Recipe Formatting and It's Importance

I’m hoping to bring awareness to proper formatting when posting the ingredient in a recipe. I think the format of a recipe is very important and it also get more results when searching ingredients, more notes and more recipes that used that particular ingredient. It also keep your stash neat and orderly.

Sometime when I find a recipe that looks interesting and I want to make, but the format of the ingredient are not detailed enough or I’m not sure what’s in it. Most people use a common format, example:

Puddle Dunker (chocolate donut & coffee) :

2% Chocolate (FA)
7% Chocolate Glazed Doughnut (CAP)
2% Cocoa (FA)
1% Espresso (FA)
2% Sweetener (Sucralose) (TPA)
3% Vienna Cream (FA)
3% Whipped Cream (TPA)

Flavor total: 20%
Remember to rate it at:

The above format is the most preferred and used on ELR. It’s easy to understand and when you click on the ingredients you get more details about that ingredient in the notes section and more recipes that it’s used in.

But when I see a recipe that’s not using this common format it leaves me wondering what is exactly in it or what vendor was used. I know wizard labs carry different vendors flavor lines so it’s difficult to determine which vendor line to use. When you don’t use the most common format you get little or no info in the notes section or any info about that flavoring. As your stash grows it will be very difficult to keep it organized when you don’t format it properly.

XXX Gummy Dew Peach :

7% Gummy candy - wizard labs
5% Honey dew - wuzard labs
4% Juicy peach - wizard labs

Flavor total: 16%
Remember to rate it at:


Organization 101…I need to retake that course.


hehe I’m with you @NewDrip - What goes through my mind is, crap, more duplicates to fix ;D


Nice post. I wish everyone did it that way!
Just adding a new field for the manufacturer though would eliminate the need to have a format. :smile:
BYW is there a post started to list incorrect formats?


There’s typically a listing for the most popular way of naming the flavor.

This may not be the way you wish to label your flavor, but 3475 other people listed their watermelon as such.


I wasn’t trying to name it any specific way. Just trying to find the version that fits the proper format.

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Now it’s coming up properly. I don’t know if it’s because they just fixed it? But I wasn’t seeing it from my choices before.


What should the proper format for the Shisha brand be since it’s from Inawera?

Should it have its own abbreviation?
Apple (SH)
Shisha Apple (INW)
Or have two abbreviations
Apple (SH) (INW)
or Apple (SH/INW)

I believe all Inawera are (or should be) in the format Apple (Inawera). The site doesn’t distinguish between the different Inawera brands like Shisha, Wera Garden, etc. but it’s something you might want to include in the notes of your recipe. :smile:

Their flavors come in different concentrations so it’s best to specify.
Shisha Apple (Inawera)


@daath,That’s gonna cause some bad mixes.

Talk to the big man, maybe he’ll change it when he redoes the flavors.


I went in my stash and shisha is there.

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Bumping this. Using the dupe checker:
Experienced DIY folks here can suggest Admins review a flavor which has been bumped to a high listing count but formatted incorrectly or misspelled like Ehtyl Maltol so it can be considered for correction/merging. As we list our own recipes and view the popup matches, copy any that are not “Flavor (Company)” and paste them into the Dupe Checker type in the offender and suggest the properly formatted flavor. Apologies in advance to the Admins as I just volunteered their free summer time [hugs/flowers/candies/] to reviewing the mire of mass newb hysteria of DIY flavor misnaming …but we can help a little at a time

Quoting @JoJo from


Can we get some help fixing the obvious correct entries.

For instance,

Should be DX Milk (TFA)
but appears as dx milk (tfa)

Should be Pear (TFA)
but appears as pear (TFA)

Should be Meringue (TFA)
but appears as (TFA)Meringue

I’ve looked and looked but no common style for these couple flavors. Drives me crazy because on my flavor list these are not in alphabetical order. Or just look like totally unprofessional dude. Maybe stupid but making my go cra cra crazy!



hehehhe That’s the idea of the “Dupe Checker” It’s a way to post individual errors. Imagine sitting down in front of the entire database and trying to unscrew it! That’d be cray!

What makes me crazy is trying to fill my stash and have it work as designed… polluted with all those careless submissions and magnified every time we’re forced to pick the wrong one because it displays 24,000 listings


Actually, those should all be TPA and not TFA. The site uses TPA as the preferred abbreviation for Perfumer’s/Flavor Apprentice. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about the flavors, that side of the site is all Lars. Send him a PM and/or suggest them as dupes and when he gets some free time he can fix them. :slight_smile:

Is the DX Milk a new flavor? I’m seeing the dx milk (TPA) and agree it should be in caps. Not many recipes associated with it yet.
The pear should be this one:
The meringue:

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Yes those are the correct flavors but when you start to type in the flavor in recipe the wrong formatted names are the only option.
Oh well pretty much the only three bothering me so I can just live with it.

Yes DX Milk is newest DX from TPA.

I did just miss type TFA on my previous replay, Sorry should have been as shown (TPA) on flavor drop down window.

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Link to DX milk if interested. It’s good. Still playing with it.

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