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Recipe title suffixes to help your fellow mixers (Poll)


I would say (to keep things short, and as clean a format as possible), drop the recipe (they’re ALL recipes), and drop the Nic, because that’s assumed/understood as well (since both ‘salts’ and ‘freebase’ both imply nic by default)! :wink:

I would suggest the following (amended version of what I had in the first post at this point.

But again, it’s all voluntary. Or not. lol

I had no idea something so seemingly benign would “set it off” up in he’ah. :crazy_face:
But given it’s Christmas time, and everyone always seems hyper stressed about every little thing… I guess I should have known better…


@fidalgo_vapes Thanks for your POD recipes, I do search POD on the recipe side, from time to time. (like OP suggested) They seem to be getting along talking to each other in the review section for the recipes. I think their are more users using them then it seems. :slight_smile:


I blame @BoDarc


Whoa this thread got crazy. I think adding (Pod) for pod recipes is a great idea, all the other stuff (rda, etc.) is unneeded. Throw that in the comments if you feel like it’s necessary info.


I went over this thread again and I will check these out. TY both.


You dont have LB VIC omg what planet are you living on


Just broken out of the TPA Nebula, and now traveling at warp-speed to the Lunar Star LB-VIC. :icecream:


It’s the best VIC, hands down.


I see… I first started DIY with a liquid barn kit so i was lucky to have a great start with good creams … Their fruits are ok and they have a couple good bakeries , stay away from their Pumpkin Pie , I still cant use the Lb VIC over a certain percentage bc I get a pepper taste above 3.75% , it s the best VIC add a little bit of cream and vanilla and its amazing . TPA would be good if I didn’t get pepper note with all percentages , next to each other they smell identical


Yep Im slow upgrading right now. But when I do, I’ll pass my second fiddle flavors to my friend. They r still buying pods now. Get them saving money also… and have a vape mixer buddy to share new buys with :sunny:

I have Cap VBIC now, and for the life of me I had a mix I was in bliss over, I just can’t remember what I added with it to make it taste so good. :slight_smile:


All recipes will look like that in the future :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


With the way the FDA is cracking down id expect this … But they are going to eventually come after sites like this once they ruin the commercial side … I really thought DIY would always be safe , im not so sure anymore :frowning:


I hope your joking @fidalgo_vapes . :wink:

IDK I’m out of the loop with all that FDA stuff. However, I could imagine companies that cater to Vape and only Vape on their sites might find it easier in regards to regulations. I somewhat avoid sites that list flavors with sugar, corn-syrups or oil based flavors or other non-Vape related products side-by-side with Vape products. But that’s just me.


I would say it depends… this was me when i first started vaping and wasn’t wanting a cig anymore…

mod: Reuleaux RX200
tanks used : tfv4 and a troll dripper

e-juice: streach bought from local vape shop
nicotine : 24mg

this lasted for about 2 - 3 months then I started to drop my nic when vap started to make me feel ill… then after that roughly every 3 months id drop my nic when it started making me feel sick… now ive leveled out at about 6 nic , tried dropping to 3 but started wanting a cig.

I was also a heavy smoker . and I will say vape shops had me start with 6nic then 12nic and neither worked for me. 24 nic was the highest they would make and it was make this and if It don’t work ill go back to cigs.


Have you noticed (or is it just me) that the FDA has been unusually quiet about the “epidemic” since Alteria bought (essentially) controlling interest in JUUL?


No offense @daath. e-liquid recipes will always be my #1 recipe site ! But that thought has crossed my mind… started copying recipes I like over to a software based calculator …

like this one


the diyordie video compairing this calculator and another made me LMFAO. as I watched the guy insult this one saying he cant see how to do simple things like save inventory . when there was a button that said save… or how to edit manufactures when in the drop down meneu there was an option that said edit manufactures. had to pause the video a few times to see it .

that and it is easy to import recipes from elr. I kinda wish elr had some of these features.


Thankfully elr is a service that is housed outside of the USA.


Yes i didnt think about that … And it will matter .


i didnt think of that either


Nothing is immune, regardless of geographical location or governing reach. If shit were to hit the fan then the only alternative, short of a total shut-down, is a move to the Dark Web. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: