sharing your mixes, just enter the base % that you have. The base %s are usually adapted anyway, all anyone needs to recreate a mix is the % of each flavoring added. i have used a premixed and as mentioned, the best way is to click max vg box, 0 nic and treat your base as if it was vg. More then likely since most flavoring are pg, you will just end up w/ slightly higher % of pg in the mix. Gl to u!


I’ve been struggling with this for 2 days as well. I mix up a premade Nic base 80/20 3 mgs but I can’t figure out how to get the correct calculation that I can understand. I’m a simpleton lol.