Recipe Critiquing Request

So I’ve been brewing up some things that just seem too tasty not to try. Here is one of them… It’s been 1 week exactly- and she tastes pretty good, but needs more time in the cabinet to finish the steep.

At a quick glance, is there anything I am missing- and or should be on the look for when creating such recipes?! Your time- and input it greatly appreciated!!




At this point ( 1 week ) you should ve able to know if its a winner or not … I dont think I have the Real Flavors


@fidalgo_vapes you are always Johnny on the Spot with info man. Thanks for the speedy reply!

After creating 80+ private recipes- and having 80% of them not meet my expectations, I’m coming to a point where I would like to, or feel like I should be making quicker progress with my first gut impressions on different recipe ideas… If that makes sense…


Dude hang in there. It can be frustrating. To be honest, I have been doing this for 2 years and my mixes were okay…not great. I was getting caught up making these complex mixes but hadn’t taken the time to single flavor test the concentrates I was using. Called time out, went and read all the beginner guides, anything I could find. Did my sft. In the past 3 weeks I have created my best mixes. I find creating your foundation mix…say mangos. Get that right. Then I add in a cream. Test that…etc. works for me. Jumping right into a mix never works for me.


I hear ya…Most recipes are average …So if you have 2 iut of 10 that make yiu happy thats ok…It will get to a point where almost all of your recipes are at least good enough to vape. As mixers we try to make the " perfect recipe " thats normal right ??? Im a firm believer in Steeping…Off the Shake I can usually know what gonna happen But sometimes the recipe will flip on me …Aleays remeber steeping will usually make a good recipe better , it wont make a bad recipe good…Keep mixing all that can happen is you get better and better …From the looks of your recipe it should work , after a week the bakery is probbaly just starting to peek its head out in another week you will know whats what…Cream Cheese Icing takes awhile to come through…Your recipe is going to end up being a a light creamy cake…i do like the Deep Fried Dough , it will be what separates things or what gives the recipe its identity…


I’m not one who tends to do bakery blends but, I don’t see anything to add lighter notes to cut through a base of sugar and cream: I blend by profiles and notes, so a contrasting element is essential to bring out core flavours.


@scifoc I think I needed to hear exactly that brother. I’m definitely turning a page here- and back to basics is always a help in anything one wants to succeed with. :metal::metal::metal::metal:


Maybe have a look at this recipe too for a different approach on cookie doh.


@lukeloop Thanks for the link brother. I appreciate it. :pray:


Like has already been said just hang in, it is not easy, just keep it fun and it gets a little easier once you know your flavors more. Sometimes you just need a reset like @scifoc mentioned. I did that recently, took a little time off from mixing anything new and that really helped.

Your recipe looks tasty, think I might be missing the fried dough too, is that the VG version or the SC version from real flavors? The only thing I might add is OoO Marshmallow Vanilla at 0.50% to add a little more sweetness but it might be sweet enough already with CCI.

@fidalgo_vapes is right, most DIY people are looking for that perfect recipe. DIY probably attracts perfectionists but I just got use to mediocrity so all my recipes are deliciously mediocre :grin:


Thanks for the response @mjag. It’s appreciated brother!! As far for the Fried Dough… I’ll have to take a look… I can’t even find it in my BCF order history… #smh

I think dumbing it down- and going back to a few ingredient mixes will help get me back to ground zero.

The sky’s the limit for us all. Just need to sit back and relax a bit- and it will happen naturally. :blush:


Words of wisdom :+1: Reaching for perfectionism everytime will only keep you stuck in the mud. I know, I have the tendency to rework, refine and see if I can just get that one more little piece of voila! Now I find it helpful to move on to something different. That time out is like a breath of fresh air.


That break helped me out tremendously, I was striking out left and right before that break. I also screwed myself up by buying too many new flavors and just concentrating on what new came in. I really need to hold off ordering new flavors and work with what I already have in.

I am going to try and just work on one profile at a time instead of 6 or 7. Easier to focus more and try different combinations until I get what I want. I did that recently with one of my ADV’s and was able to improve it, only took about 7 or 8 variations lol.

My next project is going to be with PUR Nilla Wafer with Milk. I love that flavor and made one decent recipe with it but turned out to not be a ADV. Not sure what it is gonna take but I will know when I taste it.


Please let us know because I have that flavor and haven’t done anything with it yet. Your words ring so true for me. I have a few profiles I’d like to stick with until I’m satisfied with the result. But new flavors or profiles can get you all over the map. I do intend to get more flavors but it’s for the purpose of working on my current profiles. You know, “maybe that other salted caramel will work better” kind of thing :wink:


For sure @muth :+1:

I know we are both looking for that “One” Caramel as well. Put that on the back burner myself to hopefully get back to it with a fresh take. I did finally make a delicious Butterscotch custard with a soft tobacco note. Bad part is it uses DIYFS Holy Holy Grail RY4 original which is no longer available. That recipe will only got to a limited amount of people I mix for as I only have about 100ml left.


Mm, that sounds yummy. Yeah, I have the HHG RY4 V2 now. I do still have the OG Holy Vanilla, less than 30mls.

HIC has an old caramel mix using caramel, maple syrup and vienna cream. I didn’t think I would like it because I never got along with FA Caramel but this time it was different. I think I may be able to use that combo now.


This recipe was based on A Turkish Remix by Tootall and Standing on the Shoulders of Giants by ActionRalf.

Butterscotch Ripple (FW) 3.25%
Butterscotch (MF) 0.25%
Cereal27 (CAP) 2%
Holy holy grail RY4 (DIYFS) 2%
Custard Premium (FA) 1.5%
Custard (INW) 1.5%
Toasted Marshmallow (TFA) 1.5%
Sweetness (FLV) 1%

You can probably skip the Sweetness or just reduce it to 0.50% but my friends like it sweet. It isn’t overbearing sweet, Sweetness at 1% is probably the equal of Super Sweet at 0.25 to 0.50%

If you have a game changer homogenizer then it is tasty a day or 2 later. If not then give it at least 2 weeks or a month. I really don’t know how long to steep it, the 100ml I made after my first sample is 2 weeks and I have already vaped the half of it :grin:


Thank you, mjag. Yeah, I don’t have the MF Butterscotch, just caramel and vanilla. Looks yummy!


I’m familiar with Tootall but not ActionRalf. Are the recipes here on ELR or ATF?

ETA: I miss @Kinnikinnick and his love of tobacco mixes. I could use his expertise.


Yeah, @Kinnikinnick is missed for sure, please come back.

I saw the recipes on ATF, linked through reddit which I browse from time to time.